With a Grateful Heart . . . Thank-you

After all the turkey’ing and pumpkin pie’ing ( I’m aware that these are not really words ) this long weekend is all about giving thanks. Sitting back with a cocktail ( or 5 ) and thinking about what we are truly grateful for. For some it’s their health, for others their family and each person’s reason for feeling grateful is as important as the next. For me as the owner of FCL I am truly grateful for you  . . . my clients. It is without a doubt, I have the most wonderful client base out there regardless of the service being offered. How I became lucky enough to attract such an amazing group of women I’ll never know. Each of you brings giggles and knowledge, the best days are when there is an overlap of clients at the studio I’m working out of that day and it turns into a circus. I’m often asked how I work 16 to 18 hrs a day, it’s simple  . . . it just doesn’t feel like work.

On the way out, you always say Thank-you ( because in addition to being the best looking client base, you are also very polite ). In truth, I should be thanking you – everything I have in this life is because of you. My grateful heart is warmed by your stories, giggles and support.

Smooches ! xo


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