Half Price is BACK!!!!


Back by demand HALF PRICE full sets are once again happening on Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Brampton/Mississauga Studio. We offered the AMAAAZING deal last year and no one seemed interested so we pulled it. But it seems that it was missed once it was gone and we brought it back. Half price doesn’t mean half the amount of lashes or half the amount of artist talent being displayed. These are not Junior Artists practicing, we offer half price on Tuesdays and Saturdays so everyone can get in on the Lash Train!!!!!!!!

Love & Lashes xo



Toronto’s Lash Game is #onpoint

Courtney, a reformed mascara user and now Lash Junkie was so excited about her new silk lash extensions done by Paddy a Lash Fairy at FCL Toronto, that she just can’t hide it. She had always wanted to try extensions but was nervous about where to go after hearing horror stories.

After reading about Flirt Custom Lash Studio on different review sites and following us on social media and seeing the work at the Toronto studio…she decided to give us a shot. Wanting some length and curl for an everyday fabulous mascara look but without the fuss of putting it on every morning. She’s now “batting her lashes like it’s her job”, waking up and ready to rock adds more zzz’s to her routine and really that’s sweeeeeeeeet!

Love & Lashes xo









Burlington Shop doesn’t stop

Burlington Ontario is sometimes referred to as “Girlington” Ontario, overlooking that this reference can be viewed as derogatory and deciding to focus on the positive. Burlington is known for the women who make an effort to take care of themselves. There are more spa’s and hair studio’s in Burlington than most other towns within the GTA. FCL Burlington is open 7 days a week until 10 pm…..yes you read that correctly…..until 10 pm. Making taking care of yourself a little more convenient.

Of course this is SUPER convenient but then the question is “do the FCL Lash Fairies work from morning until night? and if so, how safe is that?”. No, the Lash Mafia does not work straight through, there is a shift change in the afternoon. Breaks are given to make sure their eyes and hands are given an opportunity rest. In order to give the our clients the quality they deserve we need to make sure we take good care of our Lash Mafia.

Love & Lashes xo


Sun….Sand and Lashes

Winter is about to take up full time residence, so most of us are already thinking about make a quick exit for more cooperative temperatures. However regardless of the warm weather and chilly drinks, the question still remains. How can I wake up looking make up without it running down my face? Simple Answer: Single strand eyelash extensions……

Question: How long before I leave should I book to have my lashes done? …Answer: Book your appt the same week you leave, that way they are super fresh and you won’t go into your shedding cycle while you are away.

Question: Can I get them wet? …. Answer: Yup! They will stay put in both pool water and salt water

Question: How can I take care of them on vaca?…. Answer: Fluff them with a dry mascara wand and off you go

Question: How do I keep them clean? … Answer: As long as you are not dumping a bunch of make-up on them they will stay clean just by the water rinse when you shower.

Question: Will anyone know I have lash extensions on? ….Answer: Not unless you tell them flapper face.

So book the trip then book your lashes, leave all your eye make-up at home – besides you’ll need the extra room in your luggage for all your Duty Free finds 😉

Love and Lashes xo





Less is so much more….

FCL generally lives by the philosophy that more is more: more champagne, more shoes, more lip gloss, more sparkles…you get the idea. However when it comes to everyday beauty, that idea gets flipped upside down.

Less make-up applied in the morning because you woke up looking made up means more sleep. Our new fav “wake up made up” combo is keeping the lashes a little on the shorter side. The shorter the extensions, the darker and fuller they appear…creating an eyeliner affect.

We use the curliest of the options, the “D” curl..curved all the way up like the capital letter D. It stands right up against the eyelid drawing the attention upwards making the eye appear wider and the face appear more youthful. Making sure the silk extensions are carefully applied from the corner of the nose right to the outer edges. Many lash artists miss the inner corners making the design appear unfinished. Think of it like an “instant facelift”, the middle part of the eye becomes the focus with the longest extension placed through out that part of the lid. Bing!!!!! my eyes are super open and I’m wake ready to take on the world..

And here we have it….shorter thicker curly lash extensions paired with a bold lip and sun kissed skin. It’s on and poppin’!!

Love & Lashes



Because Bad Bitches Link Up (#BBLU) it only made sense that when Steph Daga of BlushPretty suggested that we hook up in a new space in Toronto, I thought the idea was genius!


(The best t-shirt!)

Make-up, hair and eyelash extensions all under one roof and right in the middle of the hottest neighbourhood in Toronto – Queen West. BlushPretty was recently named one of the best Make-Up Artists in Toronto. With a VAST crew of both make-up and hair artist, you can find BP artists all over the GTA every weekend. Often, they are making brides beautiful and bridal parties camera ready. FCL made sure to put our listening ears on when it came to the needs of brides…when you share space with the best in the business it makes sense to pay attention.

(Steph of BlushPretty hooking me up!)

Here’s what we learned: Brides are super organized…so we make sure to get back to them right away. They might have a few questions regarding the extensions….we are always happy to help. By the time they come for their extensions they are exhausted…we keep blankets handy and keep it quiet. Finally, weddings are expensive and every little bit saved helps.


With that in mind, FCL is happy to offer BlushPretty brides $50.00 off a full set of silk eyelash extensions (reg $150) at the Toronto studio 777 Richmond St West. What could be easierthan going to the same place to get your bridal lashy look that you went to have your bridal hair and make-up trial done? I know, it’s brilliant…hence #BBLU

Love & Lashes














Wet and Wild!

We get this question a lot…”Can I get these wet?” yes you can 100% get the eyelash extensions wet. In fact, we are one of the only studios in the Toronto area that cures the extensions so you can get them wet right away. Most lash places will tell you to keep them dry for a min of 24 hours, so the adhesive can cure. We used to operate in the same way and watched as clients rushed to wash their hair before the relash appointment. Others tipped themselves over the edge of the bathtub washing their hair after the application…very chic.

( One of fav clients at FCL Toronto – Maddie)

Ummmmmm hells no! No one has time for that.

( Linda is vacation lash junkie and comes to see us twice a year before she leaves)

Another misconception is that the extensions will not hold up in salt water, that is 100% inaccurate…these babies are not a problem at all in the ocean. The only problem is that others may confuse you with a fantastic mermaid, rising from the sea looking perfectly pulled together.

(Sommer – owner of FCL, hanging out poolside)

Chilling poolside is not an issue, if you’re one of those ladies that likes to dunk your head under to cool down….dunk away. Chlorine is no problem and the extensions will bounce back as soon as they dry off. One flick of your nails and your “wake up made up” look is back in business.

Love & Lashes



We’re so happy because she’s so happy!!

Emails like this is what it is all about for us, FCL Brampton was running behind that day so Vicky from head office in Burlington called to let her know. Your time is valuable to us why waste it sitting around waiting…right?

“SO thrilled with my lashes!!! not only with the application of the lashes, but how at ease you feel when you show up! Cannot WAIT to get creative with lashes, now that I’ve gotten a taste for them I want even longer and more luxurious! I haven’t worn make up in years, and mascara always seems to make my eyes burn. That and the fact that I used to wear waterproof mascara meant it was on until it wore off, now I get that look for weeks and no eye irritation.Yes I’m rambling can you tell I’m excited about my new extensions?

Sorry was this not the place to brag about my new lashes? :-) From the booking to the apologetic phone call asking to push the appt forward by a measly 30 minutes, I wish you folks did hair and nails and home renovations too! EVERY business I have dealt with could take lessons on customer service from your team.”

Love & Lashes


Tips for the Bride to Be…

Here comes the bride and her fuss free awesome silk lash extensions! Weddings are no joke, days filled with events and just about everyone you know will be there. Sleep is at a minimum and stress at a maximum. More and more brides are turning to eyelash extensions as a solution for appearing bright eyed and pulled together for the days leading to the big day and to kick off the honeymoon.




(Henna, one of FCL’s stunning brides)

Here’s the big question: Should you get your first set of lash extensions right before the wedding day and if so how many days before your trip down the aisle? The best advice and something we pretty much insist on is having your first set done 3 weeks or so BEFORE the wedding day. Why? If lash extensions are a new service for you, then you have no idea what to expect or how to care for them. Some brides are a ball of stress before the wedding, things may not be according to plan and/or just a straight up case of nerves.

(Tara, one of FCL’s beautiful brides)

Rather than adding more anxiety, it makes more sense to come and have the full set done 3 weeks before the wedding and book a relash a few days before your set to work your goodies up the aisle. Congratulations on your upcoming and with your extensions…you are FIERCE honey!

Love & Lashs


Hella Sexy Dope in Queen West

Just hanging out on Queen West makes you feel Hella Dope, the neighbourhood vibes with great independent restaurants, chic shops, the best cupcakes in the city and an appreciation of a cocktail or 5. Because FCL likes to be at the center of anything Dope, we of course opened this location right in the middle of Queen West. The purpose? taking Hella Dope and turning it into Hella SEXY Dope. Nothing makes you feel sexier than having a killer fringe around your eyes.

( One of FCL Toronto’s Clients with a full set)

This is area of of Toronto makes simple beauty hot, when you look around you notice that everyone looks fantastic HOWEVER no one is over the top glam. A calm cool casual beauty resonates, so of course we needed to make sure our studio reflected the vibe of the area…

( FCL Toronto Interior)

Putting the SEXY in Hella Sexy Dope at FCL Toronto 777 Richmond St West 1.855.721.7108

Love & Lashes


We’re not all the same in the Lash Game

We’re just not all the same in the lash game, there used to be a time when price would indicate who was a professional within the craft. No longer is that the case, people with no experience using SCARY products are charging the same as professional lash artists who have been trained under a Master (like the owner of FCL). This poor cookie came into FCL Brampton this week, usually we won’t accept the work of other lash studios but as you can see here we had to help. After taking a look I was certain that this was the work of a chop shop. I just about fell off my chair when I found out this was the work of a self professed “lash professional” in Mississauga. After I recovered from shock, I found out that no only was the work HORRIBLE. The client paid $80 for a relash, $30 more than a relash at FCL, AAANNNDDD the “lash professional” insisted on removals. So, the client every 3 rd relash would have the set removed and then pay to have a full set reapplied at full price – $150. There ain’t no shame in the FCL Lash game but others should be down right embarassed!

Love & Lashes


99 Problems but Raccoon Eyes Ain’t One

Hot fun in the summer time! Well almost, anything above zero is considered balmy after the winter we’ve had. Warmer weather means longer days and even longer nights in Toronto, from the office to the closest patio. After 8 hours on the grind a cocktail is in order, dab on a little lip gloss and off you to go! Only if you have lash extensions dollface…more coats of mascara on your peepers will only make you look clumpy. The mascara from the morning has settled into the creases under your eyes making you feel like Rocky The Raccoon. So you use the pad of your finger to wipe along the bottom of your eye…blackness still there. Out comes the make-up compact and a careful application of powder…now you have make-up and mascara settled in the creases. There’s only one solution to feeling fresh to death on the Toronto summer patio scene – Lash Extensions..Straight Up! After work fluff and gloss consists of just the gloss, you are FIERCE honey. Now work that patio like a runway, maybe wear a pair of flats to avoid a face plant.

Love & Lashes, xo



Biology 101

You don’t know what you don’t know until you know…I’m a poet and didn’t know it! Anyway, here’s a fun fact: eyelashes grow in stages just like the hair on your head. Growing, falling out and then replenishing. When some people are looking into the idea of getting lash extensions, they see the word “semi-permanent” and think that means the extensions will last for 1/2 of the rest of their life. Uhhhhh no, not the case at all  and I agree for those outside of the industry that word can be misleading. When extensions are advertised as “semi-permanent” what it being referred to is, the extensions will stay in place for 1/2 of the length of the Catogen (adult) hair cycle (20 to 25 days).

Hair grows in 3 stages: Anagen (baby/teenager hair), Catagen (adult) and Telogen (senior citizen).

When applying eyelash extensions they are placed on natural eyelashes when they are in the Catagen phase. We never apply eyelash extensions while the lashes are in Anagen phase as they are still too delicate and not strong enough to hold an eyelash extension.

FCL clients come back for relashes every 2-3 weeks. At this appointment we find hairs that have gone from the Anagen phase to the Catogen phase, which are now ready and strong enough to hold an eyelash extension. The 3 stages of growth is happening all at the same time depending on the blood supply feeding the follicle.

Class Over!!

Love & Lashes xo


Toronto’s Best Kept Secret

Ladies in Toronto know how to work it! And know its all about the eyes, perfect brows can make the difference between looking like a million dollars and the hot mess express. Our friends at the The Brow House have paved the way to creating a beautiful frame for the eyes. So now that we have boombastic brows to frame the eyes, let’s create some wake up made up hotness.


Eyelash extensions at our Toronto studio, shower with them, swim, dance like no one is watching with them. Silk extensions applied one by one after a chatty chat with one of our Toronto Lashette’s about design.


(FCL Toronto Lashette Ashley)

FCL is different from other studios in that each application is catered to what is suited to your eye shape much like you’re professionally designed brows from The Brow House.


(FCL Toronto Lashette Lynda)

Located at the corner of Richmond and Niagara, 777 Richmond St West in the heart of Queen West…frame it up girls and then wake up made up.

With Love & Lashes



Who’s Who in the FCL Zoo


So you call a phone number to book an appt at one of the FCL locations, the phone is answered by Vicky. Then you arrive at one of the locations and someone else is doing your lashes, while doing your lashes the name Sommer is mentioned. Confusing much ???!!!… here’s the deal:

Flirt Custom Lash has 3 operating locations as of right now, Brampton (on the border of Mississauga), Burlington (south of the QEW) and Toronto (Queen West). In December when the Toronto location opened we installed a toll free phone number 1.855.721.7108 to ensure that the clients wouldn’t pay long distance to book. Vicky is FCL’s business manager, located out of the Burlington location. Vic is the lady that holds it all together, booking appointments, managing the calendars at all locations, trouble shooting and generally keeping us sane.

(Sommer (me) the owner of FCL sitting holding the GIANT FCL lips)

Sommer (me) is the owner of Flirt Custom, I started the business out of my home studio in Brampton in 2009. The Burlington location followed 1.5 years later and at end of 2013 the Toronto location opened. With the addition of the lashette’s, it only made sense to hand over the daily organization of the business to someone who could manage it full-time (Vicky) while I was with clients.

(The Lashette’s left to right: Shanelle, Lynda, Kayla and Ashley)

The Lashette’s work out of either the Burlington or Toronto shops, while I spend most of my time working out of my home studio in Brampton so I can hang with this guy!! :

(Porkchop – Photo Cred Buzzdog Studio’s)

So there you have it, the Who’s Who in the FCL Zoo….

Love & Lashes


Woodgreen Warriors – ROAR Toronto


So we know that FCL is all about the ladies, looking good and feeling FIERCE is the name of our game. Last week, I told you about the reason behind ROAR…being held March 9 th at FCL Toronto 777 Richmond St West. We’re bringing together the best in the business for styling – Tamika Auwai, hair/make-up – The Blush Pretty Team, photography – Natasha Barrett and project coordination – Elaine Atkins. But who are we styling makeup-ing (yes we know that isn’t a word) and photographing?? Woodgreen Warriors that’s who.

Woodgreen Homeward Bound is a program developed to help single mothers pull THEMSELVES out of poverty. They are supported with affordable housing, child care and education. Does that mean they were given a free ride? Hecks no!. These ladies busted ace taking care of their kids, going to school and mastering skills that were unknown to them. Each year, a handful of Woodgreen Warriors graduate from college and ROAR is going to dress them to impress rewarding them for their hard work and determination. These beautiful single mothers have come through the fire….now hear them ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love & Lashes



“I’m a Model Ya Know What I Mean”….

If you follow FCL anywhere online, you’ll often see that we shout out for lash models. After receiving some feedback saying that one lash model “expected” a full set we thought we should clarify the training process and what exactly a lash model is. We don’t offer training to any other aspiring lash artists other than employees of Flirt Custom Lash Studio. All artists are trained by Sommer, certified with Xtreme Lashes as a beginner and an advanced artist. Most recently, another certification was completed with in Volume Lashing through The Lash Bible. We don’t just hire anyone, customer service is #1, a client oriented mindset and a commitment to excellence what we need to see. After the L.I.T ( lashette in training) is hired, hours are spent with senior lash artists within FCL understanding cleanliness, infection control and the process in general. Training is like a slow moving train, we build on skills as they are understood and applied. By the time an L.I.T. is taking lash models he/she has the basics and has practiced on family and friends.

( Lynda as an L.I.T. after practicing she is now one of best lash artists in Toronto )

A lash model should never expect a full set of lashes unless they are spending time with a senior artist learning a new skill. A beginner lash model is given 2 hours to apply as many lashes as they can HOWEVER, the focus is on correct application. Clean lines without stickies, moving in the direction of the intended design and away from the lid. As the L.I.T. has more practice the level of comfortability grows and it’s very possible the model will leave with a full set. A model never pays for the application or materials used, and if they decide they really like the extensions but want a fuller look we are happy to complete the set with a senior artist for $50. So in short, the model will receive a complete full set of single strand silk extensions for $50 regular cost is $150.00. We offer this as a thank-you to our lash models for helping our L.I.T.’s learn a new skill. Feedback is always always welcome but we ask that is done warmly as our lash ego’s can be fragile 😉

Love & Lashes xo



The Best Lash Extensions in Toronto

FCL has worked hard to become the best in the West ( Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington). But like most businesses we are striving for world domination, for now however we’re thrilled to hear ladies are saying FCL gives the best “lash job” in Toronto. Since opening at our newest location – 777 Richmond St West, we’ve only received positive feedback. Lynda never disappoints, she listens to what her clients are asking for and delivers.

( Beautiful cascade..clean application with ZERO clumping )

(Showstoppers! Seamless application and no there is no filter used)

( Even from the side, these are hella gorgeous)

With most lashes from other salons costing $250 or more for a full set, FCL delivers GORGEOUS without a crazy price tag…$150 for a full set and $50 for relashes. Lookin’ good and not feeling guilty about it – that’s the name of our lash game.

Love & Lashes xo


I Don’t Get it! Half Set? Full Set??

Every business has it’s own language, and if we’re working in that biz everyday we can take for granted that everyone around us knows what the heck we’re talking about. Lash language is the same, the most confusing pieces of language are Half Set or Full Set. We’re going to break it down for you:

Half Set: A half set is a great option for people who have never tried eyelash extensions before. This is the only time in application we ever count the amount of lashes applied during the service. 35 to 40 lashes are applied across the lid evenly from side to side, each eye is even in the amount of lashes used. The look is very natural and in some cases depending on age etc a half set can look like like a full set. A half set is not as full as a full set ( pretty sure that wasn’t proper grammar ) but gives a pulled together appearance and can always be added to if you don’t think they are FIERCE enough.

( Half Set )

Full Set: This set is FIERCE, meant for ladies that wear mascara everyday and are looking to ditch the wand. We never count lashes in this design, EVERY adult natural eyelash receives a silk extension. The amount of lashes used varies from person to person and depends on the amount of hair available to lash. Remember, lash extensions are the enhancement of what is already there and not the creation of what isn’t. Most clients, even those that start with a half set graduate to a full set…they always want more a great thing. With a full set there is no need for mascara and you wake up looking as FAB as you did going to bed ( we get it, there are times when that is super important ).

( Full Set )

Love & Lashes!! xoxo



New Kids on the Block


So Flirt Custom Lash Studio has settled right into our new location at 777 Richmond St West. I’m always running around like a lunatic, not to mention I’m not the hippest creature that ever lived. Lovely Lynda keeps me in the know and was sooooo excited when she saw that Bitstrips was our neighbour across the hall. Of course I had no idea what she was talking about and had to Google to find out that they create instant comic strips starring you and your friends.

Lynda must be finding inspiration from our creative neighbours, her quality of work has always been good. However since the move into the Toronto market, her work has been OUTSTANDING. Creating texture in her designs using single strand silk extensions has become unique to her as a lash artist. With a natural eye for scale, she is using a mixture of curls, thicknesses and lengths.

Ladies all over Toronto are putting down they’re mascara, rolling out of bed in the morning 20 mins later and heading out the door looking like a million dollars!!!


Our Dangerously Sweet Neighbour


On my first site visit to our new location in the Queen West area, I drove past this adorable little white shop on the corner of Queen St West. I wasn’t sure but I thought I saw giant Macaron’s hanging in the window. I know my pastries and can spot them at 100 yards – just ask my trainer. Anyway, I parked my car and hustled my bustle right over…I opened the front door and my nostrils were flaring like a horse (super attractive). I was standing in Nadege Patisserie at 780 Queen St West, I had heard of this glorious place but here it was less than 1 street from FCL Toronto. The place was buzzing and as it should be, the quality of the offerings are outstanding. The staff is warm and sooooooo patient, I couldn’t decide what I wanted and was overwhelmed with all the things I wanted to try. I settled on a macaron ( ok really it was more than one but sometimes my trainer reads my blog – Hi Kevin!! xoxo). These little suckers had a little bit of a crunch and then the sweetness ( just the right amount) melted on my tongue. A love affair was born, now everything I’m at the 777 Richmond St location – I leave myself just enough time to walk over to greet my new lova lova.



Poppin’ Bottles in Queen West!


Last Wednesday we were on and poppin’ at our new Toronto location in Trinity Bellwoods, we’re one block south of the HOTTEST area’s of the city. When Steph from BlushPretty suggested we needed a larger location we quickly (like in seconds) totally agreed with her. She and Elaine searched the city for an addy deserving of our beautiful client base, there were a few losers to say the least. But then the email came through with a Trinity Bellwoods address – 777 Richmond St West. We share the GORGEOUS space with The BlushPretty team, with 2 entrance doors both businesses can operate within the studio.

Lovely Lashing Lynda originally trained and working out of the FCL Burlington location at 520 Guelph Line will be working her magic out of the FCL Toronto space. We’re super proud of Lynda, she has grown into a true lash professional and decided that this shop is just the right location to showcase her talent.

If you’re looking to get lashy with it, give us a holler 1.855.721.7108 or book online.



A What?

If you’re plugged into what’s happening with FCL (and really why wouldn’t you be?) then you’ve seen a shout out for a “Lash Mob” going up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you have no idea what the heck we’re talking about, let us explain. We’ve teamed up with the BlushPretty to provide the GTA with a One Stop Glam Shop at our new Queen West location – 777 Richmond Street West. Flirt Custom Lash is new to the neighbourhood and DYING to make friends and fit in. Whats the best way to fit in?? give presents!!!!!!!. Following that way of thinking, we’re offering FREE FULL SETS OF LASHES…How? Where? What? Why?

How: Stay in touch with FCL via social media and you’ll see the graphic go up for a Lash Mob. There will be a few hours notice and the first person to call the toll free number – 1.855.721.7108 gets the appt. We’ll ask you to use your social media to tell others in your network that you’re about to receive some FREE awesomeness in the Trinity Bellwoods location.

Where: The Lash Mob will always be at the Trinity Bellwoods location shared with BlushPretty – 777 Richmond St West.

Whats The Catch: There really isn’t a catch other you’ll be asked to use your social media to tell others that your at our Toronto location and what you think about your new lashes. If you’re using Twitter and/or Instagram we’ll ask you (very nicely) to use #777beauty and #fclstyle

Why: Because we want to like us! And we want to fit in with our new neighbours!



SURPRISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We’re not at all very good at keeping secrets but we’re celebrating something this weekend. This a been a CHORE keeping it under wraps but bear with us cause we’re about to totally spill the beans. To celebrate this thing happening that we can’t tell you about, we’re offering FULL SETS of FAB LASHES for 50 % off this week Nov 28, 29 and 30 only at our Toronto location 313 Queen St West Suite 204. Yes, you heard us correctly : $75 for a FULL SET of FAB SILK Lashes applied by the best professionals in the biz right before Christmas in the heart of Toronto. If ya didn’t love us before you might as well now cause this deal is hella awesome !!!!!


Eat your Veggies doll . . .

” I want my lashes to be thick like yours ” and “Is all that hair yours ?”, two of the statements I hear all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE compliments so keep’em coming. However, because I think that there really shouldn’t be beauty secrets. I’m going to share with you ONE of my hair growth secrets . . . Leafy Green Vegetables – Straight Up. I know what your thinking, your lash extensions look super thick because you like spinach ?. Well kinda, leafy green vegetables are packed with B Vitamins and are an excellent source of iron. Are they my absolute fav ?? hecks no !! if Champagne was going to make my hair and lashes thicker I would be a much happier bitch. Instead, my daily routine includes almost an entire container of spinach a day. Most mornings I make a shake with 4 cups of baby spinach included with a whole bunch of other goodness.

Kale is also part of my day, I can’t think about eating Kale that has been cooked – gross doesn’t even begin to describe it. I always eat it raw after softening it with some walnut oil, lemon and sea salt. Again, it isn’t a bottle of bubbly but it keeps the lashes growing so I keep eating it. I had 2 clients last month who have been with me since the beginning. Both of them had thinning lashes and little regrowth. I pointed it out and busted them for not eating their veggies, both agreed to bump up their eating habits in the name of lash extensions. Last week when they came for their relashes, their hair was replenished and healthy. Increasing their greens, drinking more water and taking a GOOD multi vitamin had worked its magic in 3 weeks. When the family doctor tells us to eat our green veggies, it goes in one ear and out the other. When your lash lady tells you to eat your veggies or you’ll need to take a break until the hair is healthy  . . . Now that’s serious business and that ain’t no lie.


Call for a good time !!


With locations in Brampton/Mississauga, Burlington and Toronto, we wanted to make sure that you could call us from anywhere anytime. You are too fierce to be spending money on long distance charges, those funds can be spent on much more important things – like eyelash extensions ! So we went ahead and got us a new toll free phone number . . . we’ve said it before, you only deserve the best honey. Looking for safe eyelash extensions ? Give us a call for a good time :




With a Grateful Heart . . . Thank-you

After all the turkey’ing and pumpkin pie’ing ( I’m aware that these are not really words ) this long weekend is all about giving thanks. Sitting back with a cocktail ( or 5 ) and thinking about what we are truly grateful for. For some it’s their health, for others their family and each person’s reason for feeling grateful is as important as the next. For me as the owner of FCL I am truly grateful for you  . . . my clients. It is without a doubt, I have the most wonderful client base out there regardless of the service being offered. How I became lucky enough to attract such an amazing group of women I’ll never know. Each of you brings giggles and knowledge, the best days are when there is an overlap of clients at the studio I’m working out of that day and it turns into a circus. I’m often asked how I work 16 to 18 hrs a day, it’s simple  . . . it just doesn’t feel like work.

On the way out, you always say Thank-you ( because in addition to being the best looking client base, you are also very polite ). In truth, I should be thanking you – everything I have in this life is because of you. My grateful heart is warmed by your stories, giggles and support.

Smooches ! xo