Lash Courses!!

Flirt Custom Lash Studio has been around longer than eyelash extensions were a “thing”, and longgggg before every one out there was offering a “lash course”. When lashes first came to Toronto you had to leave the province in order to learn the art of lashes and it was taken very seriously. Courses were at least 2 days in length taught by a Master Lash Artist… included a theory test AND! a practical exam. Expectations were high and if the student did not pass either of the tests then they could not graduate and would not receive their certification. It didn’t matter that you paid for the course, if expectations were not met then you were given one more chance to write the exams or you had to take the course again. Like anything, soon lash courses became about money, courses are now being offered by Lash Suppliers. Meaning they SELL lash products (adhesive, lashes, patches, tools etc), their only goal is to teach you the basics and then push you to buy their products. All products except for adhesive are very much the same – the only difference is the private label on it. The industry was no longer about the art of lashing, proper application, disinfection and eye health. Flirt Custom knew it was time to do something about this, enter THE ACADEMY.

Lash Course:The Academy

Lash Course:The Academy

The Academy was created with ONE intention: to create lash artists that will an asset to the industry. We are NOT lash suppliers, we do not SELL lash products…at all, we do not teach the courses with the agenda of selling products to students. Classic Lash Courses are 2 days in length, include a theory and a practical exam. We are the only course that keeps class sizes small, no larger than 3 students so each student is given the attention they need. The second day includes 2 lash models done with the supervision of the instructor, other courses offer one lash model at the end of the second day and you are only given a few hours. Classic Lashes courses are where every lash artist begins their journey and so it needs to be done correctly – starting off with bad habits never leads to long term success.

If you have any questions about THE ACADEMY or for dates of upcoming course dates please email us: theflirtacademyto@gmail.com

Love & Lashes xo