Sun….Sand and Lashes

Winter is about to take up full time residence, so most of us are already thinking about make a quick exit for more cooperative temperatures. However regardless of the warm weather and chilly drinks, the question still remains. How can I wake up looking make up without it running down my face? Simple Answer: Single strand eyelash extensions……

Question: How long before I leave should I book to have my lashes done? …Answer: Book your appt the same week you leave, that way they are super fresh and you won’t go into your shedding cycle while you are away.

Question: Can I get them wet? …. Answer: Yup! They will stay put in both pool water and salt water

Question: How can I take care of them on vaca?…. Answer: Fluff them with a dry mascara wand and off you go

Question: How do I keep them clean? … Answer: As long as you are not dumping a bunch of make-up on them they will stay clean just by the water rinse when you shower.

Question: Will anyone know I have lash extensions on? ….Answer: Not unless you tell them flapper face.

So book the trip then book your lashes, leave all your eye make-up at home – besides you’ll need the extra room in your luggage for all your Duty Free finds 😉

Love and Lashes xo





Wet and Wild!

We get this question a lot…”Can I get these wet?” yes you can 100% get the eyelash extensions wet. In fact, we are one of the only studios in the Toronto area that cures the extensions so you can get them wet right away. Most lash places will tell you to keep them dry for a min of 24 hours, so the adhesive can cure. We used to operate in the same way and watched as clients rushed to wash their hair before the relash appointment. Others tipped themselves over the edge of the bathtub washing their hair after the application…very chic.

( One of fav clients at FCL Toronto – Maddie)

Ummmmmm hells no! No one has time for that.

( Linda is vacation lash junkie and comes to see us twice a year before she leaves)

Another misconception is that the extensions will not hold up in salt water, that is 100% inaccurate…these babies are not a problem at all in the ocean. The only problem is that others may confuse you with a fantastic mermaid, rising from the sea looking perfectly pulled together.

(Sommer – owner of FCL, hanging out poolside)

Chilling poolside is not an issue, if you’re one of those ladies that likes to dunk your head under to cool down….dunk away. Chlorine is no problem and the extensions will bounce back as soon as they dry off. One flick of your nails and your “wake up made up” look is back in business.

Love & Lashes



How do I get my eye make-up off ??

“How do I get my eye make-up off ??”, I get this question tons and it really speaks to the overall care of your extensions. If we’re talking about eye shadow, liner etc then the simple answer is : Oil free eye make-up remover and a Q-Tip, the Q-Tips from the Dollar Store seem to work best as they have very little lint. Most women use make-up rounds or wipes to remove their make-up, still a great option for the face but it’s not a good idea to use them to remove liner etc. The little fibers from the make-up rounds or wipes can get caught in the extensions and now you have fluffies ( seems like the best word to describe them ) stuck and try as you might to get them out with a dry mascara wand, they won’t budge. So to avoid the “fluffy” look, grab a Q-Tip and dip it into an oil free make-up remover. Gently run the moist Q-Tip over the eye lid to take everything off without disturbing the extension.

See !! it’s as easy as that  . . .