Less is so much more….

FCL generally lives by the philosophy that more is more: more champagne, more shoes, more lip gloss, more sparkles…you get the idea. However when it comes to everyday beauty, that idea gets flipped upside down.

Less make-up applied in the morning because you woke up looking made up means more sleep. Our new fav “wake up made up” combo is keeping the lashes a little on the shorter side. The shorter the extensions, the darker and fuller they appear…creating an eyeliner affect.

We use the curliest of the options, the “D” curl..curved all the way up like the capital letter D. It stands right up against the eyelid drawing the attention upwards making the eye appear wider and the face appear more youthful. Making sure the silk extensions are carefully applied from the corner of the nose right to the outer edges. Many lash artists miss the inner corners making the design appear unfinished. Think of it like an “instant facelift”, the middle part of the eye becomes the focus with the longest extension placed through out that part of the lid. Bing!!!!! my eyes are super open and I’m wake ready to take on the world..

And here we have it….shorter thicker curly lash extensions paired with a bold lip and sun kissed skin. It’s on and poppin’!!

Love & Lashes


The Ultimate Push Present


It’s with certainty that FCL has assisted in the making of babies by putting some “wiggle wiggle wiggle” in winks across the GTA. Waking up made up is the name of our lash game, now it seems that pregnant women are waaaayyyyyy ahead of us in that respect. More and more pregnant women are having eyelash extensions done prior to the birth of the baby. It totally makes sense! and why didn’t we think of it??, after giving birth mom and baby are the center of attention. Visitors are in and out, pics are being snapped and mom is exhausted. Appearing haggard in front of company…not cute, appearing on Facebook looking a hot mess….simply not an option. Lash extensions are safe for pregnant women as the adhesive is non toxic and we stock mucho pillows to keep little mama comfy. Because we are one of the only lash studios in Toronto that can cure instantly, pee pee breaks are totally fine. We get it (ummmm actually I don’t), pregnancy is less than comfortable particularly nearing the end. That being said, we always book an extra 30 mins for our” little mama to be’s” giving more than enough time to shift when needed.

So!!!!! Looks like” daddy’s to be” might want to get on board with the best push present ever, cause mama needs to look FIERCE when baby gets on board….

Love & Lashes




Because Bad Bitches Link Up (#BBLU) it only made sense that when Steph Daga of BlushPretty suggested that we hook up in a new space in Toronto, I thought the idea was genius!


(The best t-shirt!)

Make-up, hair and eyelash extensions all under one roof and right in the middle of the hottest neighbourhood in Toronto – Queen West. BlushPretty was recently named one of the best Make-Up Artists in Toronto. With a VAST crew of both make-up and hair artist, you can find BP artists all over the GTA every weekend. Often, they are making brides beautiful and bridal parties camera ready. FCL made sure to put our listening ears on when it came to the needs of brides…when you share space with the best in the business it makes sense to pay attention.

(Steph of BlushPretty hooking me up!)

Here’s what we learned: Brides are super organized…so we make sure to get back to them right away. They might have a few questions regarding the extensions….we are always happy to help. By the time they come for their extensions they are exhausted…we keep blankets handy and keep it quiet. Finally, weddings are expensive and every little bit saved helps.


With that in mind, FCL is happy to offer BlushPretty brides $50.00 off a full set of silk eyelash extensions (reg $150) at the Toronto studio 777 Richmond St West. What could be easierthan going to the same place to get your bridal lashy look that you went to have your bridal hair and make-up trial done? I know, it’s brilliant…hence #BBLU

Love & Lashes














Pelle Beauty – Skin Ninja’s

As much as I’m a lash junkie, I am equally a skin junkie. I started caring for my skin before I could reach the sink without a stool – no really I did. I think your skin is a reflection of what is going on in your life. A few months ago, my life began to unravel with the illness and then death of my mother. There was no way I was going to allow what was going on in my life to reflect on my face. My current skin routine, although complete needed an upgrade without inflation. Then I was introduced to Pelle Beauty, vegan beauty oils perfected by beautiful Marnie Cipriani (I swear she drinks her products with her glowing dermis). Focused on giving the client a fantastic complexion naturally and with such affordable pricing it leaves you wondering if you read that right.

“We liken our face oil blends to a lush garden. All of the stunning plants and beautiful aromas can make for some amazing skin care. At Pelle Beauty™ we’ve captured this – plant based goodness and aromatherapy all wrapped up into one beautiful treatment. They’re a vacation for your skin.”

If affordable skin awesomeness wasn’t enough of a draw to try out Pelle Beauty, then maybe the idea of a Toronto based female owned business with customer service out of this world might be of interest?. I placed an order from the skin ninja’s and with everything going on I didn’t double check to ensure that my shipping address didn’t default. Well, it defaulted and my package ended up at the wrong address…I sent an email to Marnie asking about the order. Bing bang boom – another order arrived no questions asked AND with a gift inside.

It’s without a doubt, Pelle Beauty are skin Ninja’s and if you didn’t know now ya do…you’re welcome!

Love & Lashes


Wet and Wild!

We get this question a lot…”Can I get these wet?” yes you can 100% get the eyelash extensions wet. In fact, we are one of the only studios in the Toronto area that cures the extensions so you can get them wet right away. Most lash places will tell you to keep them dry for a min of 24 hours, so the adhesive can cure. We used to operate in the same way and watched as clients rushed to wash their hair before the relash appointment. Others tipped themselves over the edge of the bathtub washing their hair after the application…very chic.

( One of fav clients at FCL Toronto – Maddie)

Ummmmmm hells no! No one has time for that.

( Linda is vacation lash junkie and comes to see us twice a year before she leaves)

Another misconception is that the extensions will not hold up in salt water, that is 100% inaccurate…these babies are not a problem at all in the ocean. The only problem is that others may confuse you with a fantastic mermaid, rising from the sea looking perfectly pulled together.

(Sommer – owner of FCL, hanging out poolside)

Chilling poolside is not an issue, if you’re one of those ladies that likes to dunk your head under to cool down….dunk away. Chlorine is no problem and the extensions will bounce back as soon as they dry off. One flick of your nails and your “wake up made up” look is back in business.

Love & Lashes



We’re so happy because she’s so happy!!

Emails like this is what it is all about for us, FCL Brampton was running behind that day so Vicky from head office in Burlington called to let her know. Your time is valuable to us why waste it sitting around waiting…right?

“SO thrilled with my lashes!!! not only with the application of the lashes, but how at ease you feel when you show up! Cannot WAIT to get creative with lashes, now that I’ve gotten a taste for them I want even longer and more luxurious! I haven’t worn make up in years, and mascara always seems to make my eyes burn. That and the fact that I used to wear waterproof mascara meant it was on until it wore off, now I get that look for weeks and no eye irritation.Yes I’m rambling can you tell I’m excited about my new extensions?

Sorry was this not the place to brag about my new lashes? :-) From the booking to the apologetic phone call asking to push the appt forward by a measly 30 minutes, I wish you folks did hair and nails and home renovations too! EVERY business I have dealt with could take lessons on customer service from your team.”

Love & Lashes


Tips for the Bride to Be…

Here comes the bride and her fuss free awesome silk lash extensions! Weddings are no joke, days filled with events and just about everyone you know will be there. Sleep is at a minimum and stress at a maximum. More and more brides are turning to eyelash extensions as a solution for appearing bright eyed and pulled together for the days leading to the big day and to kick off the honeymoon.




(Henna, one of FCL’s stunning brides)

Here’s the big question: Should you get your first set of lash extensions right before the wedding day and if so how many days before your trip down the aisle? The best advice and something we pretty much insist on is having your first set done 3 weeks or so BEFORE the wedding day. Why? If lash extensions are a new service for you, then you have no idea what to expect or how to care for them. Some brides are a ball of stress before the wedding, things may not be according to plan and/or just a straight up case of nerves.

(Tara, one of FCL’s beautiful brides)

Rather than adding more anxiety, it makes more sense to come and have the full set done 3 weeks before the wedding and book a relash a few days before your set to work your goodies up the aisle. Congratulations on your upcoming and with your extensions…you are FIERCE honey!

Love & Lashs