FFF = Full Fluffy Fantastic Hybrid Lashes!!!!

FFF = Full Fluffy Fantastic!

FFF = Full Fluffy Fantastic!

You asked for ’em so we got ’em! HYBRID LASHESSSSS…ok so for those that didn’t ask for them and don’t know what they are. Here’s the scoop: Hybrid Eyelash Extensions are a mix of classic and 2 D volume lashes mixed together to create FFF (Full, Fluffy and Fantastic). Hybrid Lashes are fuller than classic lashes but still not “too much”. Classic lashes are applied single strand one by one, it’s like you found the Holy Grail of mascara…one that doesn’t run…..or flake….you wake up with it annnndddd don’t have to wash it off…..ever. Hybrid Lashes are more fluffy in appearance, slightly more obvious that perhaps you weren’t born with them and then stumbled upon the best mascara on Earth but with all the other benefits of classic lashes! The length of extensions is something that is discussed with the artist at the time of service, if you don’t want them too long – no problem! you an still have all the fluffy without the length.

Love & Lashes xo 

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