So now what??

Ok, so you want to have your lashes done (good idea btw) but you’ve never had lash extensions before and you don’t know where to start. Everyone knows someone who has had their lashes done and there is a nightmare story about what happened. The internet is flooded with options, different prices points, different types and opinions – it’s overwhelming. Before you become concerned with how much and where to go, start with the basics:

  • are you ok with people being around your eyes? If you are someone who can’t stand the idea of someone being close to your eyes then eyelash extensions might not be for you. The lash artist HAS to be around your eyes, there’s no way around that.
  • can you lie still? depending on the type of service you are getting, you have to lie still for a period of time. If you are getting a Half Set, you’re lying still for 45 mins. If you are getting a Full Set you are lying still for 1 hr to 35 mins ish. You can chat with the artist but you can’t move about. The artist is very close to your eyes with sharp objects and needs to focus to make sure the lashes are put on straight (wonky lashes are not cute).
  • you cleanse your face with oil, the oil cleansing method is a great way to wash your face. Using coconut oil, jojoa oil, Rosehip oil to wash your face rather than a cleanser. However! it is not great for the extensions, this method of cleansing puts oils on and near the eyes. Eyelash extensions HATE oil, in fact oil is what we use to remove the extensions. The lashes will not hold up and will only disappoint – whomp whomp.
  • Tummy sleeper: you sleep on your tummy, it’s cozy and comfortable we get it. Tummy sleeping means your rubbing your face into the pillow, while it will not make the extensions pop off – it will tangle them and put them under stress. Rubbing them is one of the No No’s of extensions and rubbing them into the pillow counts as rubbing in general.

Hope this helps….little food for though.

Love & Lashes xo