Less is so much more….

FCL generally lives by the philosophy that more is more: more champagne, more shoes, more lip gloss, more sparkles…you get the idea. However when it comes to everyday beauty, that idea gets flipped upside down.

Less make-up applied in the morning because you woke up looking made up means more sleep. Our new fav “wake up made up” combo is keeping the lashes a little on the shorter side. The shorter the extensions, the darker and fuller they appear…creating an eyeliner affect.

We use the curliest of the options, the “D” curl..curved all the way up like the capital letter D. It stands right up against the eyelid drawing the attention upwards making the eye appear wider and the face appear more youthful. Making sure the silk extensions are carefully applied from the corner of the nose right to the outer edges. Many lash artists miss the inner corners making the design appear unfinished. Think of it like an “instant facelift”, the middle part of the eye becomes the focus with the longest extension placed through out that part of the lid. Bing!!!!! my eyes are super open and I’m wake ready to take on the world..

And here we have it….shorter thicker curly lash extensions paired with a bold lip and sun kissed skin. It’s on and poppin’!!

Love & Lashes

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