Formaldehyde Free….


When most of us think about Formaldehyde we think about the big pail of dissection frogs kept for science glass. Formaldehyde is an additive that is super cheap and can be used both as a gas and a building agent for glues. The most common use for it is in the manufacture of car parts, it’s even used in the paint. So why should you care about what is used for car parts? Because the same Formaldehyde that is being used for a car is being used near your eyes. Say what??!!! Yup…..sad but true. The car friendly substance is used in all glues as a building agent, it is cheap and easy to access. Formaldehyde is toxic to humans (obviously) and has no business being in our bodies or close to any of our body parts. Many many lash studio’s are using glues with Formaldehyde in it, sometimes they are unaware that it is in there if they haven’t done their research when buying from a supplier. Lash glues can be purchased on the internet without any type of certification so it makes it easy for anyone to became a “lash artist”.

Formaldehyde based adhesives are easy to identify:

  • there is a burning type smell when you enter the room
  • you cannot get the lashes wet for 24 to 48 hrs – it takes that amount of time for the product to “set”
  • your eyes sting and water through out the application (this is over and above those that are sensitive to light)
  • you can feel a stinging in your nostrils while you are lying there and can smell the glue
  • if there is a fan constantly on during application, question why that is – most times it’s to move the smell of the Formaldehyde around so it doesn’t bother you as much
  • your eyes experience a burning sensation when you get them wet, not just the usual water in the eyes feeling but a sharp sting.

Formaldehyde burn

Why does it matter if there is Formaldehyde in the glue? Simply put, the fumes can burn your cornea and cause vision problem that are long term as the result of a burned cornea. Make sure you are going to a studio that is using Medical Grade Adhesive – a true lash professional will correct you when you use the word “glue”. Not be to rude rather, there is a marked difference to those of us true to our craft and those who are not.  These professionals are certified to be using safe Medical grade product and that the product being used is recognized by CSA ( Canadian Standards Act)….that is the “thumbs up” needed to go ahead and make a booking.

Love & Lashes xo 

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