FCL Burlington – Where the Heck is it??!!


FCL Burlington is hard to find, we get that and yes we totally understand it’s annoying but we have some really good reasons why! Probably one of the reasons you decided to book with us is because is a FULL SET of lashes is $75. In Burlington or really any other city that is a GREAT price for eyelash extensions. We wouldn’t be able to offer that price if we were paying top dollar for a lease space visible from the street. All of our locations are off the beaten path. It allows us to design the space to our liking while still being able to offer beautiful eyelash extensions at an affordable price that is accessible to anyone that wants to wake up ready. All of the locations have parking close by, the Burlington Studio has TONS of parking at no cost – you can get out of your car in the winter and pop right into the studio.

We do try our best to help with directions at the time of booking, and once you have been there once you won’t forget where it is – the space is too cute to forget.

We are located at 764 Guelph Line, south of Guelph Line and Fairview across from the Burlington Mall. Our studio is located at the back of the building behind the PayDay Loan Mart. Our building is right in between the Active Green and Ross and the Speedy Total Auto Care. From the street you will see a PayDay Loan Mart, pull in there and drive straight to the back of the building. You will see a white bench on your left hand side – big windows with our Logo on the door.

Love & Lashes xo 


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