Queen West Gorgeous

Lash Fairies on the loose at our Toronto Queen West Location.

Video Production by Justin Borja


Toronto’s Best Kept Secret

Ladies in Toronto know how to work it! And know its all about the eyes, perfect brows can make the difference between looking like a million dollars and the hot mess express. Our friends at the The Brow House have paved the way to creating a beautiful frame for the eyes. So now that we have boombastic brows to frame the eyes, let’s create some wake up made up hotness.


Eyelash extensions at our Toronto studio, shower with them, swim, dance like no one is watching with them. Silk extensions applied one by one after a chatty chat with one of our Toronto Lashette’s about design.


(FCL Toronto Lashette Ashley)

FCL is different from other studios in that each application is catered to what is suited to your eye shape much like you’re professionally designed brows from The Brow House.


(FCL Toronto Lashette Lynda)

Located at the corner of Richmond and Niagara, 777 Richmond St West in the heart of Queen West…frame it up girls and then wake up made up.

With Love & Lashes



And this is how we do it!

Close your eyes and open for a BIG surprise! How many times have you fallen for that one, and let’s face it…the surprise sucked. At FCL, you close your eyes and the only surprise is a good one. Unless you’re a fly on the wall, there’s no way you would be able to see what the lash stylist is doing and how we apply the single strand extensions. Take a looky here to see how we doooooooozzzzzzzzzz it, Lynda at FCL Toronto 777 Richmond St West is lashing Shanelle from FCL Brampton:

FCL in Action from Justin Borja on Vimeo.


Saying That was a BAD Idea – The Dating Tutor

If you’re single then you are most likely online dating, or at the very least have tried it. There’s a TON of sites,some free, some not so free, others catering to a specific demographic. Chances are when you were little you didn’t dream about meeting your life partner via the internet. None of us did, but for the love of cupcakes don’t tell someone that!!!!!! The Dating Tutor – Nicole Melissa puts it into perspective for us:

Saying to a potential partner on the first meeting ” I never thought I’d have to resort to online dating but here I am!. It’s been a nightmare, there’s so many crazy people online and it’s exhausting”. Is just such a bad idea for many reasons, the first of which is that it’s clear you have no desire to really invest in getting to know the other person if you’re sooooooooooooooooooo exhausted by the thought. But more importantly here is what the person across from you just heard you say: “ I feel like such a loser for having to date online, and because online dating is a last resort…you must also be a loser that can’t find a date otherwise. I’m stepping into todays meeting thinking that this is going to be a nightmare because you’re probably bananas but if you work really hard you might just change my mind”

As our Dating Tutor says, “no one wants to feel that way, the purpose of dating is to feel wanted and excited about meeting someone new. Even if it isn’t a love match, be positive and don’t make the other person wonder why they wasted their time…simply put it just isn’t very nice”

The ABC’s of Stylish Dating served straight up…..