Oh No! The Difference between Irritation or Allergy to Eyelash Extensions


So you had your lashes done and you LOVE them! however, the eyes are red…dang it just like every love affair did it have to come to an end? No probably not, let’s not break up right away – let’s work through this. The chances of it being an allergy is very slim, if the product is formaldehyde free, no fume and CSA (Canadian Standards Act) approved and medical grade like the product used at all Flirt Custom Lash Studios then it is likely not an allergy. Here’s the differences and what to look for:

ALLERGY: The EYELIDS and eyelids ONLY will puff right up, they will be very pink and feel tight. They are probably itchy, it feels really good to scratch but as soon as you’ve given a little scratch you want to do that again. The allergy will appear within 24 hrs and will increase over 36 hours. Ok, so this sounds bad….don’t panic – the first thing to do is to take an antihistamine. That will provide immediate relief, next call the studio and book a removal. As soon as the extensions come off you will feel much better, however sadly once an allergy pops up it will only increase in severity, it is not a good idea to get lash extensions again.

IRRITATION: 99.9% of the time if the eyes are red after the service it is simply irritation, a little watery or a dry feeling. This is sooooooo common, usually the lash artist will flush out the eye with distilled water. It feels good and washes out any irritant, the redness will improve over 24 hrs and will be gone completely. This is can happen every time you have your lashes done or only sometimes. It has nothing to do with the studio or the artist, it could be seasonal or just dry air. The major difference between an allergy and an irritation is that an irritation improves within 24 hrs while an allergy gets worse.

Here’s the thing, if it’s an allergy or an irritation don’t panic – never panic. There is nothing in our adhesive that can cause damage to your eye or your vision. We are a fully certified lash studio using adhesive that is very safe. The worst thing that can happen is that the lash extensions have to be removed (painless to do) and then we have to break up. However! if the eyes are red it’s just irritation and will be gone once the eyes have settled down and we can continue our torrid love affair.

Love & Lashes xo




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