A Punch! The Good kind…


Is there a good kind of punch? There totally is…it’s a reward for your lash addiction. Every time you relash you get a “punch” on your VIP stamp card, when you get to the last “punch”…your relash is FREE. No strings, just hand over the card in place of payment and your outta there “Get In the Car!!!! Get in the Car!!!!”. Some people hoard their full cards for when they want to stay cute but are broke as fck. No worries, it’s your card and you can do with it whatever you want. The cards are offered and punched at all of the locations – Mississauga/Brampton, Burlington and Toronto (Queen West). Once you’ve “cashed in”, we’ll start you on a new card so you can continue to get rewarded for your addictive behaviour. Pretty sure there no other lash studios offering this awesomeness….another reason to love us….we get it.

Love & Lashes xo

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