Easy Does It…

The temperature in Toronto is rising and so is the humidity, maxi dresses become the summer uniform and a messy buns are seen as far as the eye can see. At the same time, the pleasure in taking time to do your make up becomes “ugh I can’t be bothered”. Maxi dress…messy bun WITH mascara is a cute natural summertime look when you have a little glow from the sun. Maxi dress…messy bun WITHOUT mascara because “ugh I can’t be bothered” is not so cute and really doesn’t make you feel good. Eyelash extensions in the summer are more the “feeling” of being pulled together effortlessly. A 45 min relash appt every 3 weeks at one of our locations in Brampton/Mississauga, Burlington/Oakville or Toronto is about as easy as it gets when it comes to a summertime beauty routine.Come in…lie down…have a nap…wake up looking pulled together…book the next appt before you go and repeat again in 3 weeks. In the meantime, swim, sun, lunch, brunch, patio, summer lovin’  and anything else the warm weather brings you feeling better about your “Ugh I can’t be bothered” beauty routine. Doesn’t get much easier than that……..

Love & Lashes xo


Swimming?? Yes or No??

(Poolside Glam cause mascara just isn’t an option)

Have you heard that you can’t get eyelash extensions wet because they’ll fall off? Yup, we’ve heard that too and all we can say is that the poor person that had his/her extensions fall off after getting them wet didn’t get them done at FCL. Most eyelash extension places in the GTA will tell you to A) avoid getting them wet at all – how would this ever work in real life other than showering with goggles on or B) avoid getting them wet anywhere from 24 to 48 hrs – that’s the old school way of applying lashes. Technology has come a long way since then in respects to “sealing” the extensions, keeping up with it is part of any lash studio’s ongoing education.

So no, you don’t have to shower with goggles on and you don’t have to wait to get them wet. Any water source: poolside (chlorine), salt water, lake water and the shower are totally fine. A simple flick of your finger nail or a comb through with a dry mascara wand will pop those beauties right back into formation. You can dunk your head as much as you like, however we can’t guarantee that your hair will look as good as you lashes will after.

Love & Lashes xo


Toronto Heat

There is no other city that does summer in the city like Toronto does, well truth be told Toronto does every season well but summer is the best! You can’t swing a cat without hitting an outdoor patio, there is an event every weekend including the famous Pride Parade.

Ladies in the city prefer an easy make-up routine more in the summer than any other time (could be due to the humidity). Lash extensions go from a want to a need after the first sign of heat. Our regular lash addicts will certainly notice a change in their current 3 week relash schedule. Suddenly 3 weeks seems like 3 years and every time you turn around there’s an extension leaping to its death. No, we didn’t change our adhesive….your shedding doll. With the warm weather, hair growth kicks into high gear – regular sunlight (Vitamin D), more fresh food and possibly more red meat (BBQ’S) all combine to turn that hair over faster.

You have 2 options: Relash at 2 to 2.5 weeks to keep your lashes as full as your heels are high orrrrrrrrrr buckle down, be a brave girl and wait for your 3 week lash appt. You might want to schedule that sucker before you go cause missing it won’t be cute.

Love & Lashes xo



Seasonal Allergies and Your Lashes

At this time of year, we get more calls about puffy red lids than we do any other time:

* Did you change your adhesive?

* I’ve never had a problem before, what did you change?

*OMG! do I have to stop getting my lashes done?

Seasonal allergy season is in full swing and reports are saying that this year has been the worst in years due to the heavy winter and the super wet conditions we’ve had. Some seasonal allergies show up in the nose, stuffy and runny — super attractive. Others show up in the eyes, watery itchy and begging for a good scratching. However most times, allergies show up along the lash line, puffy red and itchy.

It makes total sense that the immediate assumed culprit of the uncomfortable lid is the adhesive used in the application of the extensions. In fact, less than .5% of the total population can be allergic to the ingredients in CERTIFIED adhesive that is CDA and FDA approved. However, getting your lashes done during allergy season is the perfect storm leading to less than comfy lids. The lids are being messed with, releasing allergens housed in the mucous membranes (fancy talk), your body already is not  equipped to release antihistamine needed to calm things down. Added to that, as soon as you leave the lash room airborne little allergen buggers will settle along the lash line. The combination of all of it leads to red puffy lids that sometimes have a flakiness.

Here’s our advice:

#1.Take it easy..

#2. Rinse your eyes with fresh cool water as often as you can, your lashes are water resistant so let that work for you

#3.Some clients take an antihistamine like Benedryl before they come in for their appt, so it’s already in the system before the perfect storm starts. We’re lash doctors not medical doctors so no one is telling you to pop a pill here – thats up to you

#4.Keep up the fight for Instant Glam – allergy season doesn’t last forever.

Love & Lashes xo