How do I get my eye make-up off ??

“How do I get my eye make-up off ??”, I get this question tons and it really speaks to the overall care of your extensions. If we’re talking about eye shadow, liner etc then the simple answer is : Oil free eye make-up remover and a Q-Tip, the Q-Tips from the Dollar Store seem to work best as they have very little lint. Most women use make-up rounds or wipes to remove their make-up, still a great option for the face but it’s not a good idea to use them to remove liner etc. The little fibers from the make-up rounds or wipes can get caught in the extensions and now you have fluffies ( seems like the best word to describe them ) stuck and try as you might to get them out with a dry mascara wand, they won’t budge. So to avoid the “fluffy” look, grab a Q-Tip and dip it into an oil free make-up remover. Gently run the moist Q-Tip over the eye lid to take everything off without disturbing the extension.

See !! it’s as easy as that  . . .