Licensed Lash Studio vs Non Licensed Lash Studio

Ok! so you’ve decided to get Eyelash Extensions perhaps a friend had them done and you loved them or you’ve heard about them and you know it’s something you want. People looking for lash extensions find a studio 3 ways: a referral, Google or Instagram – the first thing you want to see is pictures. However the first thing you should be looking for is: is the Lash Studio a LICENSED business. Why does that matter? Licensed studios are monitored by the Health Board of Ontario and have to follow a series of procedures:

  • tool disinfection
  • proper hand washing
  • disinfection of surfaces
  • types of disinfection: different things require different type of disinfection
  • consistent use of appropriate disposables

Health inspectors drop by LICENSED lash studios all the time and it is never announced, they can drop by once a day, once a week, once a month – you never know. If all of the items on their very lengthy checklist are not checked off – they will shut the studio down right away (there could be a studio FULL of people) no questions asked.  Your business license is revoked temporarily, a small window of time is then given by the Health Board to get the items not up to standard resolved. Then another inspection is done (paid for by the business) if it’s thumbs up then the business can reopen.

How do you know if the business is licensed? if the lash studio is being run from someone’s home it is not licensed – the Health Board of Ontario will NOT green pass a home based lash studio. There are too many factors in play, people that live in the house, the standard of cleanliness of the overall house etc. Point being, you cannot have a business license without a health inspection and a health inspection cannot be done without an actual business to inspect. Sure, they have cute pics and you love ‘the look” however your overall health isn’t worth the risk of an unregulated lash studio.

Keep it safe, keep it clean in order to keep it cute

Love & Lashes xo 


Stamp Me!!!

FCL Stamp Card

FCL Stamp Card

Who doesn’t like a stamp card? No one, EVERYONE loves a stamp card…you know the ones where you can hear the “click click” of the puncher thingy (that’s the technical term for it ) is oddly satisfying. Most of our clients come every 2 to 3 weeks for their relash so we wanted to give them something for their lash addiction. Every time you come in for your service hand over the card we gave for a little stampy stamp. When you get to the end of the card hand it over to your lash artist before you cash out and receive $10 off your service – YASSSSS HONEY. As soon as you hand that one over we will give you another one so the good times never end.

Are there strings attached? of course there is:

  • you can’t hoard the cards ie/ hand over 5 full cards to pay for the entire service with the stamp card (a smart move on your part but it’s bad for business)
  • combine the card with another promo offer we have going on – again a smart move by you but we do have rent to pay
  • do you have to use your card as soon as it’s filled? no you can keep it and use it next time you just can’t use in combination with another stamp card
  • can you use it on a full set? yes, say you decided to give your lashes a break for a few weeks and then book a full set of classics, hybrids or volumes you can use the $10 off on the cost of the full set.
  • can you give your stamp card to a friend that has not been to FCL before to apply to their full set? No, this is a prezzie for you and cannot be transferred to someone else.

Love & Lashes xo