Here Comes The Bride AND . . . She’s Getting a Discount !!

You’re getting married and we’re so excited for you !!!! Lash extensions have become so popular among brides for numerous reasons. Many of which being that once they have been applied they are fuss free, a lifting strip lash caught on camera is just not hot. For brides choosing a destination wedding, eyelash extensions are a MUST have. The bride is hanging around the pool in the heat with her nearest and dearest, she wants to look pulled together but not over done. Most destination brides use a little eyeliner, lip gloss and cultivated tan as their wedding day look. Our Brampton and Burlington brides that are staying local have TONS of events prior to the wedding and the lash extensions are an investment in Bridal Glam AND efficiency.

We’re soooooooooooooo excited for you doll and as our gift we are offering brides 15 % off a full set at both our Brampton and Burlington locations ( $125.00 reg $150.00 ). You can book for Brampton at 647.402.8894 and Burlington at 905.333.0880, we’re still located on the lower level of Julies Spa on Guelph Line.

We can’t wait to be part of your perfect day !!!!!!!!!!  XXOO


It’s Getting Hot in Here !!

Summer took it’s sweet time getting here but it’s here and lawdy it is hot !!!! Finding ways to beat the heat and take off anything that isn’t needed makes sense to us. Taking all your clothes off is generally frowned upon when leaving your home . . . some people are just prudes. If you can’t take the layer of clothes off your body, then you’ll have to resort to taking the layers of make-up off of your face right ?? Take it off lady !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Likely you have a little sun on your face despite your best efforts to avoid it and if not brush a little bronzer ( NARS Laguna is our absolute fav ! ), slap on some gloss and get your lashes done. A little bit of effort goes a LONG way for effortless summertime beauty . . .




Stay Pretty in Burlington 7 Days a Week !

Doll if you’re like us you have TONS on the go and getting GLAM can be stressful ! We totally get it and because we love you, we want to make this easier for you. Flirt Custom Lash Studio in Burlington in now open 7 DAYS A WEEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right doll, we are now open Sundays from 11 am to 7 pm. If Sundays don’t work for you then there’s 6 more days too.

Glamour just doesn’t stop . . . So why would we ?? Still located on the lower level of Julie’s Spa 520 Guelph Line in Burlington. Wake up looking made-up 905.333.0880 . . . Stay FIERCE honey.



Commitment Issues

Haven’t we all heard ” I’m not ready for a commitment ” ? that phrase strikes dread in the heart of most of us. This time having commitment issues it totally o.k. and no one ends up with a potential smack in the face. I’m often asked ” what if I don’t want my extensions anymore, is this something I will always have to do ?”. I’m a big believer in that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to   . . . maybe not the best advice in life. Anyways, the answer to that is NO, if you decide that you no longer want your lash extensions you don’t have to keep them. Of course a lot of my clients are lash junkies ( much like myself ) and I see them on a regular schedule for maintenance. However there are a series of other clients whom I only see a few times a year for vacation lashes. Another group of clients I see from May to Oct on a regular schedule for wedding season ( these poor people are attending a wedding or something related EVERY weekend ). At the same time I see a TON of brides that I see once for prior to the big day.

This is how it works: The lashes are applied to adult lashes only and hang out there looking FAB. Within a few weeks you would be due for a relash BUT if you decide you’ve had enough and your breaking up with your extensions they will just grow off. Because we have only touched adult hair, the baby hair has grown into adults and is healthy underneath ( more accurate is in between ) the lashes that have extensions on them. These babies move with your natural hair growth cycle so once the cycle is complete none of the extensions remain. If you decide you want closure on your break up and want them off right away we can use a remover to gently and safely remove the extensions. In the hundreds and hundreds of applications done at Flirt Custom that has only been requested 3 times. Most clients are fine to grow the extensions off, as the lashes look more sparse clients are using their regular mascara on them. Almost all mascaras purchased at the retail level have oil in them, oil will affect the adhesive and the lashes will come of within a short time.




Six Figure Style

Saturday Sept 22 nd I hosted the 2 nd annual Flirt Custom Lash Studio client appreciation party at Brass Bombshells in Burlington. The shin dig was all about GLAMOUR so of course I needed to look my very best. I typically clean up well but this was a whole new ball game and I needed to pull out the big guns. Like any entrepreneur, I try to surround myself with other like minded professionals who are the top of their game in their respective fields. In the world of styling TAMIKA AUWAI the founder of Shop Socials , is the best in the biz, she is a bounty hunter of style. Meeting on a Sunday at Yorkdale Mall,  I brought my BFF Nykki for support. I know that you are going to find this shocking but I hate shopping at the mall, I find the selections overwhelming and the sizing upsetting. I’m late (  which means, I’m sweating and pissed at myself for taking the Q.E.W ). Tamika is cool as a cucumber and waiting for us with a big smile and an armful of dresses that I would have NEVER picked out for myself. The look on my face must have said it all as both Tamika and Nykki insisted I tried things on before I decided I hated it. We take one more whirlwind around the store, Tamika has grabbed a white sparkly number with a peplum skirt  . . . I am certain at this point that she has lost her mind. I want to crawl right back into my comfort zone of a black designer wrap dress and accent shoes. Now I’m standing in the change room and decide I am going to try the sparkly number first to prove that this lady has lost her ever loving mind – did I mention she grabbed a size SMALLER than I would have dreamed of wearing. All of this is sizing up to be a messy tear filled endeavor, on the dress goes  . . . and the zipper goes up. I fling the door open to show them that this looks like hell, both ladies gasp ” OMG ! I love it ” What ? I turn around around and look in the mirror, surprise surprise there I stand white sparkly and peplumed and I look great !!!!!!. My confidence in this process continues to build as everything Tamika has selected fits, looks great and is totally out of my comfort zone. Each styling has a different feel as Tamika explains and requires different support garment. I didn’t expect to have a hard time deciding which one I wanted, I expected to have to settle on something I kind of liked.

( Dress BCBG The Bay $348, Shoes Sam Edelman Ebay NWB $48, Earrings Bansri Rose Quartz Hautelook.com $37 )

I decided to go with an “investment piece” as Tamika explained to me that this dress can be paired with a blazer for one kind of feel, a jean jacket for another kind of feel. I was suddenly excited about this party because I was “balling” with my ” Six Figure Style”. The greatest part of all of this other than my FAB dress etc, is the self confidence that seeing myself outside of my comfort zone and loving it – Thank-you Tamika for that – it’s the lift I needed. Ever said ” I know what looks good on me so I’m sticking with it “, sister you might be wrong, holla at Tamika and hang on for the ” Six Figure Style” ride of your glamour life.


Sensitivities ?? Nothing to worry about

So of course if I tell you not to worry about having sensitivity issues regarding eyelash extensions it might appear a little biased to say the least. Check out what my lovely client Hannah had to say on the subject :

“Growing up I was always fascinated by cosmetics, hair products, clothes, anything “girly”.  I would sneak into my older sister’s bedroom at a young age and try on her eye shadows, her mascara, blushes etc., and unfortunately for me, her tweezers (resulting in the ‘Grand Canyon’ of a gap between the left and right eyebrow, and a very unflattering class picture that year).  When I reached the ninth grade and was allowed to dye my hair for the first time, I made the unfortunate mistake of having my boyfriend at the time apply a box of Clairol “beautifully blonde” hair-dye to my naturally strawberry-brown locks.  It made perfect sense to me: my Norwegian mother had provided my brother and sister with beautiful blonde hair, and I was almost there with fair skin and blue eyes, unfortunately my British father “pissed in my gene pool”(Sorry, Brits! Only kidding!), and I was determined to “make things right”.  Someone should really tell you that the picture on the box does not magically appear on your head.  That night I hosted a party at my house with what can only be described as florescent orange hair, and should I ever piss the wrong people off, I have friends with photographic proof of this.

This started me on my path of experimenting with hair colours, in search of what I had been naturally given, that I grew to long for.  One evening while living in British Columbia, I had a girlfriend dye my hair for me( I know, I know, you would think I would have learned my lesson with DIY hair dye, but this was a straightforward brown hair colour I had used many times before).  I spent that night in pain, itching my scalp like a mad woman.  From this point things only proceeded to get worse.  Every day I would wake up to find my head had grown in size, swelling to the point that I was unrecognizable.  It was a full 3 days later before I ended up in the hospital, with a face reminiscent of the Fruit Gushers commercials, where each person’s head turned into a giant fruit…I was the strawberry.  It turned out that I had an allergy to PPD, a chemical found in all hair dyes, as well as many different cosmetics.  I, like I said, was a frequent user of hair dyes and cosmetics and was baffled by this sudden allergy.  I researched the topic like crazy and discovered a whole community of people with the same problem as mine; varying by people with just irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis, which is what I had. Suddenly my favourite things were now my enemies.

One of the other things I inherited from my Norwegian side was blonde eyelashes.  Eyeliners and mascaras would seem okay at first, until the morning after when I would wake up with swollen and itchy eyelids.  Hair dye had been taken from me, but I wasn’t about to give up on long black eyelashes too.  That’s where Sommer from Flirt Custom Lashes comes in.  The allergy-ridden girl’s best friend!!!  Sommer gave me lash extensions, using medical-grade adhesive, something she has become licensed to administer.  I had gotten eye-lash extensions in the past before a trip to Mexico at a nail salon (this was my first mistake- apparently I make a lot of those…?!?), which resulted in tears, “tranny” lashes, and eventually a loss of my own lashes.  I was reluctant to try again, but with my allergy to cosmetics, what’s a girl to do?  I contacted Sommer and the rest is history!  I also use Sommer’s Extreme Lash Mascara and have no problems whatsoever.  Two years later I still see Sommer on a bi-weekly basis and should I ever move across the world, I’m moving Sommer with me. 

There are a lot of lies out there in the cosmetic world; “hypoallergenic”- a word not regulated by the FDA and can be used without validation on any product, “natural” which simply means there is use of plant or animal derived ingredients (the product I used to dye my hair when I wound up in the hospital was “natural”), “fragrance-free” which can still contain small amounts of fragrance to mask the scent of chemicals, and “non-comedogenic” which means nothing more than it will not clog your pores. It’s not easy to decipher what will and will not cause problems for someone who deals with sensitivities and reactions to various products.  I went through all of the trials and tribulations to find what works for me, but if I can save you the time and swollen eyelids, go see Sommer if you have any issues with products or dyes. You don’t have to give up on, what I would consider, the most fun part about being a girl just because you have allergies! “


Burlington’s Newest “Lash Lady”

It’s been a fantastic year for Flirt Custom Lash so far, with the Mississauga/Brampton location in full swing and bookings done 3 weeks in advance attention turned to the Burlington location. Housed out of the lower level of Julie’s Spa, my client base in Burlington grew until Vicky (the amazing lady who keeps me organized in Burlington) came to me and said ” You have a good problem, you are now booked for the next 4 weeks solid ).Ok ! time for a back up plan . . . introducing Katie Rathbun as Flirt Custom’s newest ‘lash lady’. I am no longer introduced at parties of clients as me “Sommer Dunsmuir” instead I am their “lash lady” and now Katie will be too.

As a true lash junkie herself Katie understands the need for instant glam better than anyone. She started as a client just under 2 years ago and due to the magnitude of her lash addiction I started seeing her every 2 weeks regardless if she needed a relash or not. The training process was a easy one for her and I think she surprised me and herself at how quickly she picked up on the design and application of the extensions.

I can be a bit of nut when it comes to my business – service, design and integrity are the corner stones of my little lash studio. That being said I would only allow the very best to lash clients ( and I don’t just mean in respects to application). Katie is a wonderful addition to the team and I’m so excited to have her on board !!


Eyelash Extensions in the GTA – HEEEYYYY !

Flirt Custom Lash Studio is all over the west GTA including Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington. How do all of this awesomeness happen you ask ? I spend 3 days a week (Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays) making the city of Burlington lashy. Alot of my client base in Burlington actually come Oakville and Hamilton as well as Burlington itself. The other days of the week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) I am at the Brampton/Mississauga studio. Because this location is right on the border of Brampton it serves the Mississauga area as well as Brampton, Georgetown and Milton. I think I can safely say that Flirt Custom Lash has the longest hours of operation in the business. We are open everyday from 9:30 am until 11 pm and it hasn’t been unheard of to find me with tweezers in hand right past midnight. I love gettin’ lashy with it and I have the best clients on the planet !!!!!!!


Flirt Lash Extensions at the Beauty Board

Ever wonder what I’m doing when your eyes are closed and you’re at my mercy ?? Well, THIS is what I’m doing!


It’s come down to this . . . .

WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these pics are the real deal taken by me of a lash stylist that said she was certified and using a single strand “non-damaging” system.

It’s a sad day when you realise you can no longer trust the work by others in your industry and trust me the eyelash extension industry in the GTA is a small one. Up until recently, I have never minded relashing the work of other stylists as long as the work is single strand and done by another Xtreme Lashes stylist it should never be a problem. After all,we are all trained in the same way, use the same product and are held to the same standard right ?.  Nope, I guess I was wrong . . . .and this makes me so sad for many reasons. We are all trained under a single strand principle meaning: 1 natural eyelash receives 1 extension. I’ve said this hundreds of times, I will never apply a semi, cluster or multiple as we are taught to maintain the integrity of the hair. It seems that too many lash stylists that SAY they are certified and SAY they are using a single strand system must have fallen asleep in class. What is happening to unsuspecting clients thinking they got lucky by paying less but getting a lash professional sickens me. Why am I making a big deal about this ? because if you had next to no eyelashes left due to someone else’s carelessness you would be upset too. Here’s the scenerio that has become all too frequent in my studio: a client calls and wants a relash done on an exisiting set of lashes. First I ask “is this a single strand system?”. If the client answers “Yes”  I will usually follow that question by asking if the stylist was Xtreme Lashes and if the answer to that is also yes I will book the relash. So the client arrives and as soon as I see them I know without having to have them lie down – there is no way that is a single strand system. So I have the job of breaking the news to them and most times I also now have the job of telling them their lashes are very badly damaged. So of course now this situation has become awkward  . . . even though it wasn’t my work to begin with, I am the bearer of bad news. To keep it polite, let’s just say after delivering that tidbit I am no longer on their Christmas card list.



Here’s the part I REALLY don’t like  . . . . . I will now no longer be lashing the work of other stylists unless I am very familiar with the quality and will not have to upset some poor person because a job wasn’t done correctly. Here’s the deal, if you don’t like using a single strand system because it’s tedious or the product is too expensive then don’t use it. BBBBBBUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!! don’t tell your client that is what your using and then continue to apply terrible product over and over again until they are almost bald. Just please don’t  . . . it’s devastating to people to know that the hair is beyond repair and might have to resort to strip lashes everyday until their hair grows back.


Ummmmm I thought they would be thicker ?

Like most beauty based small businesses, a lot of my new clients come from referrals from current clients. 95 % of the time this is AWESOME and I love meeting friends and family of my client base. Sometimes my current client has lots of natural hair to work with leading to a really full outcome. This can lead to my new client being disappointed with their results after the application is complete if they do not have the same amount of hair growth as their friend or family member. It is important to remember that with a SINGLE STRAND system we can only enhance what is already existing. Meaning, that if you have lots of natural eyelash hair, you will have lots of extensions added to the available adult hair. On the flip side  . . . if you do not have much hair to work with from the beginning than your look will not be as full as someone who has more hair than you. Either way, the result will be exactly as promised – it will look like you are wearing fabulous mascara that doesn’t wash off or run. Any certified lash stylist will only lash the available adult hair, leaving the immature hair growth alone. Our primary concern is the long term health of the eyelash hair and we will not do anything to harm it. Clusters, semi’s or multiples provide a fuller look for those with sparse lash growth but at what cost ?. The cost is damage to the natural hair and the heartache of waiting for it to grow back.