That’s Just Rude !

The Little Glam Shop in Burlington opened 7 days a week at the beginning of July, we thought Beauty didn’t stop so why would we ?? Visions of convenient lash extensions offered to Burlington beauties on Sundays danced in our heads. It seemed that ladies loved the idea of getting gorgeous on Sundays as the phone rang off the hook with bookings. Appointments were made and then confirmed by Vicky a few days prior to the Sunday appointment. The booking was confirmed and the day was booked solid  . . . A waiting list of ladies in need of lashes has been compiled. Lynda arrives for the day ready to rock, and someone pulls a no show. Whats a no show ? An appointment that has been confirmed for the date and time but fails to cancel or let us know they are not able to make it. Stuff happens and we get it but in the event that stuff didn’t happen and a decision was made not to arrive then that’s just rude !

It’s a trickle down affect . . . Lynda is waiting and becomes concerned that something has happened. I  ( the owner ) gets a phone call about the failed appointment and then I become concerned that something has happened. The people on the waiting list lose because they would have liked to get lashy with it but can’t because the spot was taken and they can’t make it at the very very last minute. And finally the person who didn’t show up loses because the studio has a 24 hour cancellation policy and if in the future they are in need of our lashyness we won’t book them. It’s kind of like standing someone up on a blind date – how do you know they weren’t a smoke show and the beginning of your next love affair ??!!

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