New Kids on the Block


So Flirt Custom Lash Studio has settled right into our new location at 777 Richmond St West. I’m always running around like a lunatic, not to mention I’m not the hippest creature that ever lived. Lovely Lynda keeps me in the know and was sooooo excited when she saw that Bitstrips was our neighbour across the hall. Of course I had no idea what she was talking about and had to Google to find out that they create instant comic strips starring you and your friends.

Lynda must be finding inspiration from our creative neighbours, her quality of work has always been good. However since the move into the Toronto market, her work has been OUTSTANDING. Creating texture in her designs using single strand silk extensions has become unique to her as a lash artist. With a natural eye for scale, she is using a mixture of curls, thicknesses and lengths.

Ladies all over Toronto are putting down they’re mascara, rolling out of bed in the morning 20 mins later and heading out the door looking like a million dollars!!!


FCL Toronto To The Rescue!

If it’s convenient (meaning you don’t need an appt) and it’s inexpensive then is must be the best thing ever right? Well, not in this case and thank heavens for Lynda at our FCL Toronto location at 777 Richmond St West, these clumps were painful and it wouldn’t have been a very Merry Christmas by any stretch. Here’s what Lynda’s client had to say about her experience with nail salon lashes:

“Notice that the BEFORE picture has clumps of lashes glued together… initial picture was taken after glue had already been removed, so is not a true representation of how bad they actually were.
When the lashes are clumped together, as they grow out at different levels (with different thicknesses/different strengths), the ones farthest from the “clump” become strays and are pulled sideways – horrible. The clumps also grow out and with their weight, grow downwards and poke your eyes; strays break or are pulled out by the glue clump and fall out – bald spots.
I did not realize there is such a science behind the application of lashes.
Lynda did my lashes Thursday. She painstakingly took time to remove the glue, while re-gluing individual silk lashes to each of my own. No clumping, no breakage. They will just naturally fall out with no harm to my own.
Moral of the story: Do your research before going to a lash technician. Don’t get caught with a person or place that wants only money — and won’t even fix a stray lash after one single week because she is afraid you will not go back the following week and pay her the $50 she charges for the “re-lash”.
Our moral of the story? If you want the job done right, you have to pay the right price to have a professional take care of you.




Our Dangerously Sweet Neighbour


On my first site visit to our new location in the Queen West area, I drove past this adorable little white shop on the corner of Queen St West. I wasn’t sure but I thought I saw giant Macaron’s hanging in the window. I know my pastries and can spot them at 100 yards – just ask my trainer. Anyway, I parked my car and hustled my bustle right over…I opened the front door and my nostrils were flaring like a horse (super attractive). I was standing in Nadege Patisserie at 780 Queen St West, I had heard of this glorious place but here it was less than 1 street from FCL Toronto. The place was buzzing and as it should be, the quality of the offerings are outstanding. The staff is warm and sooooooo patient, I couldn’t decide what I wanted and was overwhelmed with all the things I wanted to try. I settled on a macaron ( ok really it was more than one but sometimes my trainer reads my blog – Hi Kevin!! xoxo). These little suckers had a little bit of a crunch and then the sweetness ( just the right amount) melted on my tongue. A love affair was born, now everything I’m at the 777 Richmond St location – I leave myself just enough time to walk over to greet my new lova lova.



Poppin’ Bottles in Queen West!


Last Wednesday we were on and poppin’ at our new Toronto location in Trinity Bellwoods, we’re one block south of the HOTTEST area’s of the city. When Steph from BlushPretty suggested we needed a larger location we quickly (like in seconds) totally agreed with her. She and Elaine searched the city for an addy deserving of our beautiful client base, there were a few losers to say the least. But then the email came through with a Trinity Bellwoods address – 777 Richmond St West. We share the GORGEOUS space with The BlushPretty team, with 2 entrance doors both businesses can operate within the studio.

Lovely Lashing Lynda originally trained and working out of the FCL Burlington location at 520 Guelph Line will be working her magic out of the FCL Toronto space. We’re super proud of Lynda, she has grown into a true lash professional and decided that this shop is just the right location to showcase her talent.

If you’re looking to get lashy with it, give us a holler 1.855.721.7108 or book online.



A What?

If you’re plugged into what’s happening with FCL (and really why wouldn’t you be?) then you’ve seen a shout out for a “Lash Mob” going up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you have no idea what the heck we’re talking about, let us explain. We’ve teamed up with the BlushPretty to provide the GTA with a One Stop Glam Shop at our new Queen West location – 777 Richmond Street West. Flirt Custom Lash is new to the neighbourhood and DYING to make friends and fit in. Whats the best way to fit in?? give presents!!!!!!!. Following that way of thinking, we’re offering FREE FULL SETS OF LASHES…How? Where? What? Why?

How: Stay in touch with FCL via social media and you’ll see the graphic go up for a Lash Mob. There will be a few hours notice and the first person to call the toll free number – 1.855.721.7108 gets the appt. We’ll ask you to use your social media to tell others in your network that you’re about to receive some FREE awesomeness in the Trinity Bellwoods location.

Where: The Lash Mob will always be at the Trinity Bellwoods location shared with BlushPretty – 777 Richmond St West.

Whats The Catch: There really isn’t a catch other you’ll be asked to use your social media to tell others that your at our Toronto location and what you think about your new lashes. If you’re using Twitter and/or Instagram we’ll ask you (very nicely) to use #777beauty and #fclstyle

Why: Because we want to like us! And we want to fit in with our new neighbours!



Missin’ ya…


You had that lovin’ feeling for your lash extensions but life got in the way (it happens) and you weren’t able to maintain them. You think about the beautiful little silk extensions with fondness, life was just so much easier when you were together. Waking up made up was such a pleasure, particularly if you weren’t waking up alone. You had never looked so good while sweating like a moose at the gym. Vacations were a breeze as you glided through the water without a care about raccoon eyes. We know, break-ups are hard and sometimes you just don’t get over it. We know you loved your lash extensions and we loved seeing you, I’m sure you’ve often thought about picking up the phone but paying for another full set just isn’t in the budget. You deserve to look fierce honey, so it totally makes sense to have a 2 days of the week at our Brampton/Mississauga studio where you can get back together with your silk extensions and hug it out at 1/2 price.

No we didn’t stutter, every Tuesday and Saturday at our Brampton/Mississauga studio full sets are $75.00 rather than $150. Our FAB lashette Shanelle is in the Brampton/Mississauga studio on those days from 11 am to 7 pm and totally wants you to have that lovin’ feeling….She’s a lash junkie herself. Call the head office 1.855.721.7108 to kiss and make up with your extensions.