What’s the Catch ??

Eyelash extensions have EXPLODED in popularity over the past 2 years, lashes are becoming just as mainstream as getting your nails did. FCL was in the professional lash game a little before the trend popped off. We wanted to make sure we kept our services affordable and allow our lash junkies to maintain their habit without feeling guilty about it. Full sets at $150 for professional safe silk lash extensions is reasonable within the industry, relashing costs at $50 every 3 weeks is affordable to those who are committed to these babies. Like any good consumer, most people price check to see how much each studio is charging. Time and time again we hear, when booking-people wonder what the catch is ?? If FCL really is as good as the internet is saying then why are their prices lower than the rest ?? Because we want you to have the best professional lash extensions in the GTA and we don’t want you to have to sell an organ to pay for them. Hey   . . . . we get it, times can get tough and when they do it’s easier to deal with it while looking FIERCE. So when the going gets tough you won’t have to chop your beauty secret from the budget.

To sweeten the deal for our soon to be lash addicts, we are offering full sets for 50 % off for our opening weekend Oct 17th 18th and 19th  in Toronto at 313 Queen St W Suite 204. And nope there isn’t a catch, you can get lashy with safe professionally designed silk extensions for a great deal and then maintain them without feeling guilty  . . . let’s be real, we’re sure you have much much more INTERESTING things to feel guilty about.

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