Beautiful in Burlington!!



Burlington is one of the prettiest places in Ontario and so are the folks that live there. Flirt Custom Lash Studio has been keeping “the pretty” up to standard there for years. Burlington peeps have spoken and are less than thrilled that we’ve offered HALF PRICE full sets of lashes on chosen days of the week at the Brampton and Toronto locations but not in Burlington. They are totally right, it’s not fair…we have it make it right. So!! we will be offering full sets of eyelash extensions at the Burlington Studio Fridays and Sundays all day for HALF PRICE. There are no catches and no fine print…the application is still done by a certified artist and is up to our high standards.


FCL Burlington Gallery Wall

FCL Burlington Gallery Wall

The price of a Full Set every other day is $150 however now Fridays and Sundays all day Full Sets are $75. You’re booked for the full time it takes to do a Full Set approx 1 hr 45 mins and we still don’t lash count. As with all of our studios, we never lash count, we apply as many lashes as needed to complete the design.

Who knows! maybe you might come to see us in Burlington, fall in love with your lashes and decide to keep it them….it’s been known to happen 😉

Love & Lashes xo 

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