Am I Too Old For Lashes?

Too many women have said they are too old for eyelash extensions, even if ONE woman has said it, that’s one too many. No one is too old to keep it pulled together. Part of being a woman is feeling like a woman, taking care of ourselves regardless of how old we are is an entitlement not a privilege. In fact, eyelash extensions are PERFECT for ladies that are on the other side of menopause. The eyelashes are lighter in colour, thinner than they used to be and sometimes eyesight isn’t what is used to be.

Mascara is necessary to keep the eyes from disappearing into the face. 40% of the client base at FCL Burlington is over 55 years of age, waking up made up without the hassle of mascara. One of our Burlington clients had us dying laughing:

“Why wouldn’t I get extensions? I can’t see my lashes without mascara and I can’t see where I’m putting the mascara without my glasses. But I can’t get the mascara on when I’m wearing my glasses! I show up every 3 weeks, lie down, have a nap and wake up looking even better than I ever could when I’m wearing my mascara”.

Amen to that! Too old to keep it cute?……NEEEEVVVEEERRR

Love & Lashes xo


Seasonal Allergies and Your Lashes

At this time of year, we get more calls about puffy red lids than we do any other time:

* Did you change your adhesive?

* I’ve never had a problem before, what did you change?

*OMG! do I have to stop getting my lashes done?

Seasonal allergy season is in full swing and reports are saying that this year has been the worst in years due to the heavy winter and the super wet conditions we’ve had. Some seasonal allergies show up in the nose, stuffy and runny — super attractive. Others show up in the eyes, watery itchy and begging for a good scratching. However most times, allergies show up along the lash line, puffy red and itchy.

It makes total sense that the immediate assumed culprit of the uncomfortable lid is the adhesive used in the application of the extensions. In fact, less than .5% of the total population can be allergic to the ingredients in CERTIFIED adhesive that is CDA and FDA approved. However, getting your lashes done during allergy season is the perfect storm leading to less than comfy lids. The lids are being messed with, releasing allergens housed in the mucous membranes (fancy talk), your body already is not  equipped to release antihistamine needed to calm things down. Added to that, as soon as you leave the lash room airborne little allergen buggers will settle along the lash line. The combination of all of it leads to red puffy lids that sometimes have a flakiness.

Here’s our advice:

#1.Take it easy..

#2. Rinse your eyes with fresh cool water as often as you can, your lashes are water resistant so let that work for you

#3.Some clients take an antihistamine like Benedryl before they come in for their appt, so it’s already in the system before the perfect storm starts. We’re lash doctors not medical doctors so no one is telling you to pop a pill here – thats up to you

#4.Keep up the fight for Instant Glam – allergy season doesn’t last forever.

Love & Lashes xo


Silk Extensions vs Mink Extensions


In “lash language” there are 4 types of extensions manufactured for lash studios for purchase to use in their application: Synthetics, Minks, Silks and Fur. Let’s address the easiest to explain first – fur….yup it’s single strand fur usually from a mink or fox. The jury is still out on how these strands are harvested. However, very few lash studios use real fur. They don’t hold the curl, make very little impact for the client and are expensive to purchase. I think this is where the confusion regarding Minks comes from, minks are the most common lash extension advertised. This Mink has nothing to do with the animal, they are in fact synthetic and made from plastic……so synthetic and Minks are one and the same.


(Full Set of Silk Single Strand Extensions)

Moving on, now we have Silk Single Strand extensions and Mink Single Stand Extensions (Silks and Minks). Minks are solid in manufacture, are very dark, they have a high shine and a sharp tip. They are heavy on the natural lash and if overused can cause damage. They’re overall appearance is not natural and while that isn’t isn’t cool with FCL many studios cater to those wanting a heavy look. Silks are the lightest of the offerings, hollow in manufacture, they have no shine and are not as dark as Minks. These are meant for long term use, meaning that because they are so light clients can continue to relash without worry about damage. For that reason alone, FCL only uses Single Strand Silks… getting lashy with it and keeping the hair healthy is the name of our lash game.

Loves and Lashes xo


Sun….Sand and Lashes

Winter is about to take up full time residence, so most of us are already thinking about make a quick exit for more cooperative temperatures. However regardless of the warm weather and chilly drinks, the question still remains. How can I wake up looking make up without it running down my face? Simple Answer: Single strand eyelash extensions……

Question: How long before I leave should I book to have my lashes done? …Answer: Book your appt the same week you leave, that way they are super fresh and you won’t go into your shedding cycle while you are away.

Question: Can I get them wet? …. Answer: Yup! They will stay put in both pool water and salt water

Question: How can I take care of them on vaca?…. Answer: Fluff them with a dry mascara wand and off you go

Question: How do I keep them clean? … Answer: As long as you are not dumping a bunch of make-up on them they will stay clean just by the water rinse when you shower.

Question: Will anyone know I have lash extensions on? ….Answer: Not unless you tell them flapper face.

So book the trip then book your lashes, leave all your eye make-up at home – besides you’ll need the extra room in your luggage for all your Duty Free finds 😉

Love and Lashes xo





The Ultimate Push Present


It’s with certainty that FCL has assisted in the making of babies by putting some “wiggle wiggle wiggle” in winks across the GTA. Waking up made up is the name of our lash game, now it seems that pregnant women are waaaayyyyyy ahead of us in that respect. More and more pregnant women are having eyelash extensions done prior to the birth of the baby. It totally makes sense! and why didn’t we think of it??, after giving birth mom and baby are the center of attention. Visitors are in and out, pics are being snapped and mom is exhausted. Appearing haggard in front of company…not cute, appearing on Facebook looking a hot mess….simply not an option. Lash extensions are safe for pregnant women as the adhesive is non toxic and we stock mucho pillows to keep little mama comfy. Because we are one of the only lash studios in Toronto that can cure instantly, pee pee breaks are totally fine. We get it (ummmm actually I don’t), pregnancy is less than comfortable particularly nearing the end. That being said, we always book an extra 30 mins for our” little mama to be’s” giving more than enough time to shift when needed.

So!!!!! Looks like” daddy’s to be” might want to get on board with the best push present ever, cause mama needs to look FIERCE when baby gets on board….

Love & Lashes



“I’m a Model Ya Know What I Mean”….

If you follow FCL anywhere online, you’ll often see that we shout out for lash models. After receiving some feedback saying that one lash model “expected” a full set we thought we should clarify the training process and what exactly a lash model is. We don’t offer training to any other aspiring lash artists other than employees of Flirt Custom Lash Studio. All artists are trained by Sommer, certified with Xtreme Lashes as a beginner and an advanced artist. Most recently, another certification was completed with in Volume Lashing through The Lash Bible. We don’t just hire anyone, customer service is #1, a client oriented mindset and a commitment to excellence what we need to see. After the L.I.T ( lashette in training) is hired, hours are spent with senior lash artists within FCL understanding cleanliness, infection control and the process in general. Training is like a slow moving train, we build on skills as they are understood and applied. By the time an L.I.T. is taking lash models he/she has the basics and has practiced on family and friends.

( Lynda as an L.I.T. after practicing she is now one of best lash artists in Toronto )

A lash model should never expect a full set of lashes unless they are spending time with a senior artist learning a new skill. A beginner lash model is given 2 hours to apply as many lashes as they can HOWEVER, the focus is on correct application. Clean lines without stickies, moving in the direction of the intended design and away from the lid. As the L.I.T. has more practice the level of comfortability grows and it’s very possible the model will leave with a full set. A model never pays for the application or materials used, and if they decide they really like the extensions but want a fuller look we are happy to complete the set with a senior artist for $50. So in short, the model will receive a complete full set of single strand silk extensions for $50 regular cost is $150.00. We offer this as a thank-you to our lash models for helping our L.I.T.’s learn a new skill. Feedback is always always welcome but we ask that is done warmly as our lash ego’s can be fragile 😉

Love & Lashes xo



New Kids on the Block


So Flirt Custom Lash Studio has settled right into our new location at 777 Richmond St West. I’m always running around like a lunatic, not to mention I’m not the hippest creature that ever lived. Lovely Lynda keeps me in the know and was sooooo excited when she saw that Bitstrips was our neighbour across the hall. Of course I had no idea what she was talking about and had to Google to find out that they create instant comic strips starring you and your friends.

Lynda must be finding inspiration from our creative neighbours, her quality of work has always been good. However since the move into the Toronto market, her work has been OUTSTANDING. Creating texture in her designs using single strand silk extensions has become unique to her as a lash artist. With a natural eye for scale, she is using a mixture of curls, thicknesses and lengths.

Ladies all over Toronto are putting down they’re mascara, rolling out of bed in the morning 20 mins later and heading out the door looking like a million dollars!!!


FCL Toronto To The Rescue!

If it’s convenient (meaning you don’t need an appt) and it’s inexpensive then is must be the best thing ever right? Well, not in this case and thank heavens for Lynda at our FCL Toronto location at 777 Richmond St West, these clumps were painful and it wouldn’t have been a very Merry Christmas by any stretch. Here’s what Lynda’s client had to say about her experience with nail salon lashes:

“Notice that the BEFORE picture has clumps of lashes glued together… initial picture was taken after glue had already been removed, so is not a true representation of how bad they actually were.
When the lashes are clumped together, as they grow out at different levels (with different thicknesses/different strengths), the ones farthest from the “clump” become strays and are pulled sideways – horrible. The clumps also grow out and with their weight, grow downwards and poke your eyes; strays break or are pulled out by the glue clump and fall out – bald spots.
I did not realize there is such a science behind the application of lashes.
Lynda did my lashes Thursday. She painstakingly took time to remove the glue, while re-gluing individual silk lashes to each of my own. No clumping, no breakage. They will just naturally fall out with no harm to my own.
Moral of the story: Do your research before going to a lash technician. Don’t get caught with a person or place that wants only money — and won’t even fix a stray lash after one single week because she is afraid you will not go back the following week and pay her the $50 she charges for the “re-lash”.
Our moral of the story? If you want the job done right, you have to pay the right price to have a professional take care of you.




Our Dangerously Sweet Neighbour


On my first site visit to our new location in the Queen West area, I drove past this adorable little white shop on the corner of Queen St West. I wasn’t sure but I thought I saw giant Macaron’s hanging in the window. I know my pastries and can spot them at 100 yards – just ask my trainer. Anyway, I parked my car and hustled my bustle right over…I opened the front door and my nostrils were flaring like a horse (super attractive). I was standing in Nadege Patisserie at 780 Queen St West, I had heard of this glorious place but here it was less than 1 street from FCL Toronto. The place was buzzing and as it should be, the quality of the offerings are outstanding. The staff is warm and sooooooo patient, I couldn’t decide what I wanted and was overwhelmed with all the things I wanted to try. I settled on a macaron ( ok really it was more than one but sometimes my trainer reads my blog – Hi Kevin!! xoxo). These little suckers had a little bit of a crunch and then the sweetness ( just the right amount) melted on my tongue. A love affair was born, now everything I’m at the 777 Richmond St location – I leave myself just enough time to walk over to greet my new lova lova.



SURPRISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We’re not at all very good at keeping secrets but we’re celebrating something this weekend. This a been a CHORE keeping it under wraps but bear with us cause we’re about to totally spill the beans. To celebrate this thing happening that we can’t tell you about, we’re offering FULL SETS of FAB LASHES for 50 % off this week Nov 28, 29 and 30 only at our Toronto location 313 Queen St West Suite 204. Yes, you heard us correctly : $75 for a FULL SET of FAB SILK Lashes applied by the best professionals in the biz right before Christmas in the heart of Toronto. If ya didn’t love us before you might as well now cause this deal is hella awesome !!!!!