A FABULOUS Combination

If you haven’t been to Julie’s Spa in Burlington for your beauty services then you are missing out ! It’s located South of the QEW and has tons of parking  . . . let’s face it Burlington beauties should not be climbing over snow banks in the middle of winter whilst wearing heels.   You name it Julie’s Spa has it :Waxing, facials, mai/pedi’s ( of course you only deserve the best so only OPI polish and OPI gel is used ). Making sure to stay current, there is a dermal therapist on site offering Microdermabrasion etc. A doctor operates out of the spa providing Botox and fillers ( Shhhhhh . . . your fresh new face is our little secret ). And then there’s LASHES ! Flirt Custom Lash Studio has been operating out of the lower level of Julie’s Spa for ages and the combination of the 2 businesses is FABULOUS !!!! Check out Julie’s new website – you’ll be so glad you did  . . . FYI ladies the prices at the spa are the best in Burlington.


Am I going to lose my own lashes ?

“Am I going to lose my own lashes ?”, I get this question TONS !!!!!! and when I answer this I always give the good news, the bad news and the simple facts. Here is goes :

The Good News: If you have your extensions done by a CERTIFIED lash stylist then NO NO NO  . . . you will not experience any damage to your natural lashes. Only the adult lash receives an extension and the others are left alone. Eyelashes grow in different stages, think of them like baby hair, teenage hair and adult hair. If the baby and teenager hair is left alone it gives them a opportunity to mature into adult hair. If you choose to relash the extensions to maintain them then again adult hair is used. If you decide that you no longer want to the extensions then they will grow out and your hair remains intact.

The Bad News : To have an application done correctly you are not going to be able to cut corners and save a couple bucks. A CERTIFIED lash stylist has gone through extensive training and is always upgrading his/her skills. We always use the best products on the market and trust me – they don’t come cheap. This is why you are paying more to have the service done by a professional. More bad news, most times if the service is super cheap then it’s safe to say the person doing the application is not a true lash stylist and might be using a toxic product around your eyes.

The Facts: Lash extensions are not for everyone, it’s one of those services that you love or hate. This has nothing to do with pain and allergy but more to do with personal preference. The idea that your habits when around the eyes has to change in order to avoid damaging the extensions doesn’t work for everyone. Also, these suckers require maintenance and some people just don’t have time to keep them up. Because eyelashes grow at the speed of light compared to the rest of your hair on the body ( a cycle is complete within 35 to 40 days ) your new lashy look will need to be kept up if you love them to look like they did the first time you had them done.