Not hot !!

( Full set on the right , no extensions on the left . . .  seamless application)


As I have always said, single strand eyelash extensions are very natural. Of course they will length and volume but they will never look like you should heading to the club in the middle of the afternoon. If the application is done well ( and of course at Flirt Custom that is always the case) others will not be able to tell that these are not yours. Eyebrows will raise and some people in your life will wonder what’s different about you. But never will they holler out ” Did you get lash extensions !!! “. Ladies  . . . this is what you want, it is not hot to look like you are heading to the bar on a Sunday afternoon. Less really is more, use less dark eye shadow or high light with a pretty shimmer on the lid and watch these babies POP !. If you are wearing a lot of dark eye shadow, the extensions can get lost and the impact isn’t as great. Make’em guess at what your beauty secret is  . . .