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The Academy

Lash Course:The Academy

Lash Course:The Academy

FCL has opened THE ACADEMY: SKILLS.DESIGN.COACHING. Differently than other lash courses or schools we are NOT a supplier, meaning we have no interest in training students using supplies we have private labeled and continue to make money on after the student is certified. With a combined 25 yrs in the Lash Industry we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly in lash courses. Remembering what very little we took from the courses we paid for, we wanted to create a course designed for learning a skill that can be difficult.

Small class sizes (one Instructor and 3 students max), one entire day on theory and sanitation and a second day with 2 lash models – most other courses give you 2 hrs with one lash model at the end of the day with 6 to 8 other students in the room. A course kit that is INCLUDED in the course cost with adhesive and supplies enough to get the student started with their own client base. A 38 page printed manual the student can take with them to refer to, access to the instructor after certification via zoom to trouble shoot and access to the studio for ongoing training as needed.

Visit The Academy here for upcoming dates and to take a look at other courses we offer


Eyelash Extensions Brampton

Brampton Eyelash Extensions

Brampton Eyelash Extensions

Flirt Custom Lash Studio Brampton has reopened! Part of the FCL locations this is a private studio in Brampton with one recliner for service. Brampton was closed a few years ago but has reopened due to popular demand.

Brampton Lash Studio

Brampton Lash Studio

You said there were no reputable lash studios and Brampton so we listened and reopened. Run with the same level of disinfection control as the 2 larger studios in Burlington and Toronto (Queen West). Brampton still offers the best price in the GTA for Classics, Hybrids and Volumes. Bookings can be done though the site or by calling 1.855.721.7108


Lash Growth Serums…the TRUTH!

Eyelash Growth Serums have been around a long time, Latisse came out first and could only be accessed with a prescription from the Dr. Fast forward to today and there are many growth serums on the market and because they have a lower dose of the active ingredient they can be purchased without a prescription.

growth cycle

Soooooo whats the deal? are they too good to be true? That’s a yes and no answer: yes they work however! they are not GROWTH serums in actuality – they are GROWTH ACCELERATORS. The serums don’t assist in helping you GROW more hair, it makes the hair growth cycle move faster. There are a few stages of the growth cycle but basically, there is baby hair, teenage hair and adult hair. The Growth Serums speed up the stages of growth, taking it from Anagen (baby hair) to Telogen (adult hair) in half the time. Making the lash line appear fuller and thicker…so awesome right?!. Yes, it’s awesome however; each hair follicle has a lifespan of 2 to 5 years. When the follicle is asked to produce more hair over and over again the life of the follicle shortens drastically 6 months to 1 year. Once the follicle is maxed out, it no longer produces hair as more and more follicles max out the lash line thins out. It’s important to keep in mind with serums that once you stop using them you are no longer “feeding” the follicle daily the natural hair will grow (fall) out.

The takeaway: there are no such thing as GROWTH serums only ACCELERATORS

Love & Lashes xo



Formaldehyde??!! near my eyes?


Yup! that’s right, eyelash extension adhesive can have formaldehyde in it…so how do you know if it does? Simple: if the lash studio tells you there is a 24 hr waiting period after you get your lashes done before you can get them wet. If the post care instructions include that then it is 100% certain the adhesive contains Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde can come in many forms: gas, liquid and solid however regardless of the form it comes in Formaldehyde is a known cancer causing compound. It is added to eyelash extension adhesive to extend the life of the adhesive so it doesn’t expire as quickly once the bottle is opened. So what can happen to you if there is Formaldehyde in the adhesive? the biggest concern is retinal burn – meaning that the toxic fumes from the adhesive causing a chemical burn on the iris. Sadly there is no regulatory body in Ontario ensuring that Formaldehyde is not in the adhesive. Most adhesives are coming in from China even if the name on the bottle does not sound like it is and most lash studios will buy this adhesive because it is much cheaper to purchase increasing their profit on the service. The best way to find out if there is Formaldehyde in the product is to ask: “do I need to wait to get them wet”….if the answer is yes then the adhesive has Formaldehyde and you need to cancel that appointment ASAP.

FCL only uses Medical Grade adhesive manufactured in Alberta, that is Formaldehyde free and is recognized by the CSA (Canadian Standards Act). You do not have to wait to get your lashes wet after an application with us as we can seal the lashes because there is no Formaldehyde in it. You can get them wet and not worry about a chemical burn so really it’s a win win.

Hope this helps!

Love & Lashes xo 




FFF = Full Fluffy Fantastic Hybrid Lashes!!!!

FFF = Full Fluffy Fantastic!

FFF = Full Fluffy Fantastic!

You asked for ’em so we got ’em! HYBRID LASHESSSSS…ok so for those that didn’t ask for them and don’t know what they are. Here’s the scoop: Hybrid Eyelash Extensions are a mix of classic and 2 D volume lashes mixed together to create FFF (Full, Fluffy and Fantastic). Hybrid Lashes are fuller than classic lashes but still not “too much”. Classic lashes are applied single strand one by one, it’s like you found the Holy Grail of mascara…one that doesn’t run…..or flake….you wake up with it annnndddd don’t have to wash it off…..ever. Hybrid Lashes are more fluffy in appearance, slightly more obvious that perhaps you weren’t born with them and then stumbled upon the best mascara on Earth but with all the other benefits of classic lashes! The length of extensions is something that is discussed with the artist at the time of service, if you don’t want them too long – no problem! you an still have all the fluffy without the length.

Love & Lashes xo 


Beautiful in Burlington!!



Burlington is one of the prettiest places in Ontario and so are the folks that live there. Flirt Custom Lash Studio has been keeping “the pretty” up to standard there for years. Burlington peeps have spoken and are less than thrilled that we’ve offered HALF PRICE full sets of lashes on chosen days of the week at the Brampton and Toronto locations but not in Burlington. They are totally right, it’s not fair…we have it make it right. So!! we will be offering full sets of eyelash extensions at the Burlington Studio Fridays and Sundays all day for HALF PRICE. There are no catches and no fine print…the application is still done by a certified artist and is up to our high standards.


FCL Burlington Gallery Wall

FCL Burlington Gallery Wall

The price of a Full Set every other day is $150 however now Fridays and Sundays all day Full Sets are $75. You’re booked for the full time it takes to do a Full Set approx 1 hr 45 mins and we still don’t lash count. As with all of our studios, we never lash count, we apply as many lashes as needed to complete the design.

Who knows! maybe you might come to see us in Burlington, fall in love with your lashes and decide to keep it them….it’s been known to happen 😉

Love & Lashes xo 


Queen West Gorgeous


Pelle Beauty – Skin Ninja’s

As much as I’m a lash junkie, I am equally a skin junkie. I started caring for my skin before I could reach the sink without a stool – no really I did. I think your skin is a reflection of what is going on in your life. A few months ago, my life began to unravel with the illness and then death of my mother. There was no way I was going to allow what was going on in my life to reflect on my face. My current skin routine, although complete needed an upgrade without inflation. Then I was introduced to Pelle Beauty, vegan beauty oils perfected by beautiful Marnie Cipriani (I swear she drinks her products with her glowing dermis). Focused on giving the client a fantastic complexion naturally and with such affordable pricing it leaves you wondering if you read that right.

“We liken our face oil blends to a lush garden. All of the stunning plants and beautiful aromas can make for some amazing skin care. At Pelle Beauty™ we’ve captured this – plant based goodness and aromatherapy all wrapped up into one beautiful treatment. They’re a vacation for your skin.”

If affordable skin awesomeness wasn’t enough of a draw to try out Pelle Beauty, then maybe the idea of a Toronto based female owned business with customer service out of this world might be of interest?. I placed an order from the skin ninja’s and with everything going on I didn’t double check to ensure that my shipping address didn’t default. Well, it defaulted and my package ended up at the wrong address…I sent an email to Marnie asking about the order. Bing bang boom – another order arrived no questions asked AND with a gift inside.

It’s without a doubt, Pelle Beauty are skin Ninja’s and if you didn’t know now ya do…you’re welcome!

Love & Lashes


Much Love to 2013

Today is the first day of 2014, I’ve been scrolling through Instagram and trolling peoples Flipgram ( I think that’s what its called) anyway the pics flipped so fast it made me crossed eyed and didn’t allow me to creep as effectively as I would have liked. After uncrossing my eyes, I sat back to reflect on my year. Woooooo Weeeeeee it was some duzzy, the year started with a broken engagement after finding out he had cheated and had been having an affair. I was DEVASTATED and thought that event was going to set the tone for the rest of 2013. I couldn’t have been more wrong, 2013 offered one amazing opportunity after the other. The business had always been busy but all of a sudden it just exploded, the Brampton location became booked weeks in advance and Burlington became so busy we had to open 7 days a week in order to lash Burlington/Hamilton/Oakville beauties. Who was going to apply the extensions??? I needed lashettes and quick time, the first member of the FCL Burlington team was Tanis.

( Couple of babes…FCL 2 nd Anniversary Party)

Tanis was one of my first clients when I started the biz, she is as sweet as she is beautiful. Bringing her on board as part of FCL I think was more exciting for me then it was for her. Here we were, Tanis and I tag teaming at both the Brampton studio and the Burlington studio. We weren’t even putting a dent in the flow of business coming through, now what!! Lovely lashing Lynda…that’s what.

Lynda as an L.I.T ( Lashette in Training at the Burlington Studio)

I posted an ad on Kiiji and Lynda responded, having recently relocated from downtown Toronto to Burlington. She had a background in hair dressing and a natural eye for design and texture. All we needed to do was train her in the FCL way of doing things and she was off! creating simple beauty one silk strand at a time.

Right after Lynda was hired, I purchased my first house. It was actually the house I had been living in with my now ex-fiancee. The owners wanted to sell fast and gave me the opportunity to purchase the home at a great price. I was a business owner and now a home owner, shit just got real.

(My Living Room)

Cruising right along, Vicky (my business manager) came to me and said “Uhhhhhh I have no where to put people”. No worries!! bringing on more lashettes was the solution, along came Shanelle and Krissy. Shanelle had also been a client for as long as Tanis and I trusted her in my home with my Piggy ( no, I don’t have a pig). She wasn’t so sure about this whole lashing thing but I knew that she would be great and clients would fall in love with her soft spoken nature.

(Shanelle as an L.I.T. at the Brampton Studio)

Krissy was the last member for the FCL team, I think she saw a “Help Wanted” ad on the Facebook page. Just the tiniest little thing and cute as a button, she was eager to learn and remembered the lashing steps right away.

(Krissy as an L.I.T. at the Burlington Studio)

The FCL team was complete, 1 business manager we would be lost without, 4 lashettes who all operated in the best interest of the business and their clients.

(Left to Right- Vicky, Shanelle, Krissy, Me, Lynda and Tanis)

With a team ready to rock, I felt it was time to open another location. FCL dominated in the West with locations serving from Mississauga to Ancaster. So when Steph Daga of BlushPretty approached me about coming back into the Toronto market – the timing was right.

I had been working out the Queen St location 2 years prior and had failed (let me tell you that still had a sting to it). At that time I was stretched too thin and just couldn’t focus on Toronto. Steph knew FCL Toronto needed to happen and like everything she does, she MADE it happen. She and Elaine looked for locations while I gave a thumbs up or down from my Lash Lair. They found the PERFECT location 777 Richmond St West, in the heart of Queen West – Trinity Bellwoods. The studio was urban, in a great area and had parking.

The 777 Richmond St location is still a work in progress, because we’re the new kids on the block and have only made an impact in the West. Our clients have rallied as they always do and have offered ways to help spread the word that FCL Toronto is open and ready to make Wake Up Made Up beauty happen. So here’s to you: current lash junkies, new lash addicts, lashettes, biz partners and biz managers. If 2014 is going to be as good to me and FCL as 2013 was…We are blessed.

(Cheers to Love & Lashes)