Formaldehyde??!! near my eyes?


Yup! that’s right, eyelash extension adhesive can have formaldehyde in it…so how do you know if it does? Simple: if the lash studio tells you there is a 24 hr waiting period after you get your lashes done before you can get them wet. If the post care instructions include that then it is 100% certain the adhesive contains Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde can come in many forms: gas, liquid and solid however regardless of the form it comes in Formaldehyde is a known cancer causing compound. It is added to eyelash extension adhesive to extend the life of the adhesive so it doesn’t expire as quickly once the bottle is opened. So what can happen to you if there is Formaldehyde in the adhesive? the biggest concern is retinal burn – meaning that the toxic fumes from the adhesive causing a chemical burn on the iris. Sadly there is no regulatory body in Ontario ensuring that Formaldehyde is not in the adhesive. Most adhesives are coming in from China even if the name on the bottle does not sound like it is and most lash studios will buy this adhesive because it is much cheaper to purchase increasing their profit on the service. The best way to find out if there is Formaldehyde in the product is to ask: “do I need to wait to get them wet”….if the answer is yes then the adhesive has Formaldehyde and you need to cancel that appointment ASAP.

FCL only uses Medical Grade adhesive manufactured in Alberta, that is Formaldehyde free and is recognized by the CSA (Canadian Standards Act). You do not have to wait to get your lashes wet after an application with us as we can seal the lashes because there is no Formaldehyde in it. You can get them wet and not worry about a chemical burn so really it’s a win win.

Hope this helps!

Love & Lashes xo 



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