Grow Baby Grow!!!

eyelash growth serum

Fuller!! Longer!! More more more!! eyelash extensions are an addiction – we totally get it, after getting a Full Set of lashes done the addiction is born. Like any addiction, it has to be fed – this is where the problem begins. We offer single strand aka classic eyelash extensions, so we ENHANCE what you already have, we cannot create what isn’t there like strips lashes or volume lashes. Almost 100% of the time clients want to see more and more lashes as they continue along their lash journey. The immediate POP! of the first set of lashes has long been forgotten and the client has become used to seeing the same old same old. We can’t add anymore extensions if the hair isn’t there to help us out, we need that hair to be present in order to attach the extension. So what’s the solution?? GROWTH SERUMS!!!!!!!! growth serums are put along the lash line like eyeliner and accelerate the eyelash hair growth process. It is a misconception that the growth serums make the hair grow longer, what it does is shortens the length of time from baby hair to adult hair. That process usually takes 21 to 26 days from baby hair to healthy adult hair, growth serums half that amount of time. With more adult hair available, the lash artist has more healthy hair to apply extensions to. Making the overall look appear much fuller and sometimes longer if the hair is strong enough.

growth serum

If using a growth serum, relashes should be done within 2 weeks instead of 3 weeks. The hair growth process has accelerated and baby hair is growing in much faster, the adult hair is growing out and dropping off with the extension attached to it. Also, most growth serums has a soy bean based oil that used as its base to mix the growth medication – this will affect the bond of adhesive causing it to become weak. The good news is after a few weeks of using the serum your relash will make your lash dreams come true bringing back fond memories of the day you fell in love with your extensions.

Some of our favourite growth serums are: Grandlash MD, it can be purchased online or at Costco in packages of 2 for a really affordable price. This is the one the owner of FCL uses with no side affects and great growth. Eyenvy, this one can be found at any beauty supplier and sometimes at nail salons as an add-on.

Love & Lashes xo



All The Pretty at Half the Price


Cindy Duplantis is an FCL lash addict

Cindy Duplantis is an FCL lash addict

Maybe you’ve heard? Flirt Custom Lash Studio is offering FULL SETS of eyelash extensions for half price at our Toronto – Queen West, Burlington and Brampton/ Mississauga locations. Each location has had certain days of the week where $75.00 Full Sets were offered. However, we lifted the restrictions and all locations on any day you can book a yourself a set of lashes.

Half Price: any location and any day

Half Price: any location and any day

Then of course comes the question why? Honestly……there really isn’t a reason, the application is NOT done by a junior artist, the full booked time for the appt is used, we do NOT lash count. Same service but half the price, Flirt Custom Lash Studio has been in the lash game for years, and created a name based on customer service and quality service. Looking good makes all of us feel good and let’s face it, we can use a little of that in our lives.

Love & Lashes xo


Formaldehyde Free….


When most of us think about Formaldehyde we think about the big pail of dissection frogs kept for science glass. Formaldehyde is an additive that is super cheap and can be used both as a gas and a building agent for glues. The most common use for it is in the manufacture of car parts, it’s even used in the paint. So why should you care about what is used for car parts? Because the same Formaldehyde that is being used for a car is being used near your eyes. Say what??!!! Yup…..sad but true. The car friendly substance is used in all glues as a building agent, it is cheap and easy to access. Formaldehyde is toxic to humans (obviously) and has no business being in our bodies or close to any of our body parts. Many many lash studio’s are using glues with Formaldehyde in it, sometimes they are unaware that it is in there if they haven’t done their research when buying from a supplier. Lash glues can be purchased on the internet without any type of certification so it makes it easy for anyone to became a “lash artist”.

Formaldehyde based adhesives are easy to identify:

  • there is a burning type smell when you enter the room
  • you cannot get the lashes wet for 24 to 48 hrs – it takes that amount of time for the product to “set”
  • your eyes sting and water through out the application (this is over and above those that are sensitive to light)
  • you can feel a stinging in your nostrils while you are lying there and can smell the glue
  • if there is a fan constantly on during application, question why that is – most times it’s to move the smell of the Formaldehyde around so it doesn’t bother you as much
  • your eyes experience a burning sensation when you get them wet, not just the usual water in the eyes feeling but a sharp sting.

Formaldehyde burn

Why does it matter if there is Formaldehyde in the glue? Simply put, the fumes can burn your cornea and cause vision problem that are long term as the result of a burned cornea. Make sure you are going to a studio that is using Medical Grade Adhesive – a true lash professional will correct you when you use the word “glue”. Not be to rude rather, there is a marked difference to those of us true to our craft and those who are not.  These professionals are certified to be using safe Medical grade product and that the product being used is recognized by CSA ( Canadian Standards Act)….that is the “thumbs up” needed to go ahead and make a booking.

Love & Lashes xo 


Microblading and Brows


Brows on point is every girls goal….pencils, powders, gels are dipped and mixed to create the perfect arch. All of us are getting busier and busier and the idea of waking up made up becomes more appealing as the days shorten. You have your wake up made up lashes on but now what about the brows? Microblading or 3 D brows have become more and more popular. A technique where tiny little strokes are cut into the shape of a perfect brow and then filled with dye. It looks exactly like hair….if done properly by a trained artist.

Like anything that gains in popularity, there are some offering this service after getting very little training. This service is something to be taken very seriously as it involves blood, the small cuts will bleed and the results are permanent. We’re seeing lash artists, make up artists, tanning salons all offering micro bladed brows and it scares the doodle out of us. We offer extensions and only lash extensions because we are experts in the eye and it’s possible complications. Mico blading should be no different, if the artist is a “jack of all trades” then there’s a possibility they are a master of none. The space should be sterile, with visible bio hazard bins and equipment disinfectant, the process should NEVER be done without gloves, face mask and a clear understanding of the risks.

Wake up TOTALLY made up

Wake up TOTALLY made up

Eye The Brows is one of the best in the business, her attention to detail is incredible. The actual application is done relatively quickly, however ensuring the brows are perfect takes time. Rulers, pictures, angles and even string are used to create brow perfection. The environment is sterile and soothing, Eye The Brows has a strong portfolio and continues her education. Sommer the owner of FCL is one of Eye The Brows very happy clients – waking up TOTALLY made up is an everyday thing for her.

Love & Lashes xo


Autumn Lash Loss


The leaves are falling and so are your lashes, you’re noticing that as the cooler temperatures start your eyelash extensions seem to be falling at a faster rate. No, your lashes aren’t throwing a temper tantrum and throwing themselves on the ground in protest to summer being over. Here’s what is really happening:

  • We grow more hair in the summer to protect our skin all over our bodies to prevent burning. A lay over from our ancestors, the hair growth speeds up and develops stronger follicles to cover the skin. Cave people didn’t have sunscreen so the body had to step to the plate to help out. You may notice that you have to wax/shave more in the summer than you do in the winter. A common myth is that we grow more hair in the winter to keep warm, not true – I think that’s an excuse made by Cave Ladies so they didn’t have keep up with the up keep (wink wink).
  • Adding to that: in the cooler months we don’t get as much exposure to sunlight because it’s chilly, our bodies are covered so the skin is no longer acting like a solar panel transmitting Vitamin D and the hours of actual sunlight is much shorter. Vitamin D is key in hair growth, it helps to develop the iron in our food into the good stuff that helps the hair to grow and stay strong. We suddenly go into Vitamin withdrawal (better than champagne withdrawal in our opinion). The hair follicles went from a buffet of Vitamin D to Vitamin D starvation. It’s a shock to the system and the hair follicles release the hair in protest.

Keep in mind, your lashes aren’t the only hair that sheds during this process – the hair on your head will do the same thing. Don’t panic, this is normal….it’s been going on since the beginning of man.

Here’s the good news: this will level itself out within 4 weeks, or in lash language basically one relash cycle. You will have a big shed…panic….show up for your lash appt certainly more bare in the lash department than usual….exclaim “I don’t know what happened??!!. This is what happened, no biggie and we’ll get you fixed right up. You can also get yourself on a good Vitamin D supplement to help with the absorption of iron and other good stuff you need.

Love & Lashes xo



Lash Language

Every industry has their own lingo or words used to describe the service, product, experience etc. The lash industry is no different, lash artists spend so much time working with regular clients that we forget that there’s still some lash virgins left in the world. These poor souls are waking up early to put their mascara on or leaving the house without it feeling less an pretty as they move through the day. Deciding to step into the land of “Instant Pretty” is step well taken but it can be overwhelming when surfing the internet trying to figure out lash extensions. Here’s the basics:

You have to start somewhere, the only place to begin is at the beginning:

HALF SET: a half set is somewhere between to 35 to 50 lashes per eye, spaced evenly across the lid. Although it sounds like a lot of lashes, it in fact is not….this is a very natural look. Meant for someone who does not wear mascara daily but wants to make the peepers pop a bit. It’s also a great place to start if your worried about extensions: “will they look fake?”, “are they for me?”, “what if I don’t like them?”. You can also add the other half of the set in a few weeks or when you Relash (more about what that is later on).


FULL SET: a full set is exactly that –  a full look, a full set of lash extensions replaces the need for mascara. It’s where effortless Instant Pretty was born, every adult natural eyelash receives an extension. The look is designed by the artist and is an individual in design as the client receiving them. FCL is one of the very very few lash studios in Brampton/Mississauga, Burlington and Toronto that does not lash count. Meaning we do not have a max in the amount of lash extensions that we apply. If the mature natural hair is there, then we apply an extension to it regardless of how many that may be.

So now you started at the beginning with either a HALF SET or a FULL SET and now you’re addicted of course. You got’em and now you want to keep’em….now what?:

RELASH: a relash is the now what, a relash is when you come in to get your lashes refilled or in our language: relashed. Most clients relash within 3 weeks, long enough for the hair cycle to get half way through but not long enough that all the extensions have grown off. A relash takes about 45 mins, the baby hair has grown in, pushed the adult hair out where the extension was originally placed. The baby hair matures into an adult – that is what we apply an extension to. We take off the wonky ones, apply extensions to new adult hair, fluff’em up and recreate “the pretty”.

Wading through the internet info on Eyelash Extensions is overwhelming and we hope this helps. Lash extensions were invented to make life easier, once you understand the lash game…getting and keeping “the pretty” is easy.

Love & Lashes xo 


Half Price is BACK!!!!


Back by demand HALF PRICE full sets are once again happening on Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Brampton/Mississauga Studio. We offered the AMAAAZING deal last year and no one seemed interested so we pulled it. But it seems that it was missed once it was gone and we brought it back. Half price doesn’t mean half the amount of lashes or half the amount of artist talent being displayed. These are not Junior Artists practicing, we offer half price on Tuesdays and Saturdays so everyone can get in on the Lash Train!!!!!!!!

Love & Lashes xo



The Mommy Chronicles

When thinking about a regular beauty routine that makes you feel confident, knowing that you are keeping it cute 24/7 – few people include busy mom’s as part of the group that keep such a routine. In fact, a HUGE portion of our client base at the Toronto, Burlington and Brampton/Mississauga locations are in fact very busy mom’s. Balancing children, careers, family, friends and just about everything else under the sun, mom’s are in need of any extra time available. Eyelash extensions have replaced the need for any kind of make up at all, their lashes open up their eyes – masking last nights lack of sleep.

Wearing no make up other than perhaps some lip gloss, these mom’s cruise through all their activities with a little more pep in their step. Feeling pretty with no effort at all, they can wake up – wash their face and take on the world.

Time is limited and finding time for yourself is almost impossible, we totally get that – the Burlington and Toronto (Queen West) Studio’s are open 7 days a week including Sundays. It’s easier to find child care on the weekends so we kept that in mind when developing business hours. Burlington and Toronto are also open late night, giving mom’s a chance to get home. Feed the troops, change into comfy’s, get everyone settled in and then head to your lash appointment to get some instant pretty in your life.

Love & Lashes xo 


Toronto’s Top Lash Studio!!

In November of 2015 Flirt Custom Lash Studio was named within the TOP 5 EYELASH EXTENSION SALON’S in Toronto!. Usually we “fish” for compliments and LOVE hearing how wonderful we are and how beautiful the Queen West loft space is. However! this time we got one of the biggest compliments from BlogTo we could ask for – named in the Top 5 Eyelash Extensions Salons in Toronto. We have worked hard to get on that list, providing affordable eyelash extensions in a market where the price of this beauty service keeps rising. Open 7 days a week including Sundays and staying open late evening so after work appointments aren’t such a rush. The greatest feather in our Lash Cap is that we are the ONLY eyelash extension studio that offers just eyelash extensions. Applying lashes all day everyday to a variety of clients is all we do at all of the locations, in order to be the best we felt it important to focus solely on extensions – seamless application and design.

So not for nothing, we busted ACE to get on that list of the Top Eyelash Extension Studios and we deserve to be there dammit! 

Love & Lashes xo


1/2 Price in Toronto on Sun’s and Mon’s!

In an attempt for world domination and a campaign to ensure everyone in Toronto can get an extra 20 mins of sleep in the morning and still Wake Up Made Up….we are offering 1/2 Price Lashes!!! Every Sunday and Monday FCL Toronto 777 Richmond St West will be offering 1/2 price on Full Sets of lash extensions. Noooooo this isn’t with a Junior stylist and noooooo you only get a few lashes and then have to pay to “upgrade” to a full set. You’re getting a Senior artist filling those babies up in the same GORGEOUS way we would any other day of the week. Whats the catch? 1/2 Price is only Sundays and Mondays, on FULL SET services (Half Sets and relashes are full price).

(Full Set Lashes at FCL Toronto by a Senior Artist)

Same Beautiful space where we will give the same beautiful face but at 1/2 price!!