Lash Language

Every industry has their own lingo or words used to describe the service, product, experience etc. The lash industry is no different, lash artists spend so much time working with regular clients that we forget that there’s still some lash virgins left in the world. These poor souls are waking up early to put their mascara on or leaving the house without it feeling less an pretty as they move through the day. Deciding to step into the land of “Instant Pretty” is step well taken but it can be overwhelming when surfing the internet trying to figure out lash extensions. Here’s the basics:

You have to start somewhere, the only place to begin is at the beginning:

HALF SET: a half set is somewhere between to 35 to 50 lashes per eye, spaced evenly across the lid. Although it sounds like a lot of lashes, it in fact is not….this is a very natural look. Meant for someone who does not wear mascara daily but wants to make the peepers pop a bit. It’s also a great place to start if your worried about extensions: “will they look fake?”, “are they for me?”, “what if I don’t like them?”. You can also add the other half of the set in a few weeks or when you Relash (more about what that is later on).


FULL SET: a full set is exactly that –  a full look, a full set of lash extensions replaces the need for mascara. It’s where effortless Instant Pretty was born, every adult natural eyelash receives an extension. The look is designed by the artist and is an individual in design as the client receiving them. FCL is one of the very very few lash studios in Brampton/Mississauga, Burlington and Toronto that does not lash count. Meaning we do not have a max in the amount of lash extensions that we apply. If the mature natural hair is there, then we apply an extension to it regardless of how many that may be.

So now you started at the beginning with either a HALF SET or a FULL SET and now you’re addicted of course. You got’em and now you want to keep’em….now what?:

RELASH: a relash is the now what, a relash is when you come in to get your lashes refilled or in our language: relashed. Most clients relash within 3 weeks, long enough for the hair cycle to get half way through but not long enough that all the extensions have grown off. A relash takes about 45 mins, the baby hair has grown in, pushed the adult hair out where the extension was originally placed. The baby hair matures into an adult – that is what we apply an extension to. We take off the wonky ones, apply extensions to new adult hair, fluff’em up and recreate “the pretty”.

Wading through the internet info on Eyelash Extensions is overwhelming and we hope this helps. Lash extensions were invented to make life easier, once you understand the lash game…getting and keeping “the pretty” is easy.

Love & Lashes xo 

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