Eyelash Extensions have rules – sorry about that !

Like most free thinking ladies I like to think that most rules are meant to be broken or if not broken than at least skirted or bent to my advantage. However ! the rules that apply to eyelash extensions are not meant to be broken and really from one renegade to another I’m very sorry about that. Before every new appt and even during relashes with current customers I still go over the rules:

1. Do not get them wet for 24 hrs at the minimum – meaning no showering. The look of horror on ladies faces makes me feel like a monster when I say that. You don’t have to be a dirty kid. You an still have a BATH and wash your face, just don’t splash water on your face or stand under the shower head.

2. Wash your hair before you come  . . . this goes back to make being able to get them wet for 24 hrs.

3. Stay away from steam for 36 hrs at the minimum, this one seems to stump people. So steam meaning: sauna’s, hot tubs, hot yoga, jacuzzi’s, facials, standing in front of a steaming pot of pasta etc. I have had many clients that couldn’t understand why their lashes were gone within a few days – steam is usually the problem.

4. Oil is bad  . . . . very bad ! NEVER use anything oil based on the extensions, oil is what is used to remove the extensions so it stands to reason that if you use anything oil based on them they will come off. And boy do they come off fast ! Almost right away they will start to drop like flies. Most mascaras are oil based so if you would like to use mascara on these babies always use a mascara meant for eyelash extensions. Anything water proof is the enemy  . . . water proof means oil based. Most liquid liners are oil based as are most make-up removers. Read the label on the make-up remover, it will say “oil free” on the front.

5. Put the eyelash curler down and walk away. Eyelash curlers will snap the bond between the extension and the natural lash, not to mention make you look very strange. The extensions come in all different kinds of curls to chances are your lashes are already curly enough.

There you have it . . . the most important rules to follow. Even though you are as cute as button these rules will apply to you and there are no exceptions . . . ever. You can try and break the rules – Flirt is only a phone call away to fix the mess.


The Great Mascara Debate

Every women that has decided to get eyelash extensions has used mascara, so when they get their first set of lash extensions the first impulse is to use mascara. Most times mascara is no longer needed, in fact thats the purpose of having extensions is to no longer apply mascara. I almost never use mascara and when I do, it’s for a special event. For those that want to use it, what kind of mascara should they be using? The answer to this is simple  … oil-free. I can’t stress that enough — you must use oil-free mascara when putting on your extensions. Oil is used to remove the lash extensions, so it would only make sense that if you put an oil-based mascara on your lashes, they’ll come off.  Sometimes depending on the type or brand of mascara, the extensions will start dropping off right away.

That leads to the next questions, where do you buy oil-free mascara ?? If you are going to an Xtreme Lashes CERTIFIED lash stylist they will have mascara you can purchase. The mascara is made by Xtreme Lashes and works along with the whole eyelash system to produce the best result. Removing the mascara is another challenge, to remove it use a lint free applicator (I find the Q-Tips from the Dollar Store are the best because they are terrible and have no fluff). Dip the Q-Tip in oil free make-up remover (this can be found at the drug store) and gently remove the mascara using an under/over method.

Using and removing mascara all the time will cause undue stress on the extensions so using mascara once in awhile is best, rather than daily use. You have spent hard-earned money on your lash extensions and you want them to last, so pulling/rubbing/tugging on them is no good for anyone.