Commitment Issues

Haven’t we all heard ” I’m not ready for a commitment ” ? that phrase strikes dread in the heart of most of us. This time having commitment issues it totally o.k. and no one ends up with a potential smack in the face. I’m often asked ” what if I don’t want my extensions anymore, is this something I will always have to do ?”. I’m a big believer in that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to   . . . maybe not the best advice in life. Anyways, the answer to that is NO, if you decide that you no longer want your lash extensions you don’t have to keep them. Of course a lot of my clients are lash junkies ( much like myself ) and I see them on a regular schedule for maintenance. However there are a series of other clients whom I only see a few times a year for vacation lashes. Another group of clients I see from May to Oct on a regular schedule for wedding season ( these poor people are attending a wedding or something related EVERY weekend ). At the same time I see a TON of brides that I see once for prior to the big day.

This is how it works: The lashes are applied to adult lashes only and hang out there looking FAB. Within a few weeks you would be due for a relash BUT if you decide you’ve had enough and your breaking up with your extensions they will just grow off. Because we have only touched adult hair, the baby hair has grown into adults and is healthy underneath ( more accurate is in between ) the lashes that have extensions on them. These babies move with your natural hair growth cycle so once the cycle is complete none of the extensions remain. If you decide you want closure on your break up and want them off right away we can use a remover to gently and safely remove the extensions. In the hundreds and hundreds of applications done at Flirt Custom that has only been requested 3 times. Most clients are fine to grow the extensions off, as the lashes look more sparse clients are using their regular mascara on them. Almost all mascaras purchased at the retail level have oil in them, oil will affect the adhesive and the lashes will come of within a short time.




Six Figure Style

Saturday Sept 22 nd I hosted the 2 nd annual Flirt Custom Lash Studio client appreciation party at Brass Bombshells in Burlington. The shin dig was all about GLAMOUR so of course I needed to look my very best. I typically clean up well but this was a whole new ball game and I needed to pull out the big guns. Like any entrepreneur, I try to surround myself with other like minded professionals who are the top of their game in their respective fields. In the world of styling TAMIKA AUWAI the founder of Shop Socials , is the best in the biz, she is a bounty hunter of style. Meeting on a Sunday at Yorkdale Mall,  I brought my BFF Nykki for support. I know that you are going to find this shocking but I hate shopping at the mall, I find the selections overwhelming and the sizing upsetting. I’m late (  which means, I’m sweating and pissed at myself for taking the Q.E.W ). Tamika is cool as a cucumber and waiting for us with a big smile and an armful of dresses that I would have NEVER picked out for myself. The look on my face must have said it all as both Tamika and Nykki insisted I tried things on before I decided I hated it. We take one more whirlwind around the store, Tamika has grabbed a white sparkly number with a peplum skirt  . . . I am certain at this point that she has lost her mind. I want to crawl right back into my comfort zone of a black designer wrap dress and accent shoes. Now I’m standing in the change room and decide I am going to try the sparkly number first to prove that this lady has lost her ever loving mind – did I mention she grabbed a size SMALLER than I would have dreamed of wearing. All of this is sizing up to be a messy tear filled endeavor, on the dress goes  . . . and the zipper goes up. I fling the door open to show them that this looks like hell, both ladies gasp ” OMG ! I love it ” What ? I turn around around and look in the mirror, surprise surprise there I stand white sparkly and peplumed and I look great !!!!!!. My confidence in this process continues to build as everything Tamika has selected fits, looks great and is totally out of my comfort zone. Each styling has a different feel as Tamika explains and requires different support garment. I didn’t expect to have a hard time deciding which one I wanted, I expected to have to settle on something I kind of liked.

( Dress BCBG The Bay $348, Shoes Sam Edelman Ebay NWB $48, Earrings Bansri Rose Quartz Hautelook.com $37 )

I decided to go with an “investment piece” as Tamika explained to me that this dress can be paired with a blazer for one kind of feel, a jean jacket for another kind of feel. I was suddenly excited about this party because I was “balling” with my ” Six Figure Style”. The greatest part of all of this other than my FAB dress etc, is the self confidence that seeing myself outside of my comfort zone and loving it – Thank-you Tamika for that – it’s the lift I needed. Ever said ” I know what looks good on me so I’m sticking with it “, sister you might be wrong, holla at Tamika and hang on for the ” Six Figure Style” ride of your glamour life.