Missin’ ya…


You had that lovin’ feeling for your lash extensions but life got in the way (it happens) and you weren’t able to maintain them. You think about the beautiful little silk extensions with fondness, life was just so much easier when you were together. Waking up made up was such a pleasure, particularly if you weren’t waking up alone. You had never looked so good while sweating like a moose at the gym. Vacations were a breeze as you glided through the water without a care about raccoon eyes. We know, break-ups are hard and sometimes you just don’t get over it. We know you loved your lash extensions and we loved seeing you, I’m sure you’ve often thought about picking up the phone but paying for another full set just isn’t in the budget. You deserve to look fierce honey, so it totally makes sense to have a 2 days of the week at our Brampton/Mississauga studio where you can get back together with your silk extensions and hug it out at 1/2 price.

No we didn’t stutter, every Tuesday and Saturday at our Brampton/Mississauga studio full sets are $75.00 rather than $150. Our FAB lashette Shanelle is in the Brampton/Mississauga studio on those days from 11 am to 7 pm and totally wants you to have that lovin’ feeling….She’s a lash junkie herself. Call the head office 1.855.721.7108 to kiss and make up with your extensions.

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