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Never too old for "the pretty"

Never too old for “the pretty”

Murle came to see us at the Burlington location last week, this lady knew where it was at when it came to eyelash extensions. From the phone call booking, Murle knew all the right questions: are these single strand? are they silks? how much are relashes (she even used the word “relash”), she had the date she wanted in mind and booked 2 weeks in advance. She wasn’t messing around….

In she came, right on time, no mascara on, had already gone to washroom and turned her phone on silent. Basically the perfect client already, she left it in our hands in respects to design. She said:

” I know it’s silly, I’m 70 years old but I still like to look pretty. When I have dark lashes and my red lipstick on I still feel pretty. I can’t see to put my mascara on and my hand shakes a bit so it’s really hard”.

She thought eyelash extensions might be the answer and she was right! Most women after the menopause notice a thinning of their natural hair, not only does the hair thin, it also becomes much lighter in colour making it even harder to see. Lash extensions take all the work out of making your eyes pretty, come in…take a nap and wake-up pretty. Repeat in 3 weeks… it’s that easy.

And Murle: You’re never too old for the pretty…Amen to that!!!!

Love & Lashes xo


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