Home Based Lash Studios are a BIG NOOOOO

10 years ago home based lash studios is where most went to have their lashes done, someone knew someone and you were referred to them to have your lash extensions done. Time went on, and those in the industry that were lashing from home opened lash salons/lash studios. As eyelash extensions became more popular, the Health Board of Ontario started monitoring them – as they should. Infection from the eyes can spread quickly and if proper disinfection sanitation practices are not in place then it can spread like wild fire. Now there are people taking courses in lashes, starting them in their homes and they are not being watched by any governing body. You have to count on the lash artist and the people living in the home of the lash artist to ensure that proper disinfection is taking place. Meaning not only the lash artist needs to make sure to wash their hands and all surfaces but the people living there also must guarantee they are washing their hands frequently and wiping surfaces after use.

A home based lash studio typically does not have access to hospital grade disinfection liquids like ACCEL or any of the other products listed on the Government of Canada site for disinfection of surfaces and tools for the fight against Co-VID 19. Most of these home based businesses do not have a business licence nor a business number needed to set up an account for the purchase of graded disinfection liquids.

If you have been referred to a home based business and you are set on going to see them to have your lashes done. Ask to see their business licence, ask to see their tool bath (lash language for the container holding the ACCEL or another hospital grade disinfection liquid). It’s always been important to ensure that disinfection is top priority but now  with the battle against Coronavirus it’s more important than ever.

Love & Lashes xo