Toronto Heat

There is no other city that does summer in the city like Toronto does, well truth be told Toronto does every season well but summer is the best! You can’t swing a cat without hitting an outdoor patio, there is an event every weekend including the famous Pride Parade.

Ladies in the city prefer an easy make-up routine more in the summer than any other time (could be due to the humidity). Lash extensions go from a want to a need after the first sign of heat. Our regular lash addicts will certainly notice a change in their current 3 week relash schedule. Suddenly 3 weeks seems like 3 years and every time you turn around there’s an extension leaping to its death. No, we didn’t change our adhesive….your shedding doll. With the warm weather, hair growth kicks into high gear – regular sunlight (Vitamin D), more fresh food and possibly more red meat (BBQ’S) all combine to turn that hair over faster.

You have 2 options: Relash at 2 to 2.5 weeks to keep your lashes as full as your heels are high orrrrrrrrrr buckle down, be a brave girl and wait for your 3 week lash appt. You might want to schedule that sucker before you go cause missing it won’t be cute.

Love & Lashes xo



Hella Sexy Dope in Queen West

Just hanging out on Queen West makes you feel Hella Dope, the neighbourhood vibes with great independent restaurants, chic shops, the best cupcakes in the city and an appreciation of a cocktail or 5. Because FCL likes to be at the center of anything Dope, we of course opened this location right in the middle of Queen West. The purpose? taking Hella Dope and turning it into Hella SEXY Dope. Nothing makes you feel sexier than having a killer fringe around your eyes.

( One of FCL Toronto’s Clients with a full set)

This is area of of Toronto makes simple beauty hot, when you look around you notice that everyone looks fantastic HOWEVER no one is over the top glam. A calm cool casual beauty resonates, so of course we needed to make sure our studio reflected the vibe of the area…

( FCL Toronto Interior)

Putting the SEXY in Hella Sexy Dope at FCL Toronto 777 Richmond St West 1.855.721.7108

Love & Lashes


Toronto’s Best Kept Secret

Ladies in Toronto know how to work it! And know its all about the eyes, perfect brows can make the difference between looking like a million dollars and the hot mess express. Our friends at the The Brow House have paved the way to creating a beautiful frame for the eyes. So now that we have boombastic brows to frame the eyes, let’s create some wake up made up hotness.


Eyelash extensions at our Toronto studio, shower with them, swim, dance like no one is watching with them. Silk extensions applied one by one after a chatty chat with one of our Toronto Lashette’s about design.


(FCL Toronto Lashette Ashley)

FCL is different from other studios in that each application is catered to what is suited to your eye shape much like you’re professionally designed brows from The Brow House.


(FCL Toronto Lashette Lynda)

Located at the corner of Richmond and Niagara, 777 Richmond St West in the heart of Queen West…frame it up girls and then wake up made up.

With Love & Lashes



Who’s Who in the FCL Zoo


So you call a phone number to book an appt at one of the FCL locations, the phone is answered by Vicky. Then you arrive at one of the locations and someone else is doing your lashes, while doing your lashes the name Sommer is mentioned. Confusing much ???!!!… here’s the deal:

Flirt Custom Lash has 3 operating locations as of right now, Brampton (on the border of Mississauga), Burlington (south of the QEW) and Toronto (Queen West). In December when the Toronto location opened we installed a toll free phone number 1.855.721.7108 to ensure that the clients wouldn’t pay long distance to book. Vicky is FCL’s business manager, located out of the Burlington location. Vic is the lady that holds it all together, booking appointments, managing the calendars at all locations, trouble shooting and generally keeping us sane.

(Sommer (me) the owner of FCL sitting holding the GIANT FCL lips)

Sommer (me) is the owner of Flirt Custom, I started the business out of my home studio in Brampton in 2009. The Burlington location followed 1.5 years later and at end of 2013 the Toronto location opened. With the addition of the lashette’s, it only made sense to hand over the daily organization of the business to someone who could manage it full-time (Vicky) while I was with clients.

(The Lashette’s left to right: Shanelle, Lynda, Kayla and Ashley)

The Lashette’s work out of either the Burlington or Toronto shops, while I spend most of my time working out of my home studio in Brampton so I can hang with this guy!! :

(Porkchop – Photo Cred Buzzdog Studio’s)

So there you have it, the Who’s Who in the FCL Zoo….

Love & Lashes


“I’m a Model Ya Know What I Mean”….

If you follow FCL anywhere online, you’ll often see that we shout out for lash models. After receiving some feedback saying that one lash model “expected” a full set we thought we should clarify the training process and what exactly a lash model is. We don’t offer training to any other aspiring lash artists other than employees of Flirt Custom Lash Studio. All artists are trained by Sommer, certified with Xtreme Lashes as a beginner and an advanced artist. Most recently, another certification was completed with in Volume Lashing through The Lash Bible. We don’t just hire anyone, customer service is #1, a client oriented mindset and a commitment to excellence what we need to see. After the L.I.T ( lashette in training) is hired, hours are spent with senior lash artists within FCL understanding cleanliness, infection control and the process in general. Training is like a slow moving train, we build on skills as they are understood and applied. By the time an L.I.T. is taking lash models he/she has the basics and has practiced on family and friends.

( Lynda as an L.I.T. after practicing she is now one of best lash artists in Toronto )

A lash model should never expect a full set of lashes unless they are spending time with a senior artist learning a new skill. A beginner lash model is given 2 hours to apply as many lashes as they can HOWEVER, the focus is on correct application. Clean lines without stickies, moving in the direction of the intended design and away from the lid. As the L.I.T. has more practice the level of comfortability grows and it’s very possible the model will leave with a full set. A model never pays for the application or materials used, and if they decide they really like the extensions but want a fuller look we are happy to complete the set with a senior artist for $50. So in short, the model will receive a complete full set of single strand silk extensions for $50 regular cost is $150.00. We offer this as a thank-you to our lash models for helping our L.I.T.’s learn a new skill. Feedback is always always welcome but we ask that is done warmly as our lash ego’s can be fragile ūüėČ

Love & Lashes xo



Poppin’ Bottles in Queen West!


Last Wednesday we were on and poppin’ at our new Toronto location in Trinity Bellwoods, we’re one block south of the HOTTEST area’s of the city. When Steph from BlushPretty suggested we needed a larger location we quickly (like in seconds) totally agreed with her. She and Elaine searched the city for an addy deserving of our beautiful client base, there were a few losers to say the least. But then the email came through with a Trinity Bellwoods address – 777 Richmond St West. We share the GORGEOUS space with The BlushPretty team, with 2 entrance doors both businesses can operate within the studio.

Lovely Lashing Lynda originally trained and working out of the FCL Burlington location at 520 Guelph Line will be working her magic out of the FCL Toronto space. We’re super proud of Lynda, she has grown into a true lash professional and decided that this shop is just the right location to showcase her talent.

If you’re looking to get lashy with it, give us a holler 1.855.721.7108 or book online.



Eat your Veggies doll . . .

” I want my lashes to be thick like yours ” and “Is all that hair yours ?”, two of the statements I hear all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE compliments so keep’em coming. However, because I think that there really shouldn’t be beauty secrets. I’m going to share with you ONE of my hair growth secrets . . . Leafy Green Vegetables – Straight Up. I know what your thinking, your lash extensions look super thick because you like spinach ?. Well kinda, leafy green vegetables are packed with B Vitamins and are an excellent source of iron. Are they my absolute fav ?? hecks no !! if Champagne was going to make my hair and lashes thicker I would be a much happier bitch. Instead, my daily routine includes almost an entire container of spinach a day. Most mornings I make a shake with 4 cups of baby spinach included with a whole bunch of other goodness.

Kale is also part of my day, I can’t think about eating Kale that has been cooked – gross doesn’t even begin to describe it. I always eat it raw after softening it with some walnut oil, lemon and sea salt. Again, it isn’t a bottle of bubbly but it keeps the lashes growing so I keep eating it. I had 2 clients last month who have been with me since the beginning. Both of them had thinning lashes and little regrowth. I pointed it out and busted them for not eating their veggies, both agreed to bump up their eating habits in the name of lash extensions. Last week when they came for their relashes, their hair was replenished and healthy. Increasing their greens, drinking more water and taking a GOOD multi vitamin had worked its magic in 3 weeks. When the family doctor tells us to eat our green veggies, it goes in one ear and out the other. When your lash lady tells you to eat your veggies or you’ll need to take a break until the hair is healthy ¬†. . . Now that’s serious business and that ain’t no lie.


This Girl is on Fire !

Flirt Custom Lash Studio is coming to Toronto – finally, we’ve been getting lashy with it in Brampton for 3 years and in Burlington for 2 years. It only makes sense to open up in such a concentrated area of the GTA. In fact, FCL made a brief appearance ¬†at the Blush Pretty studio a little over 2 years ago. At the time, I was working out of Brampton 5 days a week, Burlington 1 day a week and then Toronto 1 day a week. This totally wasn’t working, I was exhausted and driving all over like a looney. It was time to expand, I hired Tanis in Burlington over a year ago. We had known each other for a few years because Tanis is a self professed lash junkie. Burlington became busier and so we needed another Lashette, I hollered on Facebook, spoke to all my clients, prayed to the heavens and finally posted an ad on Kiiji. It must have been the combination of prayers and a timely placed ad that encouraged the Lovely Lynda to respond with her resume.

I liked her the moment we met, I got the sense that she truly understand my brand and how important it was to me. It is often suggested that I should “franchise”, after I explain that isn’t my business model and that is met with more pressure to franchise. I simply say ” would you leave your child with a babysitter you didn’t know ?? ” Well, that’s how I feel about leaving my brand with someone I don’t know or trust. When Lynda approached me about opening the Toronto location at 313 Queen St West, I knew right away that this totally made sense. I trust her with my baby and it’s new location, I saw one of her regular clients yesterday and this is what she had to say :

I have been a client of Linda’s at Flirt, since June of 2013.¬† Not only is she personable, and friendly, she is amazing at her job as a lash artist. I never could have imagined having gorgeous naturally curled, long lashes. As crazy as it sounds, its like a dream come true. Working in the styling industry,¬† I have seen a fair share of lash extensions, and am fully confident that Linda does the finest work. ¬†If you are an eyelash fanatic like I once was, look¬†no further, you wont find anything better then Flirt.¬† Nothing but the highest recommendation! My lashes are amazing, and I am a client for life! ” – Lindsay¬†
So there’s so much to be grateful for with the launch of the 313 Queen St W little glam shop. And because we wanted you have something to be grateful for we’re offering full sets for 50 % off ( reg $150) is now $75 for Oct 17 th, 18 th and 19 th . . . don’t thank me, Lynda wanted you to have the gift of Instant Glam cause she knows you deserve it.
Smooches !! xxoo 

Thats the best !

If you’ve booked with FCL before, we go through the whole conversation ( mostly one sided ) about pre-appointment instructions. Everything is fine until we would say ” and it’s best to wash your hair before you come because you won’t be able to get them wet for 24 hours “. Usually this is met with dead silence, sometimes a small gasp escapes, often the booked appointment is then changed to a different day or time and finally ladies have cancelled their booking. We get it, washing your hair daily is a biggy for a lot of women and really if given the choice between a date with Instant Glam with the potential of a greasy scalp OR fresh clean hair ¬†. . . we don’t blame you for choosing shiny locks.

How much would you love us if we told you that you no longer have to choose and can have both shiny hair AND instant Glam ??? Well you must love us lots cause Brampton, Burlington and Toronto beauties can wash their hair right away !!!! Wake up made up and clean hair ASAP ¬†. . . that’s the best.



That’s Just Rude !

The Little Glam Shop in Burlington opened 7 days a week at the beginning of July, we thought Beauty didn’t stop so why would we ?? Visions of convenient lash extensions offered to Burlington beauties on Sundays danced in our heads. It seemed that ladies loved the idea of getting gorgeous on Sundays as the phone rang off the hook with bookings. Appointments were made and then confirmed by Vicky a few days prior to the Sunday appointment. The booking was confirmed and the day was booked solid ¬†. . . A waiting list of ladies in need of lashes has been compiled. Lynda arrives for the day ready to rock, and someone pulls a no show. Whats a no show ? An appointment that has been confirmed for the date and time but fails to cancel or let us know they are not able to make it. Stuff happens and we get it but in the event that stuff didn’t happen and a decision was made not to arrive then that’s just rude !

It’s a trickle down affect . . . Lynda is waiting and becomes concerned that something has happened. I ¬†( the owner ) gets a phone call about the failed appointment and then I become concerned that something has happened. The people on the waiting list lose because they would have liked to get lashy with it but can’t because the spot was taken and they can’t make it at the very very last minute. And finally the person who didn’t show up loses because the studio has a 24 hour cancellation policy and if in the future they are in need of our lashyness we won’t book them. It’s kind of like standing someone up on a blind date – how do you know they weren’t a smoke show and the beginning of your next love affair ??!!


Here Comes The Bride AND . . . She’s Getting a Discount !!

You’re getting married and we’re so excited for you !!!! Lash extensions have become so popular among brides for numerous reasons. Many of which being that once they have been applied they are fuss free, a lifting strip lash caught on camera is just not hot. For brides choosing a destination wedding, eyelash extensions are a MUST have. The bride is hanging around the pool in the heat with her nearest and dearest, she wants to look pulled together but not over done. Most destination brides use a little eyeliner, lip gloss and cultivated tan as their wedding day look. Our Brampton and Burlington brides that are staying local have TONS of events prior to the wedding and the lash extensions are an investment in Bridal Glam AND efficiency.

We’re soooooooooooooo excited for you doll and as our gift we are offering brides 15 % off a full set at both our Brampton and Burlington locations ( $125.00 reg $150.00 ). You can book for Brampton at 647.402.8894 and Burlington at 905.333.0880, we’re still located on the lower level of Julies Spa on Guelph Line.

We can’t wait to be part of your perfect day !!!!!!!!!! ¬†XXOO


It’s Getting Hot in Here !!

Summer took it’s sweet time getting here but it’s here and lawdy it is hot !!!! Finding ways to beat the heat and take off anything that isn’t needed makes sense to us. Taking all your clothes off is generally frowned upon when leaving your home . . . some people are just prudes. If you can’t take the layer of clothes off your body, then you’ll have to resort to taking the layers of make-up off of your face right ?? Take it off lady !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Likely you have a little sun on your face despite your best efforts to avoid it and if not brush a little bronzer ( NARS Laguna is our absolute fav ! ), slap on some gloss and get your lashes done. A little bit of effort goes a LONG way for effortless summertime beauty . . .




Stay Pretty in Burlington 7 Days a Week !

Doll if you’re like us you have TONS on the go and getting GLAM can be stressful ! We totally get it and because we love you, we want to make this easier for you. Flirt Custom Lash Studio in Burlington in now open 7 DAYS A WEEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right doll, we are now open Sundays from 11 am to 7 pm. If Sundays don’t work for you then there’s 6 more days too.

Glamour just doesn’t stop . . . So why would we ?? Still located on the lower level of Julie’s Spa 520 Guelph Line in Burlington. Wake up looking made-up 905.333.0880 . . . Stay FIERCE honey.



How do I get my eye make-up off ??

“How do I get my eye make-up off ??”, I get this question tons and it really speaks to the overall care of your extensions. If we’re talking about eye shadow, liner etc then the simple answer is : Oil free eye make-up remover and a Q-Tip, the Q-Tips from the Dollar Store seem to work best as they have very little lint. Most women use make-up rounds or wipes to remove their make-up, still a great option for the face but it’s not a good idea to use them to remove liner etc. The little fibers from the make-up rounds or wipes can get caught in the extensions and now you have fluffies ( seems like the best word to describe them ) stuck and try as you might to get them out with a dry mascara wand, they won’t budge. So to avoid the “fluffy” look, grab a Q-Tip and dip it into an oil free make-up remover. Gently run the moist Q-Tip over the eye lid to take everything off without disturbing the extension.

See !! it’s as easy as that ¬†. . .


Happy Lashing Elf’s !!

Christmas season is here and the studio’s in Brampton and Burlington are in full swing . . . tweezers are on fire with creative energy. This week some of my clients reasons for Christmas GLAM surprised and delighted me. One of my clients thinks her BF of 4 years will pop the big question under the mistletoe – I hope so !!!!!!!! because then we get to lash her for her wedding. Another client has such a busy social calendar over the next few weeks that the thought of eye make-up everyday just exhausts her ( we feel you sister, it ain’t a party unless a glamourpuss is in attendance ). A beautiful new client came to see me because this was the first Christmas without her mom and she wanted a little pick me up. Of course we took the glamour up 10 points and she left here feeling great and knew had her mom been here for Christmas she would have loved her new look. Take a look at some of this weeks beauties ! :

( Hello Gorgeous !!!!!!! )

( Inner beauty is very important but outer beauty can’t hurt right ? )

( Curls, Curls and more Curls ! )


A FABULOUS Combination

If you haven’t been to Julie’s Spa in Burlington for your beauty services then you are missing out ! It’s located South of the QEW and has tons of parking ¬†. . . let’s face it Burlington beauties should not be climbing over snow banks in the middle of winter whilst wearing heels. ¬† You name it Julie’s Spa has it :Waxing, facials, mai/pedi’s ( of course you only deserve the best so only OPI polish and OPI gel is used ). Making sure to stay current, there is a dermal therapist on site offering Microdermabrasion etc. A doctor operates out of the spa providing Botox and fillers ( Shhhhhh . . . your fresh new face is our little secret ). And then there’s LASHES ! Flirt Custom Lash Studio has been operating out of the lower level of Julie’s Spa for ages and the combination of the 2 businesses is FABULOUS !!!! Check out Julie’s new website – you’ll be so glad you did ¬†. . . FYI ladies the prices at the spa are the best in Burlington.


Am I going to lose my own lashes ?

“Am I going to lose my own lashes ?”, I get this question TONS !!!!!! and when I answer this I always give the good news, the bad news and the simple facts. Here is goes :

The Good News: If you have your extensions done by a CERTIFIED lash stylist then NO NO NO  . . . you will not experience any damage to your natural lashes. Only the adult lash receives an extension and the others are left alone. Eyelashes grow in different stages, think of them like baby hair, teenage hair and adult hair. If the baby and teenager hair is left alone it gives them a opportunity to mature into adult hair. If you choose to relash the extensions to maintain them then again adult hair is used. If you decide that you no longer want to the extensions then they will grow out and your hair remains intact.

The Bad News : To have an application done correctly you are not going to be able to cut corners and save a couple bucks. A CERTIFIED lash stylist has gone through extensive training and is always upgrading his/her skills. We always use the best products on the market and trust me – they don’t come cheap. This is why you are paying more to have the service done by a professional. More bad news, most times if the service is super cheap then it’s safe to say the person doing the application is not a true lash stylist and might be using a toxic product around your eyes.

The Facts: Lash extensions are not for everyone, it’s one of those services that you love or hate. This has nothing to do with pain and allergy but more to do with personal preference. The idea that your habits when around the eyes has to change in order to avoid damaging the extensions doesn’t work for everyone. Also, these suckers require maintenance and some people just don’t have time to keep them up. Because eyelashes grow at the speed of light compared to the rest of your hair on the body ( a cycle is complete within 35 to 40 days ) your new lashy look will need to be kept up if you love them to look like they did the first time you had them done.


Commitment Issues

Haven’t we all heard ” I’m not ready for a commitment ” ? that phrase strikes dread in the heart of most of us. This time having commitment issues it totally o.k. and no one ends up with a potential smack in the face. I’m often asked ” what if I don’t want my extensions anymore, is this something I will always have to do ?”. I’m a big believer in that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to ¬† . . . maybe not the best advice in life. Anyways, the answer to that is NO, if you decide that you no longer want your lash extensions you don’t have to keep them. Of course a lot of my clients are lash junkies ( much like myself ) and I see them on a regular schedule for maintenance. However there are a series of other clients whom I only see a few times a year for vacation lashes. Another group of clients I see from May to Oct on a regular schedule for wedding season ( these poor people are attending a wedding or something related EVERY weekend ). At the same time I see a TON of brides that I see once for prior to the big day.

This is how it works: The lashes are applied to adult lashes only and hang out there looking FAB. Within a few weeks you would be due for a relash BUT if you decide you’ve had enough and your breaking up with your extensions they will just grow off. Because we have only touched adult hair, the baby hair has grown into adults and is healthy underneath ( more accurate is in between ) the lashes that have extensions on them. These babies move with your natural hair growth cycle so once the cycle is complete none of the extensions remain. If you decide you want closure on your break up and want them off right away we can use a remover to gently and safely remove the extensions. In the hundreds and hundreds of applications done at Flirt Custom that has only been requested 3 times. Most clients are fine to grow the extensions off, as the lashes look more sparse clients are using their regular mascara on them. Almost all mascaras purchased at the retail level have oil in them, oil will affect the adhesive and the lashes will come of within a short time.




Six Figure Style

Saturday Sept 22 nd I hosted the 2 nd annual Flirt Custom Lash Studio client appreciation party at Brass Bombshells in Burlington. The shin dig was all about GLAMOUR so of course I needed to look my very best. I typically clean up well but this was a whole new ball game and I needed to pull out the big guns. Like any entrepreneur, I try to surround myself with other like minded professionals who are the top of their game in their respective fields. In the world of styling TAMIKA AUWAI the founder of Shop Socials¬†, is the best in the biz, she is a bounty hunter of style. Meeting on a Sunday at Yorkdale Mall,¬† I brought my BFF Nykki for support. I know that you are going to find this shocking but I hate shopping at the mall, I find the selections overwhelming and the sizing upsetting. I’m late ( ¬†which means, I’m sweating and pissed at myself for taking the Q.E.W ). Tamika is cool as a cucumber and waiting for us with a big smile and an armful of dresses that I would have NEVER picked out for myself. The look on my face must have said it all as both Tamika and Nykki insisted I tried things on before I decided I hated it. We take one more whirlwind around the store, Tamika has grabbed a white sparkly number with a peplum skirt ¬†. . . I am certain at this point that she has lost her mind. I want to crawl right back into my comfort zone of a black designer wrap dress and accent shoes. Now I’m standing in the change room and decide I am going to try the sparkly number first to prove that this lady has lost her ever loving mind – did I mention she grabbed a size SMALLER than I would have dreamed of wearing. All of this is sizing up to be a messy tear filled endeavor, on the dress goes ¬†. . . and the zipper goes up. I fling the door open to show them that this looks like hell, both ladies gasp ” OMG ! I love it ” What ? I turn around around and look in the mirror, surprise surprise there I stand white sparkly and peplumed and I look great !!!!!!. My confidence in this process continues to build as everything Tamika has selected fits, looks great and is totally out of my comfort zone. Each styling has a different feel as Tamika explains and requires different support garment. I didn’t expect to have a hard time deciding which one I wanted, I expected to have to settle on something I kind of liked.

( Dress BCBG The Bay $348, Shoes Sam Edelman Ebay NWB $48, Earrings Bansri Rose Quartz Hautelook.com $37 )

I decided to go with an “investment piece” as Tamika explained to me that this dress can be paired with a blazer for one kind of feel, a jean jacket for another kind of feel. I was suddenly excited about this party because I was “balling” with my ” Six Figure Style”. The greatest part of all of this other than my FAB dress etc, is the self confidence that seeing myself outside of my comfort zone and loving it – Thank-you Tamika for that – it’s the lift I needed. Ever said ” I know what looks good on me so I’m sticking with it “, sister you might be wrong, holla at Tamika and hang on for the ” Six Figure Style” ride of your glamour life.


Not hot !!

( Full set on the right , no extensions on the left . . .  seamless application)


As I have always said, single strand eyelash extensions are very natural. Of course they will length and volume but they will never look like you should heading to the club in the middle of the afternoon. If the application is done well ( and of course at Flirt Custom that is always the case) others will not be able to tell that these are not yours. Eyebrows will raise and some people in your life will wonder what’s different about you. But never will they holler out ” Did you get lash extensions !!! “. Ladies ¬†. . . this is what you want, it is not hot to look like you are heading to the bar on a Sunday afternoon. Less really is more, use less dark eye shadow or high light with a pretty shimmer on the lid and watch these babies POP !. If you are wearing a lot of dark eye shadow, the extensions can get lost and the impact isn’t as great. Make’em guess at what your beauty secret is ¬†. . .


Burlington’s Newest “Lash Lady”

It’s been a fantastic year for Flirt Custom Lash so far, with the Mississauga/Brampton location in full swing and bookings done 3 weeks in advance attention turned to the Burlington location. Housed out of the lower level of Julie’s Spa, my client base in Burlington grew until Vicky (the amazing lady who keeps me organized in Burlington) came to me and said ” You have a good problem, you are now booked for the next 4 weeks solid ).Ok ! time for a back up plan . . . introducing Katie Rathbun as Flirt Custom’s newest ‘lash lady’. I am no longer introduced at parties of clients as me “Sommer Dunsmuir” instead I am their “lash lady” and now Katie will be too.

As a true lash junkie herself Katie understands the need for instant glam better than anyone. She started as a client just under 2 years ago and due to the magnitude of her lash addiction I started seeing her every 2 weeks regardless if she needed a relash or not. The training process was a easy one for her and I think she surprised me and herself at how quickly she picked up on the design and application of the extensions.

I can be a bit of nut when it comes to my business – service, design and integrity are the corner stones of my little lash studio. That being said I would only allow the very best to lash clients ( and I don’t just mean in respects to application). Katie is a wonderful addition to the team and I’m so excited to have her on board !!


Lashing Brides !


One of my  beautiful brides sent me some of her wedding pics  . . . check out her lashes РGORGEOUS !

Bridal season is HERE !!!!!!!!!!!! this is the time of the year that those of us in the bridal services industry (make-up artist, hair artist, lash stylists ect) go into “lock down”. My friends at¬†Blush Pretty¬†have been in bridal “lock down” for weeks. Gone are running errands in between appointments or having lunch with your fav person. Eyelash extensions have become a great option for many brides and after the bride gets them done it’s only a matter of time before I hear from a member of the bridal party. There isn’t a bride on the planet that wants to pull a “Snooki” on the big day. On a hot day filled with stress and activity there’s a chance strip lashes can lift and this little upset has nothing to do with the make up artist that applies them. There you are as the bride in front of everyone that is important to you and your lashes are waving at the crowd ¬†. . . .NIGHTMARE !!!!!!!!!!!!

I try not to apply a full set of lashes on a bride the day before the wedding especially if this is the first time they have tried extensions. It has nothing to do with the extensions lasting or the overall look. Instead, trying a new beauty service the day before the wedding is stressful for everyone involved. I’m stressed as the stylist because I want to make sure that the lashes are everything my client was hoping for. The client is stressed because she has never had these in most cases and doesn’t know what to expect. I always advise that the bride come to get her first full set 3 to 4 weeks before the ceremony and then return for a “relash” a few days before the wedding day. In this way the lashes will be lush and fresh for the wedding day. Let’s face it “Snooki” has no place at anyone’s wedding ceremony unless she’s coming with Pauly D or maybe that’s just me.



Eyelash Extensions in the GTA – HEEEYYYY !

Flirt Custom Lash Studio is all over the west GTA including Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington. How do all of this awesomeness happen you ask ? I spend 3 days a week (Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays) making the city of Burlington lashy. Alot of my client base in Burlington actually come Oakville and Hamilton as well as Burlington itself. The other days of the week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) I am at the Brampton/Mississauga studio. Because this location is right on the border of Brampton it serves the Mississauga area as well as Brampton, Georgetown and Milton. I think I can safely say that Flirt Custom Lash has the longest hours of operation in the business. We are open everyday from 9:30 am until 11 pm and it hasn’t been unheard of to find me with tweezers in hand right past midnight. I love gettin’ lashy with it and I have the best clients on the planet !!!!!!!


It’s come down to this . . . .

WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these pics are the real deal taken by me of a lash stylist that said she was certified and using a single strand “non-damaging” system.

It’s a sad day when you realise you can no longer trust the work by others in your industry and trust me the eyelash extension industry in the GTA is a small one. Up until recently, I have never minded relashing the work of other stylists as long as the work is single strand and done by another Xtreme Lashes stylist it should never be a problem. After all,we are all trained in the same way, use the same product and are held to the same standard right ?. ¬†Nope, I guess I was wrong . . . .and this makes me so sad for many reasons. We are all trained under a single strand principle meaning: 1 natural eyelash receives 1 extension. I’ve said this hundreds of times, I will never apply a semi, cluster or multiple as we are taught to maintain the integrity of the hair. It seems that too many lash stylists that SAY they are certified and SAY they are using a single strand system must have fallen asleep in class. What is happening to unsuspecting clients thinking they got lucky by paying less but getting a lash professional sickens me. Why am I making a big deal about this ? because if you had next to no eyelashes left due to someone else’s carelessness you would be upset too. Here’s the scenerio that has become all too frequent in my studio: a client calls and wants a relash done on an exisiting set of lashes. First I ask “is this a single strand system?”. If the client answers “Yes” ¬†I will usually follow that question by asking if the stylist was Xtreme Lashes and if the answer to that is also yes I will book the relash. So the client arrives and as soon as I see them I know without having to have them lie down – there is no way that is a single strand system. So I have the job of breaking the news to them and most times I also now have the job of telling them their lashes are very badly damaged. So of course now this situation has become awkward ¬†. . . even though it wasn’t my work to begin with, I am the bearer of bad news. To keep it polite, let’s just say after delivering that tidbit I am no longer on their Christmas card list.



Here’s the part I REALLY don’t like ¬†. . . . . I will now no longer be lashing the work of other stylists unless I am very familiar with the quality and will not have to upset some poor person because a job wasn’t done correctly. Here’s the deal, if you don’t like using a single strand system because it’s tedious or the product is too expensive then don’t use it. BBBBBBUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!! don’t tell your client that is what your using and then continue to apply terrible product over and over again until they are almost bald. Just please don’t ¬†. . . it’s devastating to people to know that the hair is beyond repair and might have to resort to strip lashes everyday until their hair grows back.


Ummmmm I thought they would be thicker ?

Like most beauty based small businesses, a lot of my new clients come from referrals from current clients. 95 % of the time this is AWESOME and I love meeting friends and family of my client base. Sometimes my current client has lots of natural hair to work with leading to a really full outcome. This can lead to my new client being disappointed with their results after the application is complete if they do not have the same amount of hair growth as their friend or family member. It is important to remember that with a SINGLE STRAND system we can only enhance what is already existing. Meaning, that if you have lots of natural eyelash hair, you will have lots of extensions added to the available adult hair. On the flip side ¬†. . . if you do not have much hair to work with from the beginning than your look will not be as full as someone who has more hair than you. Either way, the result will be exactly as promised – it will look like you are wearing fabulous mascara that doesn’t wash off or run. Any certified lash stylist will only lash the available adult hair, leaving the immature hair growth alone. Our primary concern is the long term health of the eyelash hair and we will not do anything to harm it. Clusters, semi’s or multiples provide a fuller look for those with sparse lash growth but at what cost ?. The cost is damage to the natural hair and the heartache of waiting for it to grow back.


Salt Water ? No Problem

Here’s an interesting fact: A lot of my current regular clients started as vacationers looking to pull together their look while taking it easy in the tropics or shooting down the hills. There seems to be a misconception that salt water will eat away at the bond of the extension. The answer to that question is pure and simple – NOPE ¬†. . . your extensions are just fine in the salt water. Tons of my clients dive and snorkel with these babies and emerge from the sea like beautiful streak free mermaids (I could be pushing it here). However the fact remains that lashes are suited for vacations and really after sun block extensions should be next on your vacation “To Do” list.


Little Shop of Horrors :( !!!!!!!

I received a VERY upset phone call from a client last week ¬†. . . she needed to come in for an emergency removal right away. Removals are rare but with all the recent “deals” that are being offered on various collective buying sites, frantic phone calls about removals that need to happen NOW are becoming more and more frequent. Back to the lash junkie in need . . . not only did her lashes need to come off, her friend had gone and also had these little monsters applied. She sounded so upset, of course I told her to come in later on in the evening (9 pm was the earliest I could get them in) and I would remove both her lashes and her friends. While I was in the process of the removing the hot mess that this poor girl had on her eyes, she told me about her experience with the lash company that applied them. As a professional I was mortified, not only from what I saw and then removed from her eyes but the horror story I was hearing. After leaving, my new client sent me an email with the details in the hopes that no one else goes through what she (and her friend did). Here are all the deets (the name of the business has been take out), good lawd honey what a nightmare :

Deal junkies beware – eyelashes are not meant to be cheap. I am all for a great deal. Obviously, that’s what got me here! But eyelashes… Well…
$39 got me a “full set” from an eyelash extension business. I am into glam and glitz, and everything that being female stands for – so I was so much looking forward to this. I convinced my best friend to join in on the fun too. I called the business several times, either the phones were not being answered or a shady-like man would answer named kam(kem?). He said he was not allowed to book the appointments. What a terrible way to do business! Finally I convinced him I would like them done ASAP, he booked us in together and we were both stoked. We arrived to an area of Scarborough that was making us feel a tad unsure. The location was in a strip mall, next to a barber shop where several shady looking men were standing outside making derogatory comments to a woman who was smoking outside of the nail salon labeled “nails, lashes” or something similar. It sure looked like a nail salon to me. As we went inside kam greeted us. The girl outside smoking was one of the girls doing the lashes. He told her to wash her hands before she started and she gave him a funny look. I’m not sure if she ever did, I didn’t see it happen. My friend went into the “back room” so she actually got to lay in the bed where they do waxing. I had to sit in a chair. Where people get fake nails. My neck was SO sore. The lady who did them stood overtop of me and applied the lashes. The two women shared glue. Running in and out of each others rooms every time they needed more. Our eyes mere taped with masking tape, which was also shared. The glue was put on top of a rock that was also taped (easier to access ? I have no idea). My friend was finished in about 20 minutes. My appointment went about an hour or so. When I opened my eyes I looked like miss piggy. All the lashes were the same length which was in itself far too long. My friend didn’t even look like she had them. During the process I was interrupted so she could do a Brazilian on another lady.

In a nutshell – it was traumatizing. I came home and trimmed my lashes down in the hopes I would look less like miss piggy. There was slight improvement but it was all downhill from there. They hurt, they were itchy, and I was over it. The lashes were dreadlocked in with the glue, 3 or 4 lashes for each extension. It was becoming unbearable. I immediately googled legit lash places to have these removed – enter sommer. She is literally my hero! Although I was so Traumatized and told myself I would never do it again, I know now that may not be the case. Sommer restored my faith in lash extensions and I hope she will take me in as one of her own someday soon <3.

BOYCOTT EYELASH DEALS! In the name of beauty :)


Full set ? Half Set ? . . . I have no idea


This question comes up a lot . . . and for good reason, what the heck is the difference between at full set or a half set ?. I always explain it like this: a half set is a good place to start if eyelash extensions make you a little nervous. The application includes about 35 to 40 lashes per eye and the design goes from the outer corners all the way along the lash line to the inner corner closest to the nose. A half set is also a great option for ladies that just want a little “kick” to their lashes. Maybe they wear little to no make-up and mascara only on special occasions. A full set is a whole lotta FABULOUS and is meant for those that want to look like they are wearing crazy fantastic mascara all of the time. So how many lashes is that exactly ? That includes as many ADULT eyelashes as the client has . . . that could be any where from 80 to 120 lashes per eye. That is as many as most people have and it’s rare to find someone who has more adult lashes than that. Each ADULT lash receives an extension and the design is created based on the shape of the eye along with a few other factors.

In the end, almost all of the lashy ladies that start with a half set end up adding a few more each time they come for a relash. Like anything wonderful . . . you always want MORE !


Awesome . . . it doesn’t hurt but how long do they last ?

If you’ve spent any time around me during an event for Flirt Custom Lash Studio, you can also answer this question. I’m laughing here thinking about Lindsay Daw from Dawlface Make-Up Artistry. We did a Pretty Committee event at LA Fitness Oakville last week and after spending a few hours around me, she was answering this questions for emerging lash addicts. And here is the answer, there is in fact two answers to that question depending on how you end of feeling about your extensions. If you choose to maintain the extensions (relashing) every few weeks, the extensions will last indefinitely. As long as you return for regular maintenance your look will remain lush. How the heck does all this goodness happen ? Because the integrity of the hair is important to me, I only lash adult lashes leaving the immature alone and giving them a chance to grow into adults. On the other hand, if you decide that you no longer want to maintain them they will grow out in about 5 weeks or so. Anytime you hear the words “growing out” it leads to visions of bad hair cuts, perms gone bad or maybe lash extensions that were a horror show. Not this time ! this is a single strand system so as they grow out they look less and less full until one day you look in the mirror and they’re gone. Worst case scenario there might be one or two left in place and simply putting mascara on them will lift them right off. Remember honey ¬†. . . these babies require TLC and how long they last is directly related to how you take of them. Think of them like your fav purse or shoes, love them and they will love you back.


OMG ! I love them ! I want them ! Wait . . . does this hurt ??

I’ve had the opportunity to meet TONS of lovely ladies that are just on the verge of falling in love with lash extensions. The same few questions keep popping up so I thought I would do a series of blogs answering those questions ¬†. . . smart ladies asking smart questions !! One of the first questions that comes up is ¬†. . . does this hurt ? The answer to that is a flat no, in fact that is a HECKS NO. Your eyes are closed through the entire process after the under eye patches are applied. The extension is applied next to your natural lash using medical grade adhesive. I think there might be the impression that the eyelash is plucked out and then replaced with an extension. Not at all, all your lashes remain intact and the extension is “wiggled” next to it while the adhesive wraps both the natural lash and the extension. A lot of my clients use the time they are getting their lashes done to nap, others are total lash junkies so I see them every few weeks and we chat about what’s changed in their lives since I saw them last.

I’m sure we’ve all heard “there is no beauty without pain”, not in this case lashes are all about the GLAMOUR and NONE of the pain.


You Get What You Pay For . . .

Most of us are familiar with deal sites, and don’t get me wrong I have purchased from these sites and got a GREAT deal on a beer tour of downtown, a helicopter tour of the city and tickets to a show. I would never have thought to try one of these tours and the fact that I paid very little for them tickles me pink !. That being said it doesn’t mean that all things should be purchased from deal sites and trust me honey lash extensions are one of them. You have to ask yourself why the lash studio or stylist is selling the lash services for next to nothing. This is how it works – the deal is offered for usually less than 85 % of what is typically valued to be. The deal is offered for say $40, the deal is split 50/50 between the site offering the deal and the lash studio. So that means that they will receive $20 for providing an 1.5 hr service ? The product per customer costs more than that, something isn’t making sense here. And this is what isn’t making sense . . . . first of all when you read the fine print they are often offering 30 to 35 lashes per eye. That in fact is a 1/2 set – not a full set and I think it would be safe to say that most are not even applying that many if the lashes were counted. Another point is that, if they are offering a deal of that kind, it begs the question what type of product are they using ? If they are using a harmful glue that is cheap to buy then they aren’t worried about the overall product cost. The last thing to consider is how long has the lash stylist been working ? or how many people are doing the application ? If they have been in business for over a year they shouldn’t have the need to bring in large amounts of new clients all in one swoop because they are steadily booked with RETURNING clients and referrals from their current client base.

I’m speaking from experience, I did a lash deal with Web Piggy in my first 2 months of business. I did it for the exposure but to be honest I used it as an opportunity to practice, I had lashed everyone I knew and I wanted to perfect my craft. Also, from experience I can tell you that I spend much more time ¬†removing “deals gone bad” as they have been described. Most times a deal is sweet but sometimes you get what you pay for and then look for someone to fix it.


Curls . . . Curls . . . Curls !!!

Lashes come in a variety of different curls ¬†. . . . insert confused look of a new client here. Sometimes I take for granted that new clients understand what the heck I’m talking about when I discuss the design of their look. Because each of my clients are fantastic in their own unique way I make sure that each person’s lashes are designed to suit them. The design of lashy look is based on the shape of the eye, length of the natural lash, lifestyle of the individual, density of the hair and finally the expectation of the client. In order to ensure that all of these things are taken into account a design has to be created. The design usually involves 5 to 6 different lengths, thicknesses of 2 to 3 types and then the cherry on top ¬†. . . THE CURLS. Single strand eyelash extensions come in 4 types of curls, that’s another one of the many advantages of using a single strand system. Clusters in addition to being damaging do not come in different curls. It’s a one size fits all design with the lengths and curls being the same for everyone.

Let’s get curly with it !, here is breakdown of the different curls:

J Curl: Just as it sounds it’s shaped like the letter “J” with the long shaft and a slight swoop at the end.

B Curl: Little curlier than the “J” curl, this is called the universal curl. It’s a fav of most lash stylists. It’s shaped like the round part of the letter “B” and packs a little more punch than the “J” curl

C Curl: This one is my favourite, I use this curl along the bridge of the lash design and it pops right up to attention making the eye appear larger and giving the overall design the impact that most clients are looking for. Because the shaft is short these guys tend to be the first to come off.

D Curl: The newest of all the curls, it’s just been released and I think it already has a fan club created in it’s honour. This is the curliest of all lashes on the market and stands right up along the lash line. I use D Curls to create drama along the bridge for events like weddings and parties. The shaft is super short so it isn’t suited for long term wear and after the event, I’ll return to the original design ¬†used on the client for everyday wear.

At the end of the day, ¬†it’s all about the curl baby !!


Making Pretty a Priority for 2012

A new year brings new resolutions, most of us will resolve to better ourselves in one way or another. If your goal is to lose weight that will likely involve the gym, cardio and weights are going to melt your make-up. Get lashes and stay pretty will improving the rest of you. With lash extensions you can sweat, swim, wink at the hot guy on the treadmill next to you. For those that have decided to engage in more “Self Care” lashes are where its at. ¬† ¬† ¬†I had no idea what self care meant and decided to find out what it is, self care is doing anything that makes you feel good and lifts your spirits. Lashes are mini Dr.Feelgoods, every time you look in the mirror there they are ! Many ladies will decide that 2012 is the year to get out there and find Mr.Right. In this case lash extensions serve a multitude of purposes. Lashes are instant self confidence, never worry about the lifting of strip lashes or be concerned about running eye make-up. It’s a fact that most men prefer a more natural look and the Jersey Shore look is not hot. There is the strong possibility that the date goes well, leading to possible sleep over (just sayin’ !). Look as good in the morning as you did the night before. This is sooooooo important for many reasons, now you can stay have a cup of coffee or accept a brunch invite without trying to hide under the table.

Don’t worry doll, we’ve got you back and making pretty a priority is our job !


The Sunglass Shuffle – Vaca Lashes

It’s no secret that the reason I started Flirt Custom Lash Studio is because I have a love affair going with my eyelash extensions. I’ve had my lashes on for going on 2 years and have had them with me on a few vacations. Of course I loved having my lashes and it made the everyday process of getting ready a breeze. Well ¬†. . . then I went to an all inclusive resort with them a few weeks ago. And I’m not just saying this because I own a lash business, I say this because I mean it when I say ” Why doesn’t every woman going away to the sun and sand have eyelash extensions ?”. Up in the morning and right down to the beach without a lick of make-up. No longer was I doing the sunglass shuffle at breakfast and lunch. Come one ladies, you know what I’m talking about – sunglasses on while out in the sun and then keeping them right up until you get to the table. Removing them to order a drink and hoping no one looks directly at you as you circle around the buffet. Scooting to the bathroom before you enter the restaurant to make sure that your waterproof mascara actually is waterproof. Heading out for the evening couldn’t be any easier. By that time of the day you’ve been out on the sun all day, maybe had a few cocktails and are very likely sun brunt. The last thing you want to do is apply make-up and do yourself up. None of that with your gorgeous lashes, comb them through, a little lip gloss and bronzer if you like and you are GORGEOUS honey.

Swim, suntan, party like a rock star and generally misbehave and look fab while doing it. These babies last a few weeks so don’t be scared to stay on the resort a few more days . . . . . you deserve it !


Dear Santa . . . .

Dear Santa,

I know your super busy and a man on the move so I’ll keep it short, all I want for Christmas is Glamour. I understand this might be a tall order and if you’re unsure about glam actually is consult Mrs.Clause cause she’s FABULOUS ! I would like to sleep in an extra 20 mins, swim and tan on my upcoming vaca without having runny eye make-up, look as good getting up as I did going to bed (this one is super important for numerous reasons – again consult with Mrs.Clause ). I want to look pulled together with just a little blush and lip gloss, look alert even when I’ve had a long night and receive tons of compliments on how great I look. I know your rolling your eyes Santa ! all of this is alot easier than it appears – all I want for Christmas is eyelash extensions. Can you find someone certified to do it ? Oh and one more thing . . . can you make sure they are located in Mississauga, Brampton, Burlington and Toronto. I’m a lady on the move and I’d like to have options for my relashing. Don’t worry Santa, you just have to spring for the first set of lashes – I’ll take care of the rest. I want nothing else for Christmas and Santa you better deliver, ¬†I know where you live !

Yours Truly,

Miss Soon To Be Gorgeous Lashes


Busted !

If you’ve ever thought about lash extensions and looked into it, you have come across all kinds pricing. Listen doll, I’m all for a good deal but some things are worth paying for and lash extensions are one of them. The cost of the lash extension is a sure fire way to tell if you are getting the good stuff or not. In the interest of saving a few bucks many ladies have chosen to get their lashes done at the local nail shop. Here’s the truth ¬†. . . these are not extensions at all. Usually they are clusters of lashes or sometimes even strip lashes cut into pieces. These are applied with a type of crazy glue or sometimes even NAIL GLUE ! Yup, that’s right ¬†. . . . the same product that’s used to glue nails tips is bring used on your skin and eyelash hair. I have been into so many nail shops claiming to do lash extensions by asking to see their certification. Of course they claim to have one but “it’s at home”, no problem “can I see the lashes you would be using on me ?” they present me with clusters everytime ¬†. . . BUSTED !. No Xtreme Lashes certified lash stylist will ever use a cluster, it’s against our ethics to damage the hair and clusters do just that. Once I asked to see the glue they would be using and was presented with a tube of CRAZY GLUE ¬†. . . again BUSTED. I have been into every nail shop in my local area and not one of them is doing actual “eyelash extensions”.

How can you tell if the person is certified ? An easy way is price . . . if a full set starts at $150 then you usually dealing with someone that is certified. Another resource to check if the person doing the application has taken the time to learn the process is to check the Xtreme Lashes websitewww.xtremelashes.ca.


The Gift of Glam !

Instant glamour as a gift idea ? ¬†. . . Perfect ! For the women that has everything,¬†lash extensions are genius. Its the gift that keeps on giving, every time she looks in the mirror she’ll think of you. Let me walk you through how to become someones fav person. Give Flirt Custom Lash a call, let us know if you would like to purchase a full set, 1/2 set or a certain amount towards a service. We will take your address and fill out the gift certificate for you. Pop it into the mail with the address you would like it to go to and all you have to do is send an email money transfer. Yup, could we have made being an awesome gift giver an easier?. Once the best gift ever has been opened, all that needs to be done is the booking – and because we’re wonderful we’ve made that easy too. With a location in Brampton/Mississauga, Burlington and our newest location in Toronto (Queen St W and John) your special someone can find a location that works best for them ! With online booking, the lucky lady doesn’t even have to pick up the phone to book – she’s a click away from putting a little Flirt in her wink.


Eyelash Extensions have rules – sorry about that !

Like most free thinking ladies I like to think that most rules are meant to be broken or if not broken than at least skirted or bent to my advantage. However ! the rules that apply to eyelash extensions are not meant to be broken and really from one renegade to another I’m very sorry about that. Before every new appt and even during relashes with current customers I still go over the rules:

1. Do not get them wet for 24 hrs at the minimum – meaning no showering. The look of horror on ladies faces makes me feel like a monster when I say that. You don’t have to be a dirty kid. You an still have a BATH and wash your face, just don’t splash water on your face or stand under the shower head.

2. Wash your hair before you come  . . . this goes back to make being able to get them wet for 24 hrs.

3. Stay away from steam for 36 hrs at the minimum, this one seems to stump people. So steam meaning: sauna’s, hot tubs, hot yoga, jacuzzi’s, facials, standing in front of a steaming pot of pasta etc. I have had many clients that couldn’t understand why their lashes were gone within a few days – steam is usually the problem.

4. Oil is bad ¬†. . . . very bad ! NEVER use anything oil based on the extensions, oil is what is used to remove the extensions so it stands to reason that if you use anything oil based on them they will come off. And boy do they come off fast ! Almost right away they will start to drop like flies. Most mascaras are oil based so if you would like to use mascara on these babies always use a mascara meant for eyelash extensions. Anything water proof is the enemy ¬†. . . water proof means oil based. Most liquid liners are oil based as are most make-up removers. Read the label on the make-up remover, it will say “oil free” on the front.

5. Put the eyelash curler down and walk away. Eyelash curlers will snap the bond between the extension and the natural lash, not to mention make you look very strange. The extensions come in all different kinds of curls to chances are your lashes are already curly enough.

There you have it . . . the most important rules to follow. Even though you are as cute as button these rules will apply to you and there are no exceptions . . . ever. You can try and break the rules – Flirt is only a phone call away to fix the mess.


The Weather Outside Is Frightful But Your LASHES Are Delightful !

The weather outside is NO good but don’t worry doll your lashes will keep you warm ! Party season is just around the corner and soon your nights and weekends will be a flurry of cocktails and cookies.Because a party ain’t a party unless your in attendance you better be looking your best for the grand entrance. I’m not pointing fingers here but it’s possible you might have more than one champagne cocktail. Please doll, don’t pull a Snooki and have 1/2 your false eyelashes hanging off whilst chatting to the hottest Christmas elf ever. Do your self a favour and invest in your best accessory – Lash Extensions. Spend more time on your hair cause your eyes won’t need it – you already have instant glam. Late nights are part of the deal for a lady in demand, wake up looking as good as you did going to bed (This could be good news for many reasons ¬†. . . just sayin’). Party prep is as simple as this : Lashes On, Brows Strong – Lip Gloss On and You’re Gone !


BlushPretty + Flirt Custom Lash = One Stop Glam Shop

Urban Lashionista’s, this one’s for you!

We get it, you want to see Flirt in Toronto, and now you can. Because we know you are going to become addicted to your new Lash Extensions we wanted to give you a chance to see us at work. Lash Extensions are a slippery slope, so hang on for the ride! Once you go lashy, you can’t go backy!

Here’s what Blushpretty has to say about the upcoming workshop:

“Yep – you heard me: lash extensions. L-A-S-H … extensions.

While they’ve been around for quite awhile now, I bet that many of us do not know where to go … where we begin … how it works … and most importantly, if it will hurt. Well, now’s your chance to have all your questions, concerns, and lash dreams answered.

On Sunday November 13, 2011, from 11 am to 1 pm, BlushPretty and Flirt Custom Lash Studio will be hosting an “info-shop” … a chance for you to get a first hand look at lash extensions, how they are applied, how they work and how to maintain them. Sommer will be there front and centre to walk you through it and answer any questions you may have.

Now, there is no obligation to book if you decide that extensions aren’t for you … BUT … we do have a great deal for those who want to take the leap! For anyone who attends our November 13 info-shop and books a future appointment with Sommer on that day … they’ll receive a full set of lashes plus an after-care kit for just $125. (The regular price for just the lash extensions is $150).

The info-shop will take place on November 13, 2011 at the BlushPretty studio located at 313 Queen St. West, Suite 204 (right on the corner of Queen and John).  Door opens at 11 am and ends at 1 pm.  Bookings for lash extensions applications will begin on December 4, 2011, also held at the BlushPretty Studio.

To RSVP for the info-shop or for further information, please email me at beautymail@blushpretty.com.¬† You can also call us at 416.727.1754.”

To visit the fabulous weblog of Blushpretty, and read the entire post about the Lash Extension workshop, please click here >>


Flirt Celebrated ONE YEAR at Divalicious 3

We celebrated our 1st birthday with Shop Socials, DivaGirl Fitness and the help of over 450 guests at Divalicious 3 on August 15. Our clients and friends were there to celebrate the big day with a Divalicious 3 VIP booth experience complete with limo transportation, bottle service and a stocked snack bar.  Visit Shop Socials to read the kind words they had to say about the event.



Brides ‚ÄĘ Save Time and Be Camera Ready!

Most brides are looking for even 20 more valuable minutes in their day. Wedding preparation is hectic! There’s so much to accomplish and there never seems to be enough time for the bride to get to everything done. Eyelash extensions are a great time saver! Brides can skip the morning makeup routine and make it to all their errands that much faster all while still looking fabulous.

There is nothing sexy about melting eye make-up on your wedding day. Sail through the day and look as fresh as you did that morning. No one has to know that you just found the best kept beauty secret for brides to be . . . . eyelash extensions from Flirt Custom Lash Studio.