A What?

If you’re plugged into what’s happening with FCL (and really why wouldn’t you be?) then you’ve seen a shout out for a “Lash Mob” going up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you have no idea what the heck we’re talking about, let us explain. We’ve teamed up with the BlushPretty to provide the GTA with a One Stop Glam Shop at our new Queen West location – 777 Richmond Street West. Flirt Custom Lash is new to the neighbourhood and DYING to make friends and fit in. Whats the best way to fit in?? give presents!!!!!!!. Following that way of thinking, we’re offering FREE FULL SETS OF LASHES…How? Where? What? Why?

How: Stay in touch with FCL via social media and you’ll see the graphic go up for a Lash Mob. There will be a few hours notice and the first person to call the toll free number – 1.855.721.7108 gets the appt. We’ll ask you to use your social media to tell others in your network that you’re about to receive some FREE awesomeness in the Trinity Bellwoods location.

Where: The Lash Mob will always be at the Trinity Bellwoods location shared with BlushPretty – 777 Richmond St West.

Whats The Catch: There really isn’t a catch other you’ll be asked to use your social media to tell others that your at our Toronto location and what you think about your new lashes. If you’re using Twitter and/or Instagram we’ll ask you (very nicely) to use #777beauty and #fclstyle

Why: Because we want to like us! And we want to fit in with our new neighbours!


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