Pregnant and Pretty!

Beautiful Belly

Beautiful Belly

Can pregnant women get lash extensions? Is it safe? We can’t answer that in a general sense but we can answer that question specific to Flirt Custom Lash Studio.

Word on the street is that being preggy is less than comfortable after a certain stage, lying flat in your back is no fun at all. All FCL locations have Lazy Boy recliners rather than flat esthetic beds that keep you flat on your back without any relief from the belly at all. Blankets are offered and you’re welcome to listen to anything you like – your “me time” is coming to an end so take advantage of it.

Only latex free products are used, all items used during the process of application are disposed of right after use, beds, surfaces and tools are ALWAYS disinfected in between use. However most importantly the adhesive used is safe for you and the baby, the adhesive is manufactured in Canada within CSA (Canadian Standard Acts) regulations and is 100% Formaldehyde Free.

Do we have any pregnant clients? YES!!!!! lots of them…..you never know when your going to have a pic taken so keeping The Pretty on point is important!

Love & Lashes xo 




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