Warning!! picking a Lash Studio….here’s what to look for


In Ontario there is a nail salon on basically every corner, you can go in without an appointment and have your nails, waxing, and lashes done without having to wait. It’s created an environment of “now” services, which is awesome however!! in order to do that these salons are using a high volume low product quality system in order to pull it off. It is NEVER a good idea to have your lashes done at a nail salon, there are no exceptions. It is with 100% certainty a GLUE not an adhesive is being used, an adhesive is formaldehyde free, toxin free with no fume. Nails Salons are using GLUE coming from Asia where the product is unregulated containing chemicals like formaldehyde that should not be around the eye….EVER. Here is what to look for:

  • if you can walk in and get your lashes done without an appt
  • tape instead of individually wrapped Gel patches are used underneath the eyes
  • you can smell the glue, like a sharp burning smell
  • your eyes water during the service from a burning feeling
  • a fan is used in the room to burn off the fume and on your eyes while the service is being done
  • the natural lashes are not prepped before application, there should be a 4 stage cleaning process
  • the lashes applied are clusters, a tiny little bunch of synthetic lashes with a knot at the end. Clusters are used because they can placed along the the top of the lash line without isolating the natural hair.
  • the service is done very quickly, because the clusters are plopped along the lash line the service takes very little time
  • you are told you cannot get them wet for 24 to 48 hrs, that is because formaldehyde takes that amount of time to seal. Regulated ADHESIVE can be sealed right away so you don’t have to wait.
  • you’re not provided with a little kit containing post care instructions, disposable mascara wands etc.

And there it is!!

Love & Lashes xo



Oh No! The Difference between Irritation or Allergy to Eyelash Extensions


So you had your lashes done and you LOVE them! however, the eyes are red…dang it just like every love affair did it have to come to an end? No probably not, let’s not break up right away – let’s work through this. The chances of it being an allergy is very slim, if the product is formaldehyde free, no fume and CSA (Canadian Standards Act) approved and medical grade like the product used at all Flirt Custom Lash Studios then it is likely not an allergy. Here’s the differences and what to look for:

ALLERGY: The EYELIDS and eyelids ONLY will puff right up, they will be very pink and feel tight. They are probably itchy, it feels really good to scratch but as soon as you’ve given a little scratch you want to do that again. The allergy will appear within 24 hrs and will increase over 36 hours. Ok, so this sounds bad….don’t panic – the first thing to do is to take an antihistamine. That will provide immediate relief, next call the studio and book a removal. As soon as the extensions come off you will feel much better, however sadly once an allergy pops up it will only increase in severity, it is not a good idea to get lash extensions again.

IRRITATION: 99.9% of the time if the eyes are red after the service it is simply irritation, a little watery or a dry feeling. This is sooooooo common, usually the lash artist will flush out the eye with distilled water. It feels good and washes out any irritant, the redness will improve over 24 hrs and will be gone completely. This is can happen every time you have your lashes done or only sometimes. It has nothing to do with the studio or the artist, it could be seasonal or just dry air. The major difference between an allergy and an irritation is that an irritation improves within 24 hrs while an allergy gets worse.

Here’s the thing, if it’s an allergy or an irritation don’t panic – never panic. There is nothing in our adhesive that can cause damage to your eye or your vision. We are a fully certified lash studio using adhesive that is very safe. The worst thing that can happen is that the lash extensions have to be removed (painless to do) and then we have to break up. However! if the eyes are red it’s just irritation and will be gone once the eyes have settled down and we can continue our torrid love affair.

Love & Lashes xo





FCL Burlington – Where the Heck is it??!!


FCL Burlington is hard to find, we get that and yes we totally understand it’s annoying but we have some really good reasons why! Probably one of the reasons you decided to book with us is because is a FULL SET of lashes is $75. In Burlington or really any other city that is a GREAT price for eyelash extensions. We wouldn’t be able to offer that price if we were paying top dollar for a lease space visible from the street. All of our locations are off the beaten path. It allows us to design the space to our liking while still being able to offer beautiful eyelash extensions at an affordable price that is accessible to anyone that wants to wake up ready. All of the locations have parking close by, the Burlington Studio has TONS of parking at no cost – you can get out of your car in the winter and pop right into the studio.

We do try our best to help with directions at the time of booking, and once you have been there once you won’t forget where it is – the space is too cute to forget.

We are located at 764 Guelph Line, south of Guelph Line and Fairview across from the Burlington Mall. Our studio is located at the back of the building behind the PayDay Loan Mart. Our building is right in between the Active Green and Ross and the Speedy Total Auto Care. From the street you will see a PayDay Loan Mart, pull in there and drive straight to the back of the building. You will see a white bench on your left hand side – big windows with our Logo on the door.

Love & Lashes xo 



Lash Party Prep Burlington!



So you’ve made the decision to get lash extensions, found the BEST spot in Burlington/Oakville, know where you’re going and how much it’s going to cost you ($75 for a Full Set Whoop! Whoop!) but what do you need to do before the appointment? Not too much but here’s the deets:

  • if you’re able to come 15 mins early for the appt that would be great, it gives you time to catch your breath before we get started
  • remove your eye make up before you come, if you can’t that’s totally okay – we have make up remover and pads there….just ask for them
  • let the important peeps in your life know you’ll holler at them when you are done your lashes. Your eyes will be closed during the service so you can’t text or answer the phone
  • maybe pop to the washroom, once we get started it’s not a good idea to stop for a bathroom break
  • if you are getting a FULL SET of lashes you can expect to be with us about 1 hr 40 mins. If you are getting a HALF SET of lashes, expect to be with us about 45 mins
  • we will give you a little kit with everything you need to take care of your lashes, and a card with your instructions so don’t stress
  • they will be sealed before you leave so you can get them wet right away, shower/swimming no problem
  • we accept Visa/Mastercard or cash (no debit – sorrrrryyyyy)

That’s it! that’s all!! pretty simple right??

Love & Lashes xo