No Shame in our INFECTION CONTROL Game



Infection Control Certificate

Infection Control Certificate

Licensed (meaning not a home based) Eyelash Extension Studios have always been some of the cleanest environments to be in if run correctly. Detailed lists of daily, hourly and in between procedures are in place to keep everyone (clients AND artists) safe from infection. Pink Eye (conjunctivitis) is a sneaky virus and can jump from surfaces to humans. FCL has been in business for 13 years with a client base of 2500 and has NEVER had a case of Pink Eye – that is a big deal, like a REALLY big deal. Every year FCL Management takes a course in Infection Control to brush up on practices and to keep up with any possible changes to protocol. The course is not mandatory from the Health Board of Ontario however to ensure the safety of clients and artists alike it’s taken every year.

WHO - Covid-19 Certificate

WHO – Covid-19 Certificate

Thennnnnnn Corona Virus (Covid-19) arrived and stopped the world in it’s tracks, a virus like no one had ever seen before. FCL shut it’s doors at all studios before instructed to do so, we didn’t know anything about it and we certainly didn’t want to put anyone’s health at risk. As time went on after closure and all of Canada was in isolation, FCL used the time to take a weeks long course in infection control for Covid-19 specifically from the best source there is: WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION)  ensuring the safety of everyone both working and coming to have their lashes done. Procedures for this virus specifically required changes for clients as well as the studio, understanding how the virus develops and carries has allowed us to ensure everyone’s safely without a doubt. Keeping it clean so we can help you keep it cute!

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