Burlington’s Newest “Lash Lady”

It’s been a fantastic year for Flirt Custom Lash so far, with the Mississauga/Brampton location in full swing and bookings done 3 weeks in advance attention turned to the Burlington location. Housed out of the lower level of Julie’s Spa, my client base in Burlington grew until Vicky (the amazing lady who keeps me organized in Burlington) came to me and said ” You have a good problem, you are now booked for the next 4 weeks solid ).Ok ! time for a back up plan . . . introducing Katie Rathbun as Flirt Custom’s newest ‘lash lady’. I am no longer introduced at parties of clients as me “Sommer Dunsmuir” instead I am their “lash lady” and now Katie will be too.

As a true lash junkie herself Katie understands the need for instant glam better than anyone. She started as a client just under 2 years ago and due to the magnitude of her lash addiction I started seeing her every 2 weeks regardless if she needed a relash or not. The training process was a easy one for her and I think she surprised me and herself at how quickly she picked up on the design and application of the extensions.

I can be a bit of nut when it comes to my business – service, design and integrity are the corner stones of my little lash studio. That being said I would only allow the very best to lash clients ( and I don’t just mean in respects to application). Katie is a wonderful addition to the team and I’m so excited to have her on board !!


Lashing Brides !


One of my  beautiful brides sent me some of her wedding pics  . . . check out her lashes – GORGEOUS !

Bridal season is HERE !!!!!!!!!!!! this is the time of the year that those of us in the bridal services industry (make-up artist, hair artist, lash stylists ect) go into “lock down”. My friends at Blush Pretty have been in bridal “lock down” for weeks. Gone are running errands in between appointments or having lunch with your fav person. Eyelash extensions have become a great option for many brides and after the bride gets them done it’s only a matter of time before I hear from a member of the bridal party. There isn’t a bride on the planet that wants to pull a “Snooki” on the big day. On a hot day filled with stress and activity there’s a chance strip lashes can lift and this little upset has nothing to do with the make up artist that applies them. There you are as the bride in front of everyone that is important to you and your lashes are waving at the crowd  . . . .NIGHTMARE !!!!!!!!!!!!

I try not to apply a full set of lashes on a bride the day before the wedding especially if this is the first time they have tried extensions. It has nothing to do with the extensions lasting or the overall look. Instead, trying a new beauty service the day before the wedding is stressful for everyone involved. I’m stressed as the stylist because I want to make sure that the lashes are everything my client was hoping for. The client is stressed because she has never had these in most cases and doesn’t know what to expect. I always advise that the bride come to get her first full set 3 to 4 weeks before the ceremony and then return for a “relash” a few days before the wedding day. In this way the lashes will be lush and fresh for the wedding day. Let’s face it “Snooki” has no place at anyone’s wedding ceremony unless she’s coming with Pauly D or maybe that’s just me.