Lashes and Glasses??

eyeglasses and extensions

Can you have lashes when you wear glasses? You sure can!! many clients wear eyeglasses on a daily basis while others wear glasses only sometimes. Either way you can totally have eyelash extensions when you wear eyeglasses. It’s simply a matter of informing the last artist that you do wear glasses prior to the start of the application of the extensions. All FCL artists will consult with you about expectations and design at the time of service. If you wear glasses everyday you will likely be wearing them when you get there, if you only wear them sometimes it’s a great idea to bring them with you. The artist will ask you to put them on so she can judge the distance between your face and the glasses. Nothing is more annoying then having your lash extensions rub on your lenses every time you blink. Just tell us you love lashes but wear glasses and we’ll take it from there!

Love & Lashes xo