Fresh Beautiful Skin Studio . . . Hecks Yes !

I’m not going to front, my skin in my 30’s is like an alien on my face. It feels different, looks like someone I used to know and has become difficult to get along with. I’ve been pretty lucky in skin department and although I use good products – I’ve never really thought much about skin treatments. Then I turned 30 and skin treatments went from the back to the front of my mind. This is where Stephanie Daga skin guru and founder of  Fresh Beautiful – The Skin Studio comes in  . . . or rather comes to the rescue. My skin was SUPER dry and not so nice to the touch so we went with the Preserve + Nurture combination. First the skin was cleansed and then we got to the good stuff – CRYSTAL  MICRODERMABRASION. Sloughing away the dry layer of skin first – we did 2 passes over the skin. I was expecting it to feel like sand paper but it didn’t feel like that at all. Next step was a cooling hydrating mask that felt like it was sent from heaven. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better – the cold therapy part started. I swear my skin opened right up to let the goodness in – my face was tingling and if I didn’t know better I think I was  already producing much needed collagen.

Making sure to follow instructions – leave your face make-up free until tomorrow, stay away from sunlight unless wearing a good block and don’t touch your face ( this one was not my fav . . . my skin was so glowy I wanted to run my fingers all over it !). The next day I woke up and stumbled over to the mirror – my fiancee looks over at me and says “wow you must have had a great sleep, you look so rested”. After biting my tongue and NOT saying “So every other morning I look like a hag ?”, I thought he was right my skin looked plump and the red around my nose and chin were gone. I sat down to start the daily application of foundation etc and after reviewing my face I decided a little bronzer and blush was all that was needed. Thats right people – I left my house without concealer or foundation, call the papers and hire the marching band.

Here’s the straight good ladies – there’s no point in spending a bundle on expensive creams if it isn’t getting to the layers of skin that need it. Also give this a whirl before drilling and filling – frozen faces are not hot. Fresh Beautiful – The Skin Studio will deliver  . . . hands down, ask my gorgeous skin !

For more info take a lookie at the website and give Stephanie a call : Fresh Beautiful -The Skin Studio





BlushPretty + Flirt Custom Lash = One Stop Glam Shop

Urban Lashionista’s, this one’s for you!

We get it, you want to see Flirt in Toronto, and now you can. Because we know you are going to become addicted to your new Lash Extensions we wanted to give you a chance to see us at work. Lash Extensions are a slippery slope, so hang on for the ride! Once you go lashy, you can’t go backy!

Here’s what Blushpretty has to say about the upcoming workshop:

“Yep – you heard me: lash extensions. L-A-S-H … extensions.

While they’ve been around for quite awhile now, I bet that many of us do not know where to go … where we begin … how it works … and most importantly, if it will hurt. Well, now’s your chance to have all your questions, concerns, and lash dreams answered.

On Sunday November 13, 2011, from 11 am to 1 pm, BlushPretty and Flirt Custom Lash Studio will be hosting an “info-shop” … a chance for you to get a first hand look at lash extensions, how they are applied, how they work and how to maintain them. Sommer will be there front and centre to walk you through it and answer any questions you may have.

Now, there is no obligation to book if you decide that extensions aren’t for you … BUT … we do have a great deal for those who want to take the leap! For anyone who attends our November 13 info-shop and books a future appointment with Sommer on that day … they’ll receive a full set of lashes plus an after-care kit for just $125. (The regular price for just the lash extensions is $150).

The info-shop will take place on November 13, 2011 at the BlushPretty studio located at 313 Queen St. West, Suite 204 (right on the corner of Queen and John).  Door opens at 11 am and ends at 1 pm.  Bookings for lash extensions applications will begin on December 4, 2011, also held at the BlushPretty Studio.

To RSVP for the info-shop or for further information, please email me at beautymail@blushpretty.com.  You can also call us at 416.727.1754.”

To visit the fabulous weblog of Blushpretty, and read the entire post about the Lash Extension workshop, please click here >>


Welcome to Flirt Custom Lash Studio

We are very excited about our new look, and now we can keep in touch with our valued clients.  The Flirt Custom Lash Studio Blog will keep you up to date with the newest in Eyelash Extension practices, tips and tricks and all things beauty. Stay tuned to hear more about our Lash Extension Workshops in the GTA.