Hella Sexy Dope in Queen West

Just hanging out on Queen West makes you feel Hella Dope, the neighbourhood vibes with great independent restaurants, chic shops, the best cupcakes in the city and an appreciation of a cocktail or 5. Because FCL likes to be at the center of anything Dope, we of course opened this location right in the middle of Queen West. The purpose? taking Hella Dope and turning it into Hella SEXY Dope. Nothing makes you feel sexier than having a killer fringe around your eyes.

( One of FCL Toronto’s Clients with a full set)

This is area of of Toronto makes simple beauty hot, when you look around you notice that everyone looks fantastic HOWEVER no one is over the top glam. A calm cool casual beauty resonates, so of course we needed to make sure our studio reflected the vibe of the area…

( FCL Toronto Interior)

Putting the SEXY in Hella Sexy Dope at FCL Toronto 777 Richmond St West 1.855.721.7108

Love & Lashes


We’re not all the same in the Lash Game

We’re just not all the same in the lash game, there used to be a time when price would indicate who was a professional within the craft. No longer is that the case, people with no experience using SCARY products are charging the same as professional lash artists who have been trained under a Master (like the owner of FCL). This poor cookie came into FCL Brampton this week, usually we won’t accept the work of other lash studios but as you can see here we had to help. After taking a look I was certain that this was the work of a chop shop. I just about fell off my chair when I found out this was the work of a self professed “lash professional” in Mississauga. After I recovered from shock, I found out that no only was the work HORRIBLE. The client paid $80 for a relash, $30 more than a relash at FCL, AAANNNDDD the “lash professional” insisted on removals. So, the client every 3 rd relash would have the set removed and then pay to have a full set reapplied at full price – $150. There ain’t no shame in the FCL Lash game but others should be down right embarassed!

Love & Lashes