Here’s What To Look For:

Until about 3 years ago, eyelash extensions were relatively unheard of in Toronto and the surrounding areas. They have EXPLODED as a beauty service over that past 2 years and with good reason – applying mascara is a bitch. Once it was determined that extensions were here to stay, everyone wanted in the action. Soon nail salons, tanning salons, hair salons and everyone in between was offering them. Sadly, most of these places offering extensions are in it for the money and not for the art. Application is messy, toxic glue is used, there is ZERO isolation and the extension is just thrown on top of the natural lash. All of this leads to damage, the hair becomes “dreadlocked” for lack of a better description and is pulled out in chunks.

Above is an example of sloppy work, the client thought she was getting a great deal: a full set of single strand lashes for $80, done by someone she thought was a professional. She came to see us after being unable to reach a Brampton based lash artist to help her with the uncomfortable “pulling” she was feeling. That feeling was coming from sloppy isolation, using a toxic glue that drys into a crunchy mess, plastic lashes that are far too heavy. The result is terrible… patches of hair missing, clumps glued together and fatigued natural lashes. This is after ONE application — should she have relashed she would have been bald without a doubt. This client took to the internet to find a lash artist but admittedly didn’t know what to look for.

In an effort to help others from having this happen, here’s what to look for when searching online:

* Make sure the studio has a website, if they are unwilling to invest in representation online it raises questions about where else they might be cutting corners

* Ensure they have pics of their work posted, not editorial pics

* Search them online and look for reviews that have been written from other: beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, local papers etc

* Look for social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. Make sure the content is fresh and frequently updated

* Take a close look at the pics, if the whites of the eyes are red and watery…move on. 

* If you can walk in and get an appt — keep walking, any good artist is in demand and an appt is required

* The website should list what company they are CERTIFIED through, search that company and make sure it’s legit

* Trace their online footprint, any good lash studio will have a internet history tracing back through events, education and pictures. 

You certainly don’t have to book with us but please please make sure you book with someone who is in it for the art and not the cash.

Love & Lashes xo



Toronto Heat

There is no other city that does summer in the city like Toronto does, well truth be told Toronto does every season well but summer is the best! You can’t swing a cat without hitting an outdoor patio, there is an event every weekend including the famous Pride Parade.

Ladies in the city prefer an easy make-up routine more in the summer than any other time (could be due to the humidity). Lash extensions go from a want to a need after the first sign of heat. Our regular lash addicts will certainly notice a change in their current 3 week relash schedule. Suddenly 3 weeks seems like 3 years and every time you turn around there’s an extension leaping to its death. No, we didn’t change our adhesive….your shedding doll. With the warm weather, hair growth kicks into high gear – regular sunlight (Vitamin D), more fresh food and possibly more red meat (BBQ’S) all combine to turn that hair over faster.

You have 2 options: Relash at 2 to 2.5 weeks to keep your lashes as full as your heels are high orrrrrrrrrr buckle down, be a brave girl and wait for your 3 week lash appt. You might want to schedule that sucker before you go cause missing it won’t be cute.

Love & Lashes xo