Lash Growth Serums…the TRUTH!

Eyelash Growth Serums have been around a long time, Latisse came out first and could only be accessed with a prescription from the Dr. Fast forward to today and there are many growth serums on the market and because they have a lower dose of the active ingredient they can be purchased without a prescription.

growth cycle

Soooooo whats the deal? are they too good to be true? That’s a yes and no answer: yes they work however! they are not GROWTH serums in actuality – they are GROWTH ACCELERATORS. The serums don’t assist in helping you GROW more hair, it makes the hair growth cycle move faster. There are a few stages of the growth cycle but basically, there is baby hair, teenage hair and adult hair. The Growth Serums speed up the stages of growth, taking it from Anagen (baby hair) to Telogen (adult hair) in half the time. Making the lash line appear fuller and thicker…so awesome right?!. Yes, it’s awesome however; each hair follicle has a lifespan of 2 to 5 years. When the follicle is asked to produce more hair over and over again the life of the follicle shortens drastically 6 months to 1 year. Once the follicle is maxed out, it no longer produces hair as more and more follicles max out the lash line thins out. It’s important to keep in mind with serums that once you stop using them you are no longer “feeding” the follicle daily the natural hair will grow (fall) out.

The takeaway: there are no such thing as GROWTH serums only ACCELERATORS

Love & Lashes xo