Pelle Beauty – Skin Ninja’s

As much as I’m a lash junkie, I am equally a skin junkie. I started caring for my skin before I could reach the sink without a stool – no really I did. I think your skin is a reflection of what is going on in your life. A few months ago, my life began to unravel with the illness and then death of my mother. There was no way I was going to allow what was going on in my life to reflect on my face. My current skin routine, although complete needed an upgrade without inflation. Then I was introduced to Pelle Beauty, vegan beauty oils perfected by beautiful Marnie Cipriani (I swear she drinks her products with her glowing dermis). Focused on giving the client a fantastic complexion naturally and with such affordable pricing it leaves you wondering if you read that right.

“We liken our face oil blends to a lush garden. All of the stunning plants and beautiful aromas can make for some amazing skin care. At Pelle Beauty™ we’ve captured this – plant based goodness and aromatherapy all wrapped up into one beautiful treatment. They’re a vacation for your skin.”

If affordable skin awesomeness wasn’t enough of a draw to try out Pelle Beauty, then maybe the idea of a Toronto based female owned business with customer service out of this world might be of interest?. I placed an order from the skin ninja’s and with everything going on I didn’t double check to ensure that my shipping address didn’t default. Well, it defaulted and my package ended up at the wrong address…I sent an email to Marnie asking about the order. Bing bang boom – another order arrived no questions asked AND with a gift inside.

It’s without a doubt, Pelle Beauty are skin Ninja’s and if you didn’t know now ya do…you’re welcome!

Love & Lashes

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