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Stamp Me!!!

FCL Stamp Card

FCL Stamp Card

Who doesn’t like a stamp card? No one, EVERYONE loves a stamp card…you know the ones where you can hear the “click click” of the puncher thingy (that’s the technical term for it ) is oddly satisfying. Most of our clients come every 2 to 3 weeks for their relash so we wanted to give them something for their lash addiction. Every time you come in for your service hand over the card we gave for a little stampy stamp. When you get to the end of the card hand it over to your lash artist before you cash out and receive $10 off your service – YASSSSS HONEY. As soon as you hand that one over we will give you another one so the good times never end.

Are there strings attached? of course there is:

  • you can’t hoard the cards ie/ hand over 5 full cards to pay for the entire service with the stamp card (a smart move on your part but it’s bad for business)
  • combine the card with another promo offer we have going on – again a smart move by you but we do have rent to pay
  • do you have to use your card as soon as it’s filled? no you can keep it and use it next time you just can’t use in combination with another stamp card
  • can you use it on a full set? yes, say you decided to give your lashes a break for a few weeks and then book a full set of classics, hybrids or volumes you can use the $10 off on the cost of the full set.
  • can you give your stamp card to a friend that has not been to FCL before to apply to their full set? No, this is a prezzie for you and cannot be transferred to someone else.

Love & Lashes xo



FCL Burlington is OPEN

Well! it’s been one hell of a week, the Corona Virus has shown up on Ontario and she’s a stone cold bitch. FCL Toronto fought the good fight until Thursday however had to close on Thursday, our Toronto – Queen West location is busier than Burlington with 3 artists working daytime/night time and weekends. We simply could not control the level of disinfection required to keep everyone safe.

Eyelash Extensions Burlington

Eyelash Extensions Burlington

Burlington however is a different story: we have available parking (free) allowing clients to drive, park and come in rather than taking public transportation or coming close to other people on the way to their appt. Currently we only have one lash artist working at a time, spacing appts to disinfect surfaces/tools/hands in between clients. Artists are no longer allowed to keep their cell phones on their work station, hands are to be washed BEFORE and AFTER the service and tools are disinfected in hospital grade disinfectant (we have always done that). All of our clients that have been out of the country, spent time with someone who has been out of the country have called us to cancel and we can’t thank them enough for keeping us and other clients safe.

This sucks, there is no other way to say it. Looking better makes you feel better and we get that – we are confident that we are keeping it clean in order to help you keep it cute.

Love & Lashes xo


Corona Virus: Lash Studios are SUPER Safe

FCL Burlington

FCL Burlington

What did we talk about before we were talking about Corona Virus? It’s here in Ontario and it’s top of mind. Businesses are scrambling to to train staff in proper hygiene and disinfection practices. For lash studios, frequent hand washing and disinfection of every surface is business as usual for us. We live in constant fear of Conjunctivitis (pink eye), highly contagious, can live on any surface and can jump from surface to hands. So….if one person brings Pink Eye into the studio it can affect anyone in that day and the lash artist. To avoid a pink eye out break in our studios, we have always practiced the following

  • hand washing, we go through more hand soap than you can imagine
  • disposable hand towels to dry
  • disinfection of application tools in medical grade disinfectant
  • hourly spraying and wiping of surfaces
  • everything used around the eye is disposable, used once and then tossed
  • recliners are sprayed with 99% rubbing alcohol in between clients
  • if something is dropped on the ground, it’s picked up – item disinfected and hands washed again before resuming the service
  • we are a LICENSED business so the Health Board inspects the studio very regularly
FCL Burlington

FCL Burlington

We are NOT a public place….we do not take or have ever taken walk in clients. We are by appointment only and have been in business for 12 years so we know most of our clients – all of our clients that have been out of Canada have reached out to cancel their appt and we can’t express how much we appreciate that!

Have we upped our game during this time….yes. Door knobs, hard surfaces etc are being wiped down frequently, we are no longer shaking hands with new clients, cups/water bottles are no longer allowed on the lash cart.

Let’s keep it cute during this crisis, there’s no reason to emerge from our homes a few weeks from now stuffed with pasta, looking like you’d lived in a tree with an outrageous amount of toilet paper.

xo, Love & Lashes


Spray Tans and Extensions

Spray Tan and Lashes

Spray Tan and Lashes

Spray tans and eyelash extensions are basically a MUST HAVE for those heading on vaca….wake up bronzed and pulled together. However! when booking the appointments for these must haves which one do you book first? Spray Tan should be booked first, given an opportunity to get soaked in and rinsed off thennnnn have your lashes done. For Example: Book your spray tan Wednesday and your lashes Friday, you want the tan powder rinsed off before you come in for your lashes. So why Spray then lash? When you come to get your eyelash extensions done we will be putting eye patches under your eyes for the application process. The patches can leave white marks under the eyes when the patch is removed….now you look like a bronzed raccoon with really great lashes. The other reason is that the artist will be touching your forehead during application, potentially ruining the tan on the forehead ANDDDDD the artist now has spray tan all over her hands (not cute). With the right planning you can be a flawless bronzed pulled together Goddess on your well deserved vacation.


Love & Lashes xo 


Lash Growth Serums…the TRUTH!

Eyelash Growth Serums have been around a long time, Latisse came out first and could only be accessed with a prescription from the Dr. Fast forward to today and there are many growth serums on the market and because they have a lower dose of the active ingredient they can be purchased without a prescription.

growth cycle

Soooooo whats the deal? are they too good to be true? That’s a yes and no answer: yes they work however! they are not GROWTH serums in actuality – they are GROWTH ACCELERATORS. The serums don’t assist in helping you GROW more hair, it makes the hair growth cycle move faster. There are a few stages of the growth cycle but basically, there is baby hair, teenage hair and adult hair. The Growth Serums speed up the stages of growth, taking it from Anagen (baby hair) to Telogen (adult hair) in half the time. Making the lash line appear fuller and thicker…so awesome right?!. Yes, it’s awesome however; each hair follicle has a lifespan of 2 to 5 years. When the follicle is asked to produce more hair over and over again the life of the follicle shortens drastically 6 months to 1 year. Once the follicle is maxed out, it no longer produces hair as more and more follicles max out the lash line thins out. It’s important to keep in mind with serums that once you stop using them you are no longer “feeding” the follicle daily the natural hair will grow (fall) out.

The takeaway: there are no such thing as GROWTH serums only ACCELERATORS

Love & Lashes xo


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    Lash Fairies on the loose at our Toronto Queen West Location. Video Production by Justin Borja

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    As much as I’m a lash junkie, I am equally a skin junkie. I started caring for my skin before I could reach the sink without a stool – no really I did. I think your skin is a reflection … Continue reading

  50. Wet and Wild!

    We get this question a lot…”Can I get these wet?” yes you can 100% get the eyelash extensions wet. In fact, we are one of the only studios in the Toronto area that cures the extensions so you can get … Continue reading

  51. We’re so happy because she’s so happy!!

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  56. Biology 101

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  62. “I’m a Model Ya Know What I Mean”….

    If you follow FCL anywhere online, you’ll often see that we shout out for lash models. After receiving some feedback saying that one lash model “expected” a full set we thought we should clarify the training process and what exactly … Continue reading

  63. The Best Lash Extensions in Toronto

    FCL has worked hard to become the best in the West ( Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington). But like most businesses we are striving for world domination, for now however we’re thrilled to hear ladies are saying FCL gives the … Continue reading

  64. I Don’t Get it! Half Set? Full Set??

    Every business has it’s own language, and if we’re working in that biz everyday we can take for granted that everyone around us knows what the heck we’re talking about. Lash language is the same, the most confusing pieces of … Continue reading

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    Remember when you had a math tutor? It wasn’t that you didn’t understand math it was more that you needed a little help with the basic concepts in order to build on them. You thought you were a math whiz, … Continue reading

  67. Much Love to 2013

    Today is the first day of 2014, I’ve been scrolling through Instagram and trolling peoples Flipgram ( I think that’s what its called) anyway the pics flipped so fast it made me crossed eyed and didn’t allow me to creep … Continue reading

  68. New Kids on the Block

      So Flirt Custom Lash Studio has settled right into our new location at 777 Richmond St West. I’m always running around like a lunatic, not to mention I’m not the hippest creature that ever lived. Lovely Lynda keeps me … Continue reading

  69. FCL Toronto To The Rescue!

    If it’s convenient (meaning you don’t need an appt) and it’s inexpensive then is must be the best thing ever right? Well, not in this case and thank heavens for Lynda at our FCL Toronto location at 777 Richmond St … Continue reading

  70. Our Dangerously Sweet Neighbour

      On my first site visit to our new location in the Queen West area, I drove past this adorable little white shop on the corner of Queen St West. I wasn’t sure but I thought I saw giant Macaron’s … Continue reading