Happy Lashing Elf’s !!

Christmas season is here and the studio’s in Brampton and Burlington are in full swing . . . tweezers are on fire with creative energy. This week some of my clients reasons for Christmas GLAM surprised and delighted me. One of my clients thinks her BF of 4 years will pop the big question under the mistletoe – I hope so !!!!!!!! because then we get to lash her for her wedding. Another client has such a busy social calendar over the next few weeks that the thought of eye make-up everyday just exhausts her ( we feel you sister, it ain’t a party unless a glamourpuss is in attendance ). A beautiful new client came to see me because this was the first Christmas without her mom and she wanted a little pick me up. Of course we took the glamour up 10 points and she left here feeling great and knew had her mom been here for Christmas she would have loved her new look. Take a look at some of this weeks beauties ! :

( Hello Gorgeous !!!!!!! )

( Inner beauty is very important but outer beauty can’t hurt right ? )

( Curls, Curls and more Curls ! )