Grow Baby Grow!!!

eyelash growth serum

Fuller!! Longer!! More more more!! eyelash extensions are an addiction – we totally get it, after getting a Full Set of lashes done the addiction is born. Like any addiction, it has to be fed – this is where the problem begins. We offer single strand aka classic eyelash extensions, so we ENHANCE what you already have, we cannot create what isn’t there like strips lashes or volume lashes. Almost 100% of the time clients want to see more and more lashes as they continue along their lash journey. The immediate POP! of the first set of lashes has long been forgotten and the client has become used to seeing the same old same old. We can’t add anymore extensions if the hair isn’t there to help us out, we need that hair to be present in order to attach the extension. So what’s the solution?? GROWTH SERUMS!!!!!!!! growth serums are put along the lash line like eyeliner and accelerate the eyelash hair growth process. It is a misconception that the growth serums make the hair grow longer, what it does is shortens the length of time from baby hair to adult hair. That process usually takes 21 to 26 days from baby hair to healthy adult hair, growth serums half that amount of time. With more adult hair available, the lash artist has more healthy hair to apply extensions to. Making the overall look appear much fuller and sometimes longer if the hair is strong enough.

growth serum

If using a growth serum, relashes should be done within 2 weeks instead of 3 weeks. The hair growth process has accelerated and baby hair is growing in much faster, the adult hair is growing out and dropping off with the extension attached to it. Also, most growth serums has a soy bean based oil that used as its base to mix the growth medication – this will affect the bond of adhesive causing it to become weak. The good news is after a few weeks of using the serum your relash will make your lash dreams come true bringing back fond memories of the day you fell in love with your extensions.

Some of our favourite growth serums are: Grandlash MD, it can be purchased online or at Costco in packages of 2 for a really affordable price. This is the one the owner of FCL uses with no side affects and great growth. Eyenvy, this one can be found at any beauty supplier and sometimes at nail salons as an add-on.

Love & Lashes xo