No Counting!!

FULL SET - No Lash Count!

FULL SET – No Lash Count!

We get this question a lot “how many lashes do you get in a Full Set?”, in the lash biz that’s called Lash Counting. Referring to the number of lashes applied for the price given ie/ 60 lashes per eye for a certain amount of money. If you’re not in the business of doing lashes then what does that mean exactly? is that a lot of lashes? will the final result be full?. Anyone that does not design and apply lashes for a living should not be expected to be able to answer that question. In order to keep things simple – we do not Lash Count when doing a FULL SET ($75) or a RELASH ($50 within 3 weeks). We apply as many extensions as needed in order to complete the look as long as there is a natural eyelash hair to apply it to. The same is done during a RELASH appt, we apply extensions as needed in order to refill the lash line back to full.

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