I Don’t Get it! Half Set? Full Set??

Every business has it’s own language, and if we’re working in that biz everyday we can take for granted that everyone around us knows what the heck we’re talking about. Lash language is the same, the most confusing pieces of language are Half Set or Full Set. We’re going to break it down for you:

Half Set: A half set is a great option for people who have never tried eyelash extensions before. This is the only time in application we ever count the amount of lashes applied during the service. 35 to 40 lashes are applied across the lid evenly from side to side, each eye is even in the amount of lashes used. The look is very natural and in some cases depending on age etc a half set can look like like a full set. A half set is not as full as a full set ( pretty sure that wasn’t proper grammar ) but gives a pulled together appearance and can always be added to if you don’t think they are FIERCE enough.

( Half Set )

Full Set: This set is FIERCE, meant for ladies that wear mascara everyday and are looking to ditch the wand. We never count lashes in this design, EVERY adult natural eyelash receives a silk extension. The amount of lashes used varies from person to person and depends on the amount of hair available to lash. Remember, lash extensions are the enhancement of what is already there and not the creation of what isn’t. Most clients, even those that start with a half set graduate to a full set…they always want more a great thing. With a full set there is no need for mascara and you wake up looking as FAB as you did going to bed ( we get it, there are times when that is super important ).

( Full Set )

Love & Lashes!! xoxo



Saying That was a BAD Idea – The Dating Tutor

If you’re single then you are most likely online dating, or at the very least have tried it. There’s a TON of sites,some free, some not so free, others catering to a specific demographic. Chances are when you were little you didn’t dream about meeting your life partner via the internet. None of us did, but for the love of cupcakes don’t tell someone that!!!!!! The Dating Tutor – Nicole Melissa puts it into perspective for us:

Saying to a potential partner on the first meeting ” I never thought I’d have to resort to online dating but here I am!. It’s been a nightmare, there’s so many crazy people online and it’s exhausting”. Is just such a bad idea for many reasons, the first of which is that it’s clear you have no desire to really invest in getting to know the other person if you’re sooooooooooooooooooo exhausted by the thought. But more importantly here is what the person across from you just heard you say: “ I feel like such a loser for having to date online, and because online dating is a last resort…you must also be a loser that can’t find a date otherwise. I’m stepping into todays meeting thinking that this is going to be a nightmare because you’re probably bananas but if you work really hard you might just change my mind”

As our Dating Tutor says, “no one wants to feel that way, the purpose of dating is to feel wanted and excited about meeting someone new. Even if it isn’t a love match, be positive and don’t make the other person wonder why they wasted their time…simply put it just isn’t very nice”

The ABC’s of Stylish Dating served straight up…..


The Dating Tutor – Taking it back to the Old School

Remember when you had a math tutor? It wasn’t that you didn’t understand math it was more that you needed a little help with the basic concepts in order to build on them. You thought you were a math whiz, your report card said something different. The Dating Tutor – Nicole Melissa, sees dating in much the same way. People on the dating scene don’t have the advantage of reading a report card to see what they are not understanding. So they continue repeating the same patterns over and over with the same result. It MUST be the other person right? I mean there is no way it’s me!! Well, the truth is…it really could be something you are doing that is making the process of finding your perfect person next to impossible. You may not have the advantage of a report card but you do have the advantage of having a Dating Tutor to take you Back to Basics with the ABC’s of Stylish Dating. Read on, it may seem simple but we’re building on our dating skills remember?

Here are the 5 top mistakes that people make while dating without even knowing it. 

1. Get dressed! Please do not show up to any date looking like a hot mess. Everybody likes somebody that cares about their appearance. This doesn’t mean wear a 3 piece suit, but instead nice CLEAN slacks and or CLEAN jeans with CLEAN SHOES and your best shirt will show him or her that your physical appearance matters to you. 

2. Don’t talk about your EX! Chances are you’re not together for a reason. That reason most likely sucks, DON’T REHASH IT. 

3. Don’t have a bad attitude…about anything. No one likes a negative Nancy or a Negative Norman. Be polite, be nice to your server( it’s a character thing). 

4. Don’t just talk about you. Ask questions about the other person. It shows interest.

5. Don’t worry! It’s just a drink/coffee be your awesome self. Worst case senerio  he/she doesn’t find chemistry with you…it’s ok you won’t die. Best case senerio he/she had the time of their lives and can’t wait to see you again. Either way you’ll be just fine.


Much Love to 2013

Today is the first day of 2014, I’ve been scrolling through Instagram and trolling peoples Flipgram ( I think that’s what its called) anyway the pics flipped so fast it made me crossed eyed and didn’t allow me to creep as effectively as I would have liked. After uncrossing my eyes, I sat back to reflect on my year. Woooooo Weeeeeee it was some duzzy, the year started with a broken engagement after finding out he had cheated and had been having an affair. I was DEVASTATED and thought that event was going to set the tone for the rest of 2013. I couldn’t have been more wrong, 2013 offered one amazing opportunity after the other. The business had always been busy but all of a sudden it just exploded, the Brampton location became booked weeks in advance and Burlington became so busy we had to open 7 days a week in order to lash Burlington/Hamilton/Oakville beauties. Who was going to apply the extensions??? I needed lashettes and quick time, the first member of the FCL Burlington team was Tanis.

( Couple of babes…FCL 2 nd Anniversary Party)

Tanis was one of my first clients when I started the biz, she is as sweet as she is beautiful. Bringing her on board as part of FCL I think was more exciting for me then it was for her. Here we were, Tanis and I tag teaming at both the Brampton studio and the Burlington studio. We weren’t even putting a dent in the flow of business coming through, now what!! Lovely lashing Lynda…that’s what.

Lynda as an L.I.T ( Lashette in Training at the Burlington Studio)

I posted an ad on Kiiji and Lynda responded, having recently relocated from downtown Toronto to Burlington. She had a background in hair dressing and a natural eye for design and texture. All we needed to do was train her in the FCL way of doing things and she was off! creating simple beauty one silk strand at a time.

Right after Lynda was hired, I purchased my first house. It was actually the house I had been living in with my now ex-fiancee. The owners wanted to sell fast and gave me the opportunity to purchase the home at a great price. I was a business owner and now a home owner, shit just got real.

(My Living Room)

Cruising right along, Vicky (my business manager) came to me and said “Uhhhhhh I have no where to put people”. No worries!! bringing on more lashettes was the solution, along came Shanelle and Krissy. Shanelle had also been a client for as long as Tanis and I trusted her in my home with my Piggy ( no, I don’t have a pig). She wasn’t so sure about this whole lashing thing but I knew that she would be great and clients would fall in love with her soft spoken nature.

(Shanelle as an L.I.T. at the Brampton Studio)

Krissy was the last member for the FCL team, I think she saw a “Help Wanted” ad on the Facebook page. Just the tiniest little thing and cute as a button, she was eager to learn and remembered the lashing steps right away.

(Krissy as an L.I.T. at the Burlington Studio)

The FCL team was complete, 1 business manager we would be lost without, 4 lashettes who all operated in the best interest of the business and their clients.

(Left to Right- Vicky, Shanelle, Krissy, Me, Lynda and Tanis)

With a team ready to rock, I felt it was time to open another location. FCL dominated in the West with locations serving from Mississauga to Ancaster. So when Steph Daga of BlushPretty approached me about coming back into the Toronto market – the timing was right.

I had been working out the Queen St location 2 years prior and had failed (let me tell you that still had a sting to it). At that time I was stretched too thin and just couldn’t focus on Toronto. Steph knew FCL Toronto needed to happen and like everything she does, she MADE it happen. She and Elaine looked for locations while I gave a thumbs up or down from my Lash Lair. They found the PERFECT location 777 Richmond St West, in the heart of Queen West – Trinity Bellwoods. The studio was urban, in a great area and had parking.

The 777 Richmond St location is still a work in progress, because we’re the new kids on the block and have only made an impact in the West. Our clients have rallied as they always do and have offered ways to help spread the word that FCL Toronto is open and ready to make Wake Up Made Up beauty happen. So here’s to you: current lash junkies, new lash addicts, lashettes, biz partners and biz managers. If 2014 is going to be as good to me and FCL as 2013 was…We are blessed.

(Cheers to Love & Lashes)